Dairy Is Bad For Acne

Can Dairy Cause Acne?

Absolutely and it will make an existing condition worse by giving you acne breakouts the more dairy you consume.can dairy cause acne

A recent article came out from Oprah.com’s health editor titled “What Cutting Out Dairy For 3 Weeks Did To My Skin”.

Feel free to read it yourself but essentially, she wanted to see what would happen if she went dairy free for a 3 week period.

Not surprisingly, her acne improved out of sight even though cutting out dairy was all she did.

Did you catch that?

She didn’t cut out meat or animal products, she didn’t stop caffeine or detox or sweat more than usual – no, all she did was eliminate dairy for 3 weeks.

Imagine the results she would have obtained had she dug to the root of her problem and did a comprehensive detox protocol?

Anyway, at the end of her experiment, this is what she said:

Sweet Freedom! I’m so close to being done that I can actually taste the mushroom and pepperoni pizza I’m going to order immediately afterward. But I can’t ignore the fact that my acne is better than it was three weeks ago, particularly now, at a time of the month when my jawline would normally be dotted with breakouts

This is precisely the problem with the vast majority of folks who simply don’t make the connection between overall sound health and cutting toxic dairy out of one’s diet.

She acknowledged her skin was better and that her acne has improved but due to her dairy addiction (yes, dairy is actually addictive), she states she can’t wait to splurge on the type of food that contributed to her condition in the first place.

Dairy is the worst possible food for acne; there is no shadow of doubt about it.

There are numerous studies proving this but forget studies for a moment.

Why don’t you step up and take the challenge yourself and see what happens?

Nothing will convince you more than your own body clearing up.

So go on a dairy free 1 month challenge – no milk, cheese, yoghurt, kefir, ice cream or butter.

Doing just this one thing will help your acne clear up tremendously and you will hopefully be motivated to really roll up your sleeves and dig deep to rid yourself of acne for good.

Finally, it’s hard to read the end of that article where she states after going dairy free for 3 weeks, her first taste of it again gave her very strong stomach pains…yet she still kept eating it!

If your body reacts that violently to something after you’ve eliminated it, it’s just common sense to realize your body doesn’t want that type of “food” back inside it.

Listen to your body and ditch dairy – there’s nothing in it your body needs that it can’t get from whole plant based foods.

In fact, you will notice every single claim made by the dairy industry regarding consuming their products to get enough calcium is a complete and utter myth. 

You can get an abundance of calcium from HUNDREDS of plant sources but without the pus, saturated fat and artery clogging cholesterol that soaks every dairy product you consume.

If you struggle to get enough veggies into your diet daily because of time or lifestyle constraints, then consider a great tasting green juice drink like Organifi.

This will ensure you get more than enough essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients until you can adjust to eat more whole fruits and vegetables.

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