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Ok, hopefully after understanding what causes acne and why it cannot be treated, you’re now in a better position to learn the best way to get rid of your acne permanently. It doesn’t matter if it’s slight or severe like cystic acne or where it is: face, shoulder or back acne – it’s healed in exactly the same way.

Now I’m going to show you exactly how to heal your acne but first:

  • Please be sure to check out the diet section to understand the exact kind of foods feeding your acne problem so you can eliminate them.
  • Just as important, are these things you absolutely should do to really take a lot of pressure off your body.
  • If you’re looking for a structured “step 1-2-3” type program, then browse the product reviews.

Okay, here’s the golden key to get rid of your acne for good:destroy acne for good

You must detoxify your body.

There’s no other way. You can keep buying stuff to put on the outside of your skin, keep taking pills and keep hoping it’ll someday all go away…only to be disappointed.

Sure you can buy beneficial, natural products to put on the outside but after you’ve cleaned yourself up internally first. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and money.

How long will it take? I don’t know.

I have no idea how toxic you are but what I do know without a shadow of doubt is when you clean yourself out internally, your acne will go away. It could take 3 weeks or it could take a year.

The best thing about this though? Once it’s gone – its gone for good (unless you return to your old ways). It’s up to you if you want healing or not.

So detoxify the following way: Eliminate the foods we talked about here.

Secondly, focus on your elimination. By that, I mean the main channels waste leaves your body: bowels, kidneys and skin.

Bowels: This is your digestive waste. The cleaner your bowels are, the easier you’re able to get rid of your waste. If your bowels back up, the rest of you backs up. It’s not a coincidence the healing foods that are good for your skin also happen to be very high in fiber.

This helps push digestive waste through efficiently so you don’t block up and get constipated. You can kick start the cleansing of your bowels here.

Get started by getting your very own enema kit.

Kidneys: They filter cellular waste and as you abuse them over the years with high protein diets like animal products and the like, they begin to harden and their function starts to gradually decline.

You can optimize them once again by eating the things your body was designed for. These foods are alkalizing and cleanse the kidneys well giving them the best chance to filter the lymphatic waste once again.

Skin: Your skin eliminates via sweating but if you’re so filled with stagnant lymph that your kidneys aren’t able to filter, then it exits through the skin. Things you can do to your skin to help it and the lymph system: sweating, gentle dry skin brushing and hot and cold showers.

You can start healing your skin and kidneys right now by having plenty of ripe “detox” fruits. Fruits are cleansers. Don’t listen to this nonsense about them having too much sugar. That is like saying a horse eats too much grass.
detox pic

Fruits are foods perfectly designed for the human being and the most aggressive cleansers of them are the astringent fruits.

Let me explain the difference between astringent fruits and non-astringent fruits.

Astringent fruits are those that pull. They pull lymphatic waste and are aggressive cleaners. Think of them as natural disinfectants for the body. Those fruits are high-water fruits like watermelon, grapes, your citruses such as oranges and lemons and mandarins.

Make sure you eat them as natural and ripe as you can get them.

Other fruits, while very good for you and nutritious, are not very good detoxifiers. They are heavier and meatier. For example, mango is sweet, delicious, and extremely nutritious but not as good a cleaner as watermelon with a higher water content.

You need to clean first so your body is able to once again absorb most of what you’re eating and it can’t do that if your colon wall is coated with mucus, parasites and plaque.

Fruits like dates, coconuts, mangos, bananas, and avocados, while very nutrient dense and very high in good calories and great simple sugars, are not good detoxifiers.

As a matter of fact you can use those fruits to minimize your detox symptoms if they get too intense.

So if you are eating grapes or watermelon for a few days and you start feeling strong nausea that you can’t go on anymore, have a banana or date.

See how much better you feel after a while. It slows the detox down. Vegetables are builders. Fruits clean while vegetables build. Remember that.

Another ridiculous myth often propagated by some “experts” is fruits cause this or that.

Fruits don’t cause anything. Fruits expose weaknesses such as genetic, glandular and cellular weaknesses which you have as a result of your lifestyle and dietary choices.

If you eat a ripe, fresh fruit and you experience a negative reaction, guess what? The problem is with your body not the fruit! So if you are having these adverse reactions, it’s a good sign there is still work to do inside. 

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