Best Over The Counter Acne Treatment Is…

My Rambling: Don’t waste your time with looking for the best over the counter acne treatment; each and every single one of them is useless and not only will it not sure you, but will make you dependent on them for man y years to come.

Humans have been desperately jumping from one acne treatment to the next looking for relief…while they continue doing the same things that caused their acne to appear in the first place. 

Permanent cure is not in any over the counter drug. If that was the case, the acne dilemma would have been solved long ago. 

Part of the problem is we live in a world where there’s absolutely no awareness at all. Take this excerpt from an article today:

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by a poor diet or by unclean skin, but triggers can be anything from new cosmetics to certain foods and, for some people, whatever they do, they still get spots and “break outs”.

My Rambling: What complete and utter nonsense. Aside from the fact this is a self contradicting statement, it’s asking us to basically reject the natural laws of cause and effect. If a trigger can be “certain foods” as it claims – which by the way you eat, then is it remotely logical to state what you’ve been eating the last few years or decades has nothing to do with it?

If you think pus-filled spots on your skin oozing with lymphatic waste have nothing to do with what you’re putting inside you, you need a nap.

It defies logic how someone can state the outward manifestation of something has nothing to do with the chemistry that’s introduced into the body.

What makes the article all the more ridiculous is not that it tells readers diet has nothing to do with it but it’s recommendation to “treat” acne is…Laser!

Don’t pay any attention to the actual vitamins and minerals you’re bringing into your body – go seek remedy in a light that will zap the symptoms (pimples). This is the type of world we live in where truth and logic goes completely out the window.

When will this madness end?

So long as the mainstream continue believing and propagating these absurdities, folks will continue being drones, flocking to pharmacy counters in hope of the next miracle acne cure…then do the exact same thing over and again throughout their lives each time a new miracle cure is hailed.

Like I’ve stated before, the real disaster here is everyone’s looking for the next pill and magic formula when the real miracle is their own bodies capable of ridding itself of anything.

Learn how to detox yourself naturally and banish your acne for good.