Get Rid Of Teen Acne

If you want to know how to get rid of teen acne, then it may come as a surprise to learn it can be banished permanently the exact same way adult acne is terminated!

get rid of teen acne

Teenagers, particularly those eating the standard American diet (SAD) eat one of the most atrocious diets for acne and overall health so it’s no surprise most will suffer from acne during these years. 

Pizzas and other fast foods, hot dogs, milks, cheeses – these are literally the worst breeding grounds for not just having acne, but actually seeing it get worse from year to year.

I can tell you right now without a shadow of doubt, acne is going to be the very least of your worries if you continue consuming dairy. It’s been studied in terms of it’s relationship with heart disease, cancers and many forms of arthritis.

My first piece of advice for teens wanting to clear up for good is wake up and take responsibility for your own health!

Mama and papa are probably in the same boat you’re in health wise and your doctor certainly isn’t going to take care of you for you.

Unless you enjoy taking useless medications, steroids and antibiotics which are all short lived – or buy the latest “miracle cure”, then please sit up and take notice because following this advice can change your appearance for good.

Understand how and why your body does certain things and you will rid yourself of acne and anything else that comes your way.


Give This Acne Causing Junk Up Right Now!


Okay, first order of business is to watch this 30 second clip if you’re a teenager and suffer from acne:



These studies have been out for decades yet we’re still fed this nonsense we need dairy for health.

Ditch dairy.

It’s a toxic gob of saturated fat that does nothing but clog your arteries over the long term and cheese in particular has certain compounds that give you a “high” so you keep coming back for more even when you are deteriorating.

Yes, it is addictive. 

In fact, so much so that even though it’s the exact same bacteria in cheese that cause smelly feet, people keep coming back to it.

Beyond gross!

These “foods” are already fermented to get such a pungent smell so can you imagine what happens to them inside your dark, moist colon?

Feel free to see what kind of critters live inside you and literally feed off your diet.

Yes your body odor, your breath and your temperament are all affected by what you’re eating.

I know folks who sweat like crazy during workouts and you can’t smell a darn thing on them! I assure you, they’re not eating cheese and meat for breakfast.

The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine wrote this terrific piece in helping people fight their cheese addictions.

Now in case you’re collapsing on the floor convulsing out of worry – relax; there are many dairy free alternatives to ice cream and whatever else you like – they actually taste better and don’t load you up with mucous and fat.

I promise you this step alone is going to take a big load off your body.

Stopping the biggest source of pus and fat will only help your skin and overall health.

Ok step 2 – now that you’ve stopped feeding your cells junk, it’s time to clean them out of the junk already in there.

If you’re not dry fasting, then your breakfast should always be fruit, preferably water rich ones like watermelons, cantaloupes, oranges, grapes, etc.

These fruits contain the precise sugar and minerals your cells need.

They are excellent detoxifying foods that help remove obstructions from the body which is why after a while on them, you will feel energy and mental clarity like you haven’t felt before.

As well as adding these gems to your diet, do your very best to dry fast; it is the most powerful way to detox and bring your body into balance.

Since it is the most potent way, you need to make sure you are able to do it by slowly building up to it.

I wrote about that here.

Ok so you’ve stopped dairy, started correctly nourishing your cells; now complement this with fresh air, sunshine and clean water.

If you want to feel like a new person, I strongly recommend the Wim Hoff breathing method.

wim hoff breathing

This is going to flood your body with fresh oxygen and kick start old and stagnant cells.

Sunshine is vital for your skin’s’ health so make sure you get adequate doses of it when you can in conjunction with clean water if you’re thirsty.

You may be wondering – wait, what, that’s it? 

No pills, creams, medications or special things to buy or sell?

Curing acne is that simple!?


So keep your money and spend it on something that’s actually going to benefit you.

I keep telling folks, acne is very, very simple to cure once you realize that health is also simple.

If you follow those steps above and the many free protocol options on this site, I’ve never seen anyone NOT be able to heal their acne.

Good luck and please drop me a line if you have any questions or need any help.

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Spread the healing, not the acne.

2 Comments on “Get Rid Of Teen Acne”

  1. Awesome tips Sammer!

    Anyone following the steps you outlined should have no problems clearing not only acne but also significantly improving their health.
    I love that you mentioned Wim Hoff breathing method too! It’s so powerful and brings detox to another level!

    Super cool article that every teenager should read!

    1. Thank you – yes the breathing method is a little known thing most folks don’t realie but really helps rejuvenate the body and bring it excellent health benefits all round.

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