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I just finished reading an article titled “11 Scientific Facts About Acne Every Woman Should Know” and thought to share some feedback on what I consider a mixed bag of items.

It listed 11 things they consider scientific facts about acne and I’ll briefly go through them one by one:

  1. Acne is not just for teens.

Exactly! I wrote about this here. Good to see this article acknowledging 30, 40 and even 50+ year olds are getting acne so let’s drop the teenage/oil/mythical bacteria claims. It then says hormonal imbalances and environmental factors may play a role.

Not as big a role as you think. The primary reason acne forms isn’t due to the environment otherwise everyone in that area would have acne.

2. Pimples have good and bad bacteria in them.

That’s true so does every area in the human body. Our guts are a prime example. You have bacteria all over you right after you shower. So what? It’s not the bacteria. They’ve been around since the universe existed.

You can’t blame bacteria when you have 5 servings of dairy products a day for the last 10 years, don’t exercise and think steak is a good source of dietary fiber!

3. Acne doesn’t clear overnight

Absolutely correct because it wasn’t formed overnight either. Glad they called out the practices of some drug companies who despite what their marketing claims, is complete nonsense.

4. Scrubbing can make your acne worse.

Yeah scrubbing just irritates the skin beyond what’s needed anyway and redness soon follows. The only scrubbing I’d recommend is dry brushing which isn’t an aggressive attempt to get rid of pimples but rather, a way to help stimulate the lymph system.

5. Greasy food doesn’t cause acne but diet “can affect your skin”.

No, no let’s get one thing crystal clear here. It’s not a question of “diet can” affect your skin it’s a question of diet will affect your skin. The chemistry you put into your body absolutely affects it just like the type of fuel you put into your car affects it.

Imagine filling the car with sugar and then blaming bacteria when the engine falls apart. It’s simple chemistry and physics. Junk in, junk out. The article does state to stay well clear of dairy products. Hooray! Kudos on this insight.

6. Air quality and pollution can lead to breakouts.

With no evidence to back up this claim, it’s difficult to attribute any high degree of causation to these. Not ruling it out of course but if this was a serious factor, folks in pristine lands wouldn’t get acne which simply isn’t true.

7. Many patients don’t take their meds.

Good! Give them a medal for not putting in those utterly useless, toxic chemicals that do absolutely nothing to heal their condition. This is not a bad thing by the way, this is something they should be commended for!

8. B12 overload can cause acne.

Is that why so many meat eaters struggle with acne?:) LOL, seriously though – I don’t really subscribe to this isolate way of thinking that one particular vitamin or mineral causes a particular condition. Fix the body internally and any deficiencies or excesses will be regulated.

9. Acne can affect your long term health and well being.

Absolutely it can and this is why I try to help people empower themselves to get rid of their acne without being reliant on industry who have a proven 100 year old track record of doing what’s good for their pockets, not your health. It’s so sad to see many wonderful people too afraid to even make eye contact because of their condition that is so easily fixed.

10. Stress affects your skin.

Indeed it does but this gets back to your diet and lifestyle. There’s no question fresh, high electrical foods, clean water, exercise and quiet time to relax and unwind is your first line defense not just against acne but any ailment. This combination also helps you handle all types of stress a lot better than if you were to do otherwise. Stress can be light to severe and yes, it has a negative effect on your skin. Get 2 hours of sleep a night and you’ll see it on your face the next morning.

11. You may breakout a few days before your period.

I’m not well versed enough on women’s issues particularity the monthly cycle to state categorically one way or the other. I would need to learn more about the internal workings during this time.

It’s enough to say however, a lot of women who detox and have fixed their health issues notice their periods are almost non existent both from a discharge and pain viewpoint. I would imagine those two items alone would be a terrific advantage irrespective of their skin condition! 

Like, comment or share. Spread the healing. Not the acne.

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