3 Reasons Why Pre-Teen Acne Is Appearing

The Dermatology Times just ran an article last week discussing the growing problem of acne in pre-teens.

This strikes me as both highly odd and completely logical. It’s odd because up until now, we’ve been led to believe acne is a condition mainly related to teenagers going through puberty.teen acne treatments

The theory apparently, is during this time, the sebaceous glands start making more oil than usual which gets into the hair follicles and clogs up the pores. On top of that, dirt and dead skin cells gets caught in these holes and the combination of this waste-fest forms acne. This is what we’re told. By board certified doctors and specialists.

However according to this article, pre-teens as young as 7 are getting acne:

He points to recent research involving 1,277 children which found 41.6% of those aged seven to nine had acne while more than three quarters of those aged 10 to 12 had acne.1 Indeed, 12 is no longer regarded as the lower end of the age range in terms of acne presentation.2

When seven and nine year olds are getting acne, then you know the puberty theory is bogus. It’s been used by those who don’t quite understand how acne develops.

It’s also a very logical occurrence. Acne is not a problem of oil, hair follicles, dead skin or gasoline. It’s a problem of a compromised internal environment.  So when young kids are getting it, it tells you they have either:

  •  Inherited a genetic weakness: Mainly in the skin or kidneys were they’re not eliminating waste properly or an overall sluggish lymphatic system. They haven’t done anything to correct these possible sources since they simply aren’t aware how.
  • Poor Diet: Grown up on the same junk many people grow up on which made their condition worse or weakened their already compromised systems further.

Now it’s even more tragic when the experts we go to and take our kids to for healing say things like this:

According to Dr. Singh, there is insufficient evidence to make regular modifications to the diet of patients who present with acne.

“There may be some benefit to address the glycemic load of patients and I sometimes will suggest a low glycemic index diet,” Dr. Singh says. “I often tell them it is an individual response. If they find a certain food is a trigger, then they can choose to avoid it.”

teen acne treatments


An utter tragedy of epic proportions when professionally trained medical doctors say stuff like this. 

Keep in mind – it’s not their fault because they were never trained to cure anything; only to treat symptoms so statements like this are quite common.

To claim there is “insufficient evidence” is to show an unfamiliarity with the existing medical studies showing that indeed certain foods do aggravate acne and they’ve even established a direct link between them!

Heck forget the studies – try it on yourself and see how your acne flares up with the increased intake of foods like dairy.

It’s genuinely sad seeing folks run from one hailed treatment to the next – from steroids, creams, hormone therapy, blue light therapy, laser, antibiotics, surgery…and still not get cured. I don’t blame them. The same experts that were promoting proven poisons like Accutane are now jumping onto the next “advancement” while millions of people still suffer.

There’s no complicated PhD thesis to write here – healing acne is very straightforward and simple.

Beyond ridiculously simple. Save yourself the frustrations, time, money and confusion and familiarize yourself with how acne can be healed naturally.

So what is the best product for teen or pre teen acne? The very best thing they can do is clean up their diets – more specifically eliminate dairy,  get out in the sun, exercise, get plenty of rest and be around good people.

If they’re looking for specific products to help them zap a few zits, then pure tea tree oil does the trick. Just a slight dab will do on the problem spot.

You’ll never have to worry about it ever again. 

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Spread the healing. Not the acne.

10 Comments on “3 Reasons Why Pre-Teen Acne Is Appearing”

  1. I have a relative that had the most lovely skin. His mother always made sure his food intake was of the highest quality and she gave him fresh veggies and fruit to eat instead of sweets and crisps etc..
    She was very diligent and his skin was amazing. Then he went to college. Everything changed. He changed his eating habits at college and went each lunchtime to ‘burger king’ with all his friends. Within a few weeks, his skin started breaking out. His mum tried to tell him the reason but he wouldn’t listen. In the end his face was acne ridden which is such a shame.
    His body was telling him what was wrong, but you know how kids are, they won’t listen to those who are older and wiser. Great post. Ches

    1. Absolutely right Ches.

      People sometimes don’t connect the dots that junk in = junk out.

      The entire body reflects what’s been out in it and the skin as the largest organ, is no exception!

  2. Quite interesting how pre-teens diet gives them acne, I never had that problem growing up I was just lucky I guess or it was my very healthy diet.

    I do see more young people with acne problems and other health problems now compared to when i was a boy, I am 57 years old just in case your wondering.

    1. Great job!

      Yes, once poeple begin to understand just how much of an effect their diet has on their acne, they will stop trying to “treat” it and start addressing the root cause. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. This reminded me of an article I’ve read a few months ago on kids hitting puberty earlier than ever – at ages 6, 7, 8, 9!! And of course, medical world doesn’t know the reason why out of the blue the pituitary gland of those boys and girls suddenly starts producing testosterone and estrogen that early. Wouldn’t be surprised if that would be their explanation for acne in 6-9 year olds, hormones! Or bad luck??
    So can you imagine a decade later the kids getting acne from birth or hitting puberty at 4 years old? Hope it doesn’t happen and people get educated in time thanks to websites like this! 🙂

    So lets go fruit ourselves, hit the herbs and detox.. and regenerate! 🙂

    1. LOL Inga, thanks for your entertaining comment even though it was 100% accurate.

      I don’t know why people insist it’s on imaginary things like oils and bacteria when everything points to poor diet and stagnant lymphatic systems. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Fascinating.

    I can definitely relate to this article since my own daughter has a condition called “precocious puberty”.

    I think diet and the chemicals in our food supply is directly responsible for kids nowadays maturing either too fast or too slow.

    I think we need to wake up and take back control of the world’s good supply.

    1. Right on the money Ian. Our diets are comprised of eating things that are a few stages away from plastic, we infuse our “foods” with God knows what, we are getting sicker and wonder why there is such a rapid increase in things like general diseases and acne.

  5. I’m so glad I found you. I have a 13 year old that is hitting puberty and so showing some small signs of acne but more alarming is my 11 year old is too and I must be honest he still has the face of a baby, so I was slightly concerned. Having read your post I’m going to try some of the remedies you suggest. Wish me luck!

    1. All the best IBH, teenagers don’t respond very well when they start seeing acne on their previously flawless faces. The more real foods they eat, the better they will be and if they can start these habits now – Lord – they will be in MUCH better health than most folks who only start making changes into their late 20’s, 30’s or even much later when they start getting serious health issues.

      All the best!

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