What is The Best Cure For Acne?

Is It Chemical Or Natural?


What is the best cure for acne?

what is the best cure for acne mage

Can I get rid of acne permanently?

I get asked these question all the time.

The short answer is yes.

If you want to cure your acne naturally; it’s very straightforward.

You just need to detoxify your body so the conditions that make acne possible no longer exist or are greatly minimized.

Here’s how you do it:


Step #1: Stop pouring fuel on the fire inside by eating inflammatory foods. Eliminate them as outlined here. 

See, if you’re constantly putting things inside your body that causes an immune response like inflammation, you never give your body a chance to heal itself. Also stop using over drying, harsh and irritating chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide on your skin.


Step #2: Once the foods that have been causing your body to react have been eliminated, it’s time to clean up inside. Start with either a colonic or water enema.

This will release a very large toxic load off your body. Just don’t freak out when you see what comes out of you because it’s very nasty and the smell could take down a bull elephant.

This gunk has been rotting inside you and causing all sorts of inflammation, mucous, parasites like worms and flukes, fatigue and of course, bad skin problems like acne.

How often should you do an enema?

Daily or 2-3 times a day until you’re no longer releasing large volumes of waste.

You can pick up an enema kit for super cheap here.

If you’re doing a colonic, the clinic usually gives you a set protocol depending on your condition after your first visit.

So for example, they will tell you do it 3 times or come back after a month and do 6-9 sessions or whatever.

Everyone is carrying a different load inside. Everyone reports after a colonic they feel very light or as if they have been reborn inside.

Some end up dumping over 20kg (44lbs) of stuck fecal matter over the course of a colonic program!


Step #3: Now that you’ve stopped inflaming your body by quitting specific foods and you’ve removed a lot of pressure from your colon, it’s time to nourish your body with the very best foods for it as outlined here. 

I would also strongly recommend you consider a superfood blend like Organifi as it supports the body’s overall healing mechanisms.

These foods will clean up old, dead and weak cells by moving the stagnant acids out, hydrate you deeply at the cell level and strengthen your glands and tissues so your hormones are balanced and you look and feel your best.

Not too complicated, is it?


Why Your Current Acne Treatments Haven’t Worked


disappointed woman

The second and very important component of curing your acne is your mindset.

Let me explain.

We were taught to believe this is just a natural skin condition that afflicts teenagers and over hormonal people and they eventually grow out of it and there’s really no cure so…

In the meantime, keep taking those pills, creams and steroids.


That’s because the people saying these things simply look at acne as a disease, not a symptom of something deeper.

The penny hasn’t dropped yet for them that everything in the body is connected and acne is simply the body telling you something is wrong inside.

You can’t put out a fire inside a house by spraying the bricks outside.

Health is simple guys, it’s not complicated like we’ve been conditioned to believe.

You don’t need to go to school for 10 years and get a degree to know how to heal your acne once you understand the lymphatic system and the two sides of chemistry.

More on that shortly.

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely, without a shadow of doubt need awesome, accountable medical doctors who know what they’re doing and actually try to get people well.

However the problem is the vast majority of doctors aren’t instructed in the art of healing.

They just know how to identify symptoms, diagnose based on said symptoms and then treat with toxic pharmaceuticals that often make you sicker than your original condition.

Isn’t that what’s happened to you?

Rinse, repeat.

We then put our full trust in them and do, say and pay whatever they say.

This is flat out wrong.

Don’t act out of fear, act out of knowledge.

Back to acne – it saddens me dermatologists are unable to heal something as simple as acne.

People go to them as a last resort desperately trying to find a solution to heal their acne and more often than not, they are left in the same if not a worse state than before.

I don’t question their intentions; I’m sure they are upright people wanting to do the best for their customers patients.



Only 2 Sides Of Chemistry


chemistry paperwork picture


I had mentioned earlier the two sides of chemistry.

There are only two: acids and base (or alkaline). Acids are corrosive.

They burn, break down things and are “hot”.

Base chemistry is the healing side. It’s cooler, it brings relief.

Think of acid reflux. What do they sell you to relieve it; another acid? hahah, no – an ant(i)-acid. 

So the more acidic it is pH wise, the hotter and more corrosive it is.

When your body produces cellular waste, it has a pH in the low 3’s which is very acidic.

If you don’t eliminate it well enough, it lingers and breaks down cells.

Left long enough, it dehydrates you interstitially and you start getting a lot of “hot burn” in your body. 

The overwhelming majority of man’s problems today, especially when it comes to acne is a problem rooted in acid chemistry, not alkaline.

Which side of chemistry do you think hotness, pain, swelling, inflammation and redness belong to?

You’re right – the acid side.

This is why the steps earlier in this article are designed to bring you out of your acidic state into a more neutral one.


The 40-Year Old Teenager


Many years ago, long before I got into health, a good friend of mine had struggled with acne all his life.

His doctor (dermatologist) had prescribed for him a drug called Minomycin.

acne help meme

He’d been taking this for over 10 years and yet he still had bad acne.

God forbid if he missed a couple of days without taking it, his acne would return worse than ever.

