5 Tips On How NOT To Treat Cystic Acne

So I’m browsing the Web for any interesting articles on acne and come across this piece of misinformation and bold faced lies.

The article claims to offer 5 tips from doctors on how to get rid of cystic acne…then proceeds to lay out how to NOT actually get rid of it, but suppress external symptoms and make it worse.cystic acne causes

I’m telling you now guys, this is one of the worst articles I’ve read on the subject because some of the advice given is downright dangerous and irresponsible. That may sound harsh until you see the individuals making these comments are board certified doctors.

Individuals we trust with our health, time and money.

Ironically, the article opens up with this headline:

“These Doctor Recommended Tips For Getting Rid Of Cystic Acne Are Crucial Knowledge”

My Rambling: Let us see what crucial knowledge is being shared. Doctors are giving tips for getting rid of cystic acne are they? Getting rid of it as in – cure it, for good? Great! let’s see what they have to say…

While hormones, bacteria, and genetics all contribute to cystic acne, there are still plenty of waves to control and treat the condition. I’d advise you speak with a dermatologist in person, who can customize a treatment plan for your specific skin woes. Until you have time to make that appointment, here are some doctor recommended tips for successfully treating cystic acne.

My Rambling: *Sigh*. You cannot treat cystic acne (or anything) and expect it to heal. The entire mindset of treating this acne problem or treating that skin condition is in of itself a problem! It’s an endless cycle of utter crap! They are looking at cystic acne as an isolated and individual problem, not at the body as a whole. This type of acne which is characterized by large pus-filled cysts is a symptom of a much deeper disturbance in The Force (I had to).

Successful treatment = successful suppression. Lose the term. Hit the problem at it’s root Dr.

“Choosing a product with glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid is something people with cystic acne should look out for,” Dr Banks says through email. “The alpha hydroxy acid helps open up the pores as it sloughs off dead skin cells, while also moisturizing the skin.”

get rid of cystic acne

My Rambling: Dear God, no! Does this face look like it needs more acids? If you already have an acidic problem, how is putting more acid on it going to heal it? Putting this stuff on your cystic acne will only cause more swelling, more inflammation and more pain (as you can see yourself). What on earth are they smoking in those schools?

If you have a termite infested house, putting the most expensive coat of designer paint over it won’t fix it which is precisely what’s being suggested here. Complete and total unawareness.

There are two somewhat sound points the article makes which are:

  1. Use a neutral/base product which reduces external inflammation and
  2. “tweak your diet” 

It advises to “cut down on high glycemic foods as well as dairy”. <— HOORAY!  The most sensible comment in the entire article by a country mile.

While medications are generally the most effective type of treatment, changing your diet may play a crucial role in managing your cystic acne symptoms as well.

My Rambling: No – changing your diet won’t manage any cystic acne symptoms, it will attack the anarchy at it’s source and clean the body right up. It helps the body dump the toxic waste inside that’s the source of this problem. Absolutely no idea. Medications are the most effective types of suppressants. Call it treatment to make people think it’s actually a good thing but ultimately, it pushes the problem deeper. 

Now prepare yourselves for the Grand Finale of utter stupidity:treatment for cystic acne

While it may be tempting to look up handy holistic approaches online, it’s best to always seek the assistance of a skincare professional, as I mentioned before. Cystic acne can lead to scarring, explains Dr. Schweiger, so it’s best to seek professional help before trying any new remedies you’re not familiar with.

…“Oral antibiotics, hormonal therapies like spironolactone and Accutane can all be used in cystic acne treatment,” says Dr. Schweiger. “But, it is best to see a dermatologist to determine the right treatment for you.”

My (Fury of 1,000 Suns Induced) Rambling:  Are you out of your ^$#** mind Dr?!? Accutane?!?!

Would you put Accutane into your body Dr? I don’t care how many degrees you have or what school you went to or how long you’ve studied – advising people to look into Accutane is complete madness!

You moron!

If you want to know just how dangerous Accutane is and the oxygen thieves behind it, see my other Rambling (The Accutane Acne Treatment Disgrace).

Basically, it ceased being produced in 2009 and has had thousands of lawsuits against it due to numerous deaths and injuries suffered by folks who took it.

This unleashed hell on the population for over 40 years until sanity prevailed.

However it’s still available to buy so long as idiots like this encourage people to buy it.

It should be banned and responsible doctors would tell their customers patients to stay as far away from it as they can.

