Review of Heal Your Face by Markus Rothkranz


Product: Heal Your Face 

Author: Markus Rothkranz

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Pages: 208

Guarantee: No

Price: $24.97

My Rating: 9/10

The Good: This book overwhelmed me in every sense of the word. It both overloaded me with incredible information and opened my eyes to things I never knew. Markus covers a lot in his 208 pages as he tends to give very detailed explanations from the very beginning to help you understand why your body does certain things.

For example, did you know acne on your cheek is different than acne on your forehead in terms of the precise organ in your body that’s affected?

Did you know bags under the eyes and dark circles are directly related to weak/compromised kidneys? He reveals many more gems like this.

So he shows you just how to look at your face – or anyone’s for that matter, and with a great deal of accuracy, be able to know exactly what’s wrong.

When I first read this stuff I thought it was some type of vudu or sorcery lol, but I’m telling you right now – it is very accurate. You’ll never look at faces the same way again. This section alone had me very much intrigued to say the least. 

He really does give out some very fascinating information based on the premise that everything is connected.

This is something very prevalent in Chinese medicine and he’s adopted this concept and integrated it with healing your face holistically in the first 12 chapters of the book.

Ok so you learn how to quickly figure out what’s wrong with you internally, now what? Well, the second part of the book shows you how to fix your face from the inside out.

It doesn’t have the same structured planners or “do this, then that” direction Acne No More has but it’s very detailed and goes into how to fix and detox each of the major organs of the body responsible for your outer appearance: liver, kidneys, colon and skin.pictureofb4

This includes a step by step breakdown of the right blend of foods and herbs to help your organs purify themselves. It’s a very, very extensive list covering many different types of herbs. He goes into a lot of detail about herbs – dozens of them so you have no excuse of not introducing them into your diet.

The main thing that really sticks out for me in this book is it’s not a face/skin only book rather, it shows you how to detox all your body to get complete healing.

It does dedicate time for the skin but not before it shows you how to clean internally first which is absolutely right.

With this book, acne is not the only thing you will fix!

It’s so comprehensive, that it addresses other common areas of concern for many people including wrinkles, sagging skin, sun spots and general aging. He walks you through the steps of why your skin behaves this way and what you can do to slow it down and in many cases, actually reverse these signs.


The Bad:

It may be a bit harsh to place this under “the bad” section but it must be said. Out of the 200+ pages in this book, there was one thing I don’t agree with Markus on (and I’m not sure if he still maintains this today) but a few times in the book he would mention a certain condition was caused by too much fruit or that fruit could be a cause of something.

Here we go again! 

I would respectfully disagree here as fruit exposes weaknesses, not creates them. Saying too much fruit for a human is like telling a horse that’s too much grass. No such thing.

If you doubt this or have fallen for the “too much sugar in fruit” hysteria, here’s a scientific source you may want to check out.

Heal