I did wonder at the time if this drug is actually working or is it just keeping his symptoms in check?

Well, it won’t surprise you why this drug doesn’t work:


Minomycin 100mg capsules contain minocycline a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is used to treat severe acne (including cystic and pustular types), where bacterial infection has developed and has not cleared up using topical treatments (creams and ointments). Acne is often associated with puberty which is when a surge of androgen hormones can over stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands in hair follicles). Skin cells that are shed from the lining of the hair follicle become trapped in sebum forming a plug below the surface of the skin, clogging the pores, which then attracts bacteria, so that the clogged pores become infected and inflamed, which is how the pimples, whiteheads and blackheads (comedones) of acne form, causing an acne outbreak.” 


This entire thinking that it’s the nasty bacteria’s fault is ridiculous.

No question about it, there are gnarly bacteria out there but by and large, they are nature’s mop up crew when there’s trash to clean up.

They don’t float around looking to give you acne, that’s absurd.

If your internal environment (aka culturing medium) is filled with trash (cellular waste), then they come to clean it up.

They don’t “cause acne” anymore than the sun causes a cold.

If it was really simply an overproduction of oil because of puberty or hormonal changes, then explain why a 40 year old guy was riddled with acne.

Did his puberty last 27 years?

Adults still get acne on their legs and butt cheeks.

Then there was this article published describing the rise of adult acne as “like an epidemic”.

So we’re getting surges in little kids and adults getting acne and…

Yeah, I know.



What About Those Whose Acne Improves With Medications/Treatment?


This is precisely the false hope the manufacturer’s of these products rely on to keep the buying cycle ticking over.

happy woman

Outwardly, acne can appear to be improving, no doubt.

Suppressing something tends to make the problem appear to go away.

Let me put it to you this way: if you had a major mosquito problem in your beautiful, pond decorated backyard, and you wiped out every last mosquito – have you solved the problem?

If you answered yes, then you’re adorable lol 🙂

You temporarily got rid of one problem but there are millions of mosquito larvae breeding beneath the surface of those ponds!

You have to drain the pond, disinfect it and wipe out the source.

Then and only then will you truly be pest free, otherwise they’ll just reemerge in a few days.

So while targeting whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne and the like with chemicals may give you the illusion they are gone – their source is constantly manufacturing more and more of them.

This is why permanent, true healing solves your acne problem for good.


Final Thoughts


You don’t have to keep hopping from one acne promise to the next in hope your condition will improve.

Attack the problem at it’s root safely, cheaply and with results that will wow you, family and friends.

You may even get a few strangers staring out of admiration!

Follow the steps outlined earlier and you will realize that the best cure for acne is sitting right in your kitchen, not in a pill or tablet.

Once you start cleaning yourself up inside, then you absolutely can use natural products externally so your acne will be fought on every front.

Be well. 

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8 Comments on “What is The Best Cure For Acne?”

  1. Very informative article! I’m curious then, how do you suggest ridding yourself of acne? I never took pills but have tried every spot treatment and wash. For the most part, it did ease up after puberty. So you mentioned it needs to be treated and not just managed, how do you suggest it be treated?

    1. Rachel, the site actually goes into great detail NOT to treat acne because treating anything is a reactionary process instead of a proactive one. When you go after the root cause of something, you eliminate the problem. Acne is a symptom, it’s not a disease.

      The site also goes in depth in terms of how exactly to eliminate acne from one’s body for good.

  2. Diet is very crucial for the skin. If you eat lots of chocolate, sugar and carbs you wont have a healthy skin. Vegetables are good for your skin. Drinking lots of water is also good for your skin. I try to get away as much as possible from acne treatments or any cleanser that could be harsh to the skin. I am trying to go natural. Lately, I am using rice water for my face. After I clean it with an organic cleanser I use it as a toner. It’s very good for your face and body.

  3. This is great! I always believe that natural remedies work better than mad made ones. Plus there are less side effects and they seem to cure the problem in a more long term sense, rather than just hide it!

    My younger brother had acne when he was a teenager and he tried everything, he even got prescriptions from the doctor. None of it worked. In fact some of the ‘remedies’ he tried made his acne worse! The most effective thing he ever tried was tea tree oil!

    1. Yeah I hear these stories every day Hannah and it’s truly sad. Youngsters, adults, even kids these days are being prescribed synthetic, man mad elixirs of poison to put into their bodies to treat something as easy as acne. It’s just mind boggling. Doctors treat, they don’t heal or cure as well intentioned as they are.

  4. I will let my boyfriend read this as he suffers from acne and uses a lotion prescribed to him by the doctors. When he doesn’t use it for a few days, then like your friend his acne comes back full force as well!

    He will definitely be interested in reading this. Can I just ask though – you never mentioned what is the best way of clearing acne naturally… what is your number one tip (besides avoiding junk food & greasy etc)

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Holly, thanks for spreading the word.

      I should have linked to the other section of my site – the best way to cure acne naturally is to detoxify the body, focusing on the kidneys and bowels. Clean them out to open the channels of elimination and the acne will start subsiding on it’s own.

      I’ve listed a few things he should do under the Diet section :-

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