Getting Rid Of Stubborn Forehead & Chin Acne

stubborn chin acne picGetting rid of stubborn acne on the forehead and chin is a relatively easy thing to do.

First thing to do is follow the detox protocols and understand how acne forms from the inside and the best way to get rid of it long term. 

In conjunction with this understanding here are some handy things you can do in order to get rid of those stubborn spots:


Start each morning by steaming your face. 

You do this by putting a towel over your head and filling a sink or water bowl with boiling water, adding a few drops of peppermint oil and letting the trapped steam to take effect. 

After a few minutes, you will feel your skin opening up and soon after, you will sweat profusely.

This will allow your skin to release as many internal toxins as possible. 

This includes anything trapped at the subcutaneous level. 


Hot & Cold Rinse

After you have finished steaming for approximately 5 to 7 minutes, wash your face with plain water but this is going to be in a temperature alternating sequence. 

So wash it with as hot as you can tolerate then change to as cold as you can go. Repeat this sequence 4-6 times. 

This process rejuvenates the face, increases blood flow and kick starts the stagnant lymph to start moving again.

Once you have done this and patted your face dry, the skin should feel tight and refreshed.


Mud Mask

Wait a few minutes then use as pure dead sea mud as you can get.  

Apply it to your face paying close attention to the forehead and chin areas and let it sit for 10 minutes or so or until it’s completely dry. 

Be sure to avoid directly underneath the eye areas as the thin skin there can be easily dried out.

Wash it off well until all mud is rinsed clean and once again, pat your face dry.

These two methods work by “sucking” trapped impurities like old and dead skin cells out of the surface of the skin. 

It is absolutely critical that these methods be employed with a fundamental change in diet. 

Otherwise, taking the impurities out from the skin’s surface while putting them back in with a highly inflammatory diet is counterproductive!

The face will not get respite so long as the supply line for acne is active.


Targeting Pimples 

Once you have completed the mud mask, you may dab a little anti acne oil like tea tree or argan oil directly onto the pimple (and I emphasize the word little!)

Do not overdo the dead sea mud as it is a strong astringent, pulling all the skin oils with it as it’s applied. 

Excessive use will dry out your face so go slow. 

You only need a dipped Q-tip with a few dabs applied to the areas. 

Do not slather it on as this will dry out your skin as these oils are quite concentrated.

Once you’re done, go about your day and make a conscious effort to minimize stress.


Facial Massage

This can be done anytime – first thing in the morning, at work or even waiting in traffic. 

Facial massage is an excellent way to stimulate increased blood flow to your face as well as moving stagnant lymph.

Start from your forehead and work your way down in gentle but firm motions following the indicated arrows (away from your face).

Incorporating all of these into your routine will go a long way in helping you get rid of any chronic acne but the absolute single most important thing you MUST do that will make or break your efforts is changing your diet.

You just have to stop feeding the fire and at the top of the list of foods that aggravate acne is dairy products. 

Get rid of them for good, they are highly mucous forming, acidic and worst of all, addictive. 

People find it difficult to wean themselves of them because they’ve been accustomed to eating them for so long. 

Trust me, it’s a process so do your best. 

You will soon notice your body adjusting and your taste buds not craving that type of “food” anymore, rather going for what will heal it like fresh, water rich fruits and vegetables!


If you have troublesome acne on your chin area and you need to shave, then don’t shave if it’s going to damage or irritate your skin. 

Wait for the swelling to subside.  

Aloe vera gel is incredible at healing surface skin wounds like cuts, nicks and irritation as is tulsi (aka holy basil) and comfrey. 

These are wonder herbs that have been used for thousands of years for these things.

Less Is More

You only need to do this complete routine incorporating all of the elements once a week.

If you want to do one or more of them individually, that’s fine as well. 

So a little dab of argan oil on a difficult pimple that just won’t go away or a facial steam in the morning is all good. 

Just don’t overdo it.

Remember, you’re only trying to help the body expel built up internal waste by stopping the supply and helping it eliminate.


Final Thoughts

As stated throughout this site, don’t just rely on going after surface pimples (symptoms) with topical treatments like creams. 

When you do that, you do absolutely nothing from stopping new ones from forming not just on your forehead and chin areas, but throughout your entire body.

Your body can only take so much internal congestion before it shows you it’s had enough.

Final piece of advice: As you start moving the internal waste by moving out your old, stagnant lymph and changing your diet, your acne is very likely to get worse for a while.

You’ve stirred up a lot of impacted residue that’s trying to leave your body so ride it out and don’t panic thinking eating cleaner is “giving you acne” (lol); that’s simply not going to happen.

Remember, the condition you are in right now is a result of what you’ve been putting in and on your body over a long period.

I hope this has been helpful for you and please feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

4 Comments on “Getting Rid Of Stubborn Forehead & Chin Acne”

  1. First thing first I never knew steaming your face could be done at home I’ve had it done one but that was professionally, I’ll have to try that.

    As a matter of fact all these techniques seem interesting, the hot cold rinse is new to me too, another crucial point you mentioned that I think will be overlooked is changing your diet along with external measures is key to fighting acne.

    One question though, do you follow this procedure daily seeing that it’s at least a 30 minute procedure?

    1. Aldane, thanks for the feedback, glad these suggestions were helpful to you.

      I personally no longer use these procedures daily as I don’t have acne but when I did, these most definitely helped a lot. I did them once or twice a week. Overdoing it can be rough on the skin so no need to go overboard. 🙂

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