Are These The Best Foods To Prevent Acne?

It was very refreshing to see a recent article by BT discussing how diet, more specifically certain foods affect acne.

Just as positive was the advice to stop trying to fix the problem with cosmetics as this can make your acne worse.

Finally! A voice of reason in the sea of lies out there.

While I don’t agree with each food category the author listed, I do agree with most of them and it’s a great start in the right direction.

My quick thoughts:

  • The first category of food recommended in the article was oily fish citing omega-3 fats. Can’t agree there. What’s odd though is plant based sources were listed right afterward by way of greens, flax seeds, etc. So why would one eat dead animal flesh instead that’s been proven to rot in the colon? Skip the fish but definitely eat more chia, flax and greens. Each are loaded with omega-3’s.
  • Up next we have avocado. Right on! Packed with nutrition including plant based monosaturated fat and vitamin E, it gives the skin an attractive luster. What many might refer to as “glow”.
  • Fermented foods isn’t something I would agree with for healing the body particularly the choices recommended in yoghurt and kefir (NO DAIRY!) among other things. These foods aren’t cleansers and it won’t do you any good eating fermented foods if the rest of your diet is made up of putrefactive meats and milks.
  • Great tips in advising us to eat more herbs and spices by way of turmeric, garlic, oregano, rosemary and a few more. These are excellent anti inflammatory foods and I use them regularly in tea. Chop up some fresh mint, rosemary and pine needles, steep for 15 minutes, add honey and ahhhhh – so good! Very good for cleansing, relaxing and increasing circulation.
  • I’d skip the green tea in the next section and make your own tea as above. Experiment with what you like best but there’s something really satisfying about chopping up some herbs or edible wild plants and making your own tea. These are all rich in healing properties and remember – the sooner you consume them after picking them from the plant, the better.
  • Yes, yes yes to the next one in – berries! Did I mention YES? These are the most nutritionally dense foods you can eat and amazing builders of the nervous system. If you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue or burn out, low energy or muscle spasms, these little beauties will rebuild what needs to be built.
  • Big nod to the next section in leafy greens. Hugely dense in nutrients and skin friendly vitamins A and C as well as fiber and minerals in iron, copper and zinc.
  • Water of course wasn’t going to miss the list. Drinking water is very beneficial yes as it helps the body flush toxins from within, provides the skin an outlet when sweating and keeps your blood nice and viscous so it runs smoothly. However, you must scrub and clean first like you do dirty dishes as pouring water on them alone won’t cleanse them the way you’d like. Clean with the fruits, berries and melons, greens and flush with water.
  • I’m going to pretend I didn’t see the next section asking us to eat more chicken, fish and seafood and just focus on the beans and legumes 🙂 These are very rich in protein as well as fiber to keep your colon clear and regular. Eliminating digestive waste is as important as getting rid of any other waste in the body.

Given the current tide of ignorance, misinformation and level of awareness out there about the root cause of acne, this is an A in my book.

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2 Comments on “Are These The Best Foods To Prevent Acne?”

  1. I just started cutting out dairy processed foods, candy etc. and drastically reducing animal products (about a week in) and I’ve noticed great results! Skin looks smoother and more even, no new breakouts, redness hasn’t gone down as much as I wanted. I’m really excited to see what happens if I keep this going for many months and turn this into a lifestyle. Two things though. How do I get enough calories in? I’m a extremely active person, all over the place all the time. Any ideas for athletes/active people?

    1. Great news Colton!

      Yes, those are the results many start noticing in the short term so keep it up!

      I work out 5-6 days a week and dates, bananas and other calorie dense fruits (eat as much as you like) are big for me, as are sprouted grain bread with peanut butter,
      lentils, lots of potatoes and sweet potatoes and of course make sure to get your greens in.

      You may also find mangoes very useful if in season.

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