Are Foods For Clear Skin Bogus?

1. Improving Your Skin Through Diet Is NOT Myth


Check this out:


An article came out not long ago in The Huffington Post titled “Doctors Say Those Lists Of ‘Foods For Clear Skin’ Are Total Bull” claiming “it’s not possible to directly improve your complexion through diet”.

In other words, there’s no such thing as foods for clear skin and by extension, the concept of worst foods for skin is also non existent.

Regenerating your internal skin health with food is all false.

Yes, this was actually said by a medical doctor.

If you can get a bad complexion consuming certain foods as has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt, then surely eating better for a healthy complexion is only logical.

Once I finished picking my jaw off the floor in sheer disbelief, I put together a few of my thoughts in order to set the record straight.


2. Some Facts To Consider…



Firstly, what are doctors doing commenting on nutrition?

Little known fact:

Most are barely qualified since they don’t even receive any nutritional training whatsoever and others receive some to very little.

foods for clear skin imageIt’s not their fault since they can only study what’s taught.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Ivy League and many other medical schools in the U.S are funded by pharmaceutical companies.

What they want, they essentially get.

They do not want to get entire populations well because…they would go out of business.  

Sorry, that’s just the way it is at the moment.

So when a doctor comments on nutrition, insist to know what time they have spent actually studying the subject matter and implementing it on others.

I don’t care where or how they learnt – if they haven’t even dedicated ANY time to it then how can they make such misinformed comments like:


“I wish I could tell you that there was some huge study that looked at [clearing up your skin] and you should eat A, B and C, but it’s not completely clear,” Smith said. 


That’s because you haven’t looked hard enough doctor.

There are numerous studies proving exactly that and here’s one:




In fact, get this..


There are places in the world according to these studies like Okinawa, Japan where acne was virtually non existent!

And it all has to do with one’s diet.

No, they didn’t have some magical healthy skin diet plan; they just ate a certain way.

So not only did the studies prove that certain foods do affect acne they actually demonstrated that is the main factor when it comes to adolescent acne!

Encouraging people to go on medications and take topical steroids and so on for skin conditions as this article suggests is simply madness.

Where is the long term healing in that?

There is none; that is simply symptom management – nothing more.

We also know we can stop and actually reverse our most dreaded diseases with diet like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

So if we can fix such serious diseases with diet, why can’t we fix a relatively less serious condition like acne with diet as well?

Health isn’t complicated but we’ve been conditioned into believe it is.



3. Skin Must Be Cleaned From The Inside First


Like the rest of our bodies, our skin is made up of cells.

They need to eat and eliminate.

If we do not help the elimination process along, then the lymphatic system (aka the body’s sewer system) backs up and stagnates.

When old sewage backs up, acids are formed which in turn break down cells.

We can either help the body along by eating in a way that hydrates and heals or consume things that dehydrate and add more acids to an already congested lymph system.  

The more hydrating foods we consume the easier our bodies can move the internal waste along.

It’s no secret that dehydrated, mucus forming things like dairy, eggs and other animal products also happen to aggravate acne.

In order for your skin to be radiant on the outside, it must be clean on the inside and the way to do that is to consume the very best foods for a great skin glow.

So hormones aside, your diet is absolutely THE number one factor that’s going to determine the condition of your skin.

If folks need more convincing (even after looking at the studies), then I urge them to put it to the test on themselves!

Go ahead and verify your acne will improve or worsen based on what you’re eating.

Just eat lots of dairy, eggs and meat for a few weeks and I assure you that your acne will worsen.

Then quit these altogether for the same amount of time and notice the difference?

It’s not rocket science guys, it’s common knowledge that’s been available to us throughout the ages.


4. Beware Of Acne Medications



The article then goes on to underline the importance of introducing meds to help acne sufferers improve their skin.

I would really think twice about using these medications as they are just symptom alleviators, not true healers.

Above, I mentioned how critical it is to get internally clean and move stagnant waste before you can get clear, healthy skin.

Well these types of medications do not contribute to long lasting, healthy skin at all.

toxic waste picture

Sure you can keep acne away for a while by suppressing the body’s natural mechanisms, blasting your skin with bleach and other harsh procedures but in the long term, there is going to be blow back.

Ask anyone who has been on these meds long term how they feel if they either stop them or if their acne eventually gets worse even while they’re on them.

The body can only take so much then it has to release.

In fact, many of these medications were once celebrated by dermatologists as the very best treatments available such as Accutane…until people started dying, giving birth to deformed children and then they yanked it off the market…only to rebrand it and sell it under a different name (Isotretinoin).

Look guys…

People lived very well without topical steroids, antibiotics and laser face treatments for acne for ages.

These are totally unecesarry measures folks sometimes take because they don’t know any better.

Healing is so simple and cheap that some people think unless it is complicated and super expensive, then it must not be valid.


5. Last Piece of Advice On Acne Healing Foods


What you eat and drink has a direct effect on your skin and how it repairs just like it has a direct effect on your heart and anything else in your body.

We know exactly what type of foods cause heart disease and cancers so why are we surprised we can also identify those foods that significantly increase or aggravate acne?

Anyone saying food has no link to healthy skin or to help clear skin simply isn’t aware of the unbelievable healing effects certain foods have on the body.

I’ve written extensively about this throughout the site so feel free to check out any other articles should you need more info.

If you’re not convinced by the various studies, then please feel free to try out different foods on yourself to actually see the difference and don’t let anyone – doctors included, pressure or even bully you into buying into something you’re not convinced of.

Finally, you may want to consider including a green superfood blend into your diet to help kickstart the detox process and support your glands.

Like, comment, share.

Spread the healing, not the acne.


2 Comments on “Are Foods For Clear Skin Bogus?”

  1. I’ve been having some allergies this summer including teary, irritated, itchy eyes and a runny nose so I took an allergy pill at night which made me sleep like I’ve never slept before. When I woke up the next morning, I had no allergy symptoms but I noticed that my red spots and swelled areas of my acne had diminished drastically. I usually don’t take any medication for anything unless my doctor prescribes me with the exception of this situation. This is the first time I take allergy medication. Maybe it was the sleep…? I’m not sure. If someone out there knows about this please answer my question and give me an explanation.

    1. Rachel,

      It sounds like you took a suppressant and it did what it was designed to do – push everything back deeper within your body so your allergy symptoms subsided. It had another effect on your acne which you did not intend but that is the nature of suppressants. Rest assured, if you ever get around to doing a detox, these symptoms will come roaring back as the body wants to purge itself.

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