Detox Symptoms

What’s a Detox Symptom?

Also known as a “healing crisis” in holistic health circles, this is when your body reacts to expelling toxins and junk from within.

Depending how good your diet is to detox acne, symptoms can range from “oh it’s not too bad” to “kill me, please!”.teddy

The stronger the detox, the more comes out and the worse you may feel. It’s temporary of course but usually lasts between 1-7 days depending on how much waste is being expelled.

If you’ve never cleaned yourself out before, your detox journey should start off gradually. Slowly but surely over time, more and more toxic garbage will start leaving your body but you must stop doing the things that led to your condition and start doing the things that will help you heal it.

If you go too hard too fast, it’ll kick your butt and you’ll feel terrible, get discouraged and quit…and still have acne.

Keep in mind when you dig deep to remove this toxic waste that’s been building in your system for many years, sometimes decades – your body is purging itself so let it!

Don’t stop the symptoms by forcing the crap back inside. If you feel you have to hark up a huge ball of phlegm from within – do it then spit it out! Don’t mouth then swallow it (gross!).

Now don’t panic but (lol!)…there’s a very strong chance during this detox period, your acne will get worse.

This is completely normal and expected. Remember that at this point in time, your kidneys aren’t filtering well enough so when your body is dumping so much acids and waste, it has to come out from somewhere and that’s usually the skin.

You will get flare ups. You will get pimples and swelling. Ride it out. It has to come out before your body can heal.

As your kidneys get stronger and cleaner, they will start filtering more and more so more waste will be eliminated via urination which means less going out through the skin. 

You may also get cold and flu-like symptoms. Or coughing up thick mucus of different colors which is very common. You will likely see a lot of mucus coming from your colon when you go to the bathroom, or in your stool and urine, oozing from your nose, mouth and even ears. If you are that backed up with mucus it has to come out.

You might experience nausea, vomiting, cramps, muscle pain, shivers, up and down temperature and cold sweats. All of this is the body cleaning itself. It knows what it is doing. 

We are conditioned to believe that when our temperature goes up we have to bring it down. When we cough what do we take? Suppressants. When we sneeze and have mucus we take medicine that pushes it back deeper which aggravates your acne even more.

My Personal Experience

Let me tell you a bit about my detox symptoms and what happened so you can feel safe knowing that if you experience these symptoms it is completely normal.

We are conditioned to believe that every small thing that the body does we have to take something for it or there must be something wrong.

Trust your body and let it work.

When you give it the right building blocks which is the right food and chemistry, it will take these formulas and use them to repair and heal itself. You will be amazed at just how incredible your body is!

I was working one day and I looked at the palm of my hand and noticed a lot of orange on my fingertips. It was on all of my fingertips on both hands. I thought I had picked up a magic marker and got it all over my hands.

So I washed my hands over and over again but it wouldn’t come out.

The next day the orange got darker and darker. It was as if my fingers were bleeding orange and I did not quite understand what this was until I did further research.

I then realized this is actually sulfur; artificial synthetic sulfur. Not the natural sulfur you get from onions that’s good for you.

No, the biggest culprit of synthetic sulfur is antibiotics.

When I was younger I took a lot of antibiotics because I was getting sick a lot. When I reflect on this I realize why; my eating was directly related to my condition. 

This sulfur kept coming out day after day and I didn’t realize that it was actually coming out through my skin.

It had nowhere else to go. As fast and as quickly as it came it vanished. It never came back.

That is one thing you need to be aware of. If it happens to you do not panic. You are not mutating; it is normal.

The next thing I experienced was muscle spasms. It was mainly in the chest area but also arms, face, cheeks, and chin. Nothing painful but they would come and go.

They would come and spasm for 20 seconds, feeling a little ticklish, then go away. It happened over a few days and never returned.

Even when I exercised heavily and thought I was dehydrated it never returned. I found out that this is the nervous system repairing itself.

Obviously when I was detoxing at that point in time I had weaknesses in my nervous system. That was the body regenerating and repairing itself.

Through this process, the myelin sheaths that are responsible for protecting your nervous system were repairing themselves. 

Another symptom I experienced was a sore throat and a lot of mucus coming out. I do remember expelling mucous of every possible color and that was actually very satisfying. I had a morbid curiosity of what’s coming out next. 🙂

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