As for telling people to seek the assistance of a skincare professional before looking into holistic approaches – are these “skincare professionals” trained in healing or are they just misinformed, drug-prescribing doctors with massive egos who don’t have a clue about curing anything?

Or perhaps they are young girls at the mall wearing lab coats working on commission?

Screw your advice.

Clean your bodies up guys, heal from within and live free of these experts.

I need some tea.

14 Comments on “5 Tips On How NOT To Treat Cystic Acne”

  1. Hi Sam
    This is a very interesting article you have written. I know a few friends who have dealt with acne and its terrible what it does to you emotionally and physically. I wish everyone would see competent doctors instead of trying stuff you see on the internet. Cystic acne is nothing to mess with as it can scar terribly. Thank you for alerting people to the scammers out there.!

  2. This is interesting infomration. Cystic acne can be such a mystery sometimes, popping up unannounced and then taking forever to go away! Thanks for pointing out the ways that won’t help us remedy this condition as they are so common we take it as the right way. I believe with all skin conditions, it is about healing ourselves inside out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Lily, if the interior environment in the body is conducive to encouraging acne to form, then it won’t matter how many creams or pills one takes; it’ll always be there.

  3. I have suffered from cystic type acne for years, tried every brand you can imagine and every rx for acne cream, gel, pills, you name it. I have sensitive, dry, acne prone skin. For me, the Lady Soma Renewal Serum has been a holy grail product. I have repurchased 3 times. I look hydrated and have a nice glow throughout the day. I have also worked for clinique, estee lauder, and lancome so I know skincare! I was hesitant at first, so I purchased. Changed my skin for the better, compelled to share after horrible and embarrassing acne has always been a struggle for me.

    1. Hello Pat,

      It’s great you have found temporary relief there. Just be mindful your skin’s health begins from the inside. Sure you can compliment your routine with organic, non synthetic natural products but your diet comes first. Also make sure what you are putting on your skin isn’t a suppressant where it pushes the problem back down deeper and over time, you will explode.

      Thanks for sotpping by!

  4. Hi, this is indeed a useful and well written text. I was suffering from acne when I was young so I can imagine how important this text may be for many. You are right in saying that this must be treated not as an individual problem, but the problem of the body as a whole. I absolutely love your last statement about cleaning the body, this is the way.

    Now, I am not going for the tea, it’s coffee at my side (but no sugar, just the black stuff).

    1. I think people just need to deporgram. The body works as a whole, not individual compartments and the sooner folks who suffer from acne realize ane is a warning sign, not the actual problem, the better they can rid themselves of it.

  5. Hi Sam, great article. I can to what you are describing in this article. I did not suffer from cystic acne, but I did have a big acne problem as a teenager and into my young adult age. Any dermatologist that I went to would just say “put this cream on.” And through all of the visits it never really solved the route cause as you had explained. Most of these drugs lead to even more problems. Thankfully I was never offered Accutane. I think tehe medical world needs to start trying to help patients find the route cause of their acne instead of pushing the pills and creams pharmaceutical companies sell them.

  6. Hi Sam, I read your review with great interest and I can only agree with you. I’ve worked in pharmaceutical industry and I know how this industry and doctors are connected and how both try to make profit – pharmaceuticals develop a new sth sth and then it’s up to doctors to come up with the imaginative “illness” to sell it. This sucks hairy balls. I’m in health/ beauty stuff as well (hair care) and it’s no different – chemical after chemical..still have a problem?..buy more chemicals.

    1. LOL Kat, exactly right. Hmm, lets see – we have someone suffering from ana cid condition..Oh I know! Lets sell MORE acids by way of chemicals, that’ll fix em! The level of consciousness is non existent. Damn these people, seriously. They’ve bought more ruin to people than wars and homicides combined.

  7. Hi Sam,
    This is an interesting article. I work part-time at a clinic, where we treat all sorts of skin conditions, including acne. There’s a couple of things I agree with – particularly that acne is a result of an imbalance of some description – whether that’s hormones, diet or something else should be investigated. Yes, you can treat symptoms, but without addressing the root cause it’s unlikely it will ever go away. We treat the symptoms using Dermalux LED therapy and also with Laser technology – but this is treating the appearance, not the root cause. However, it can be good for people to have this at the same time they are improving the underlying issue, especially since it can be such a self-conscious thing.

    1. Hi Mara!

      Great comment. Yes, you can certainly “treat” symptoms and it will give the patient temporary respite but so long as they understand in the long term this is not a solution, then that’s responsible medicine imo. The problem is they put all their hopes in these treatments and pay zero attention to the root cause of these problems.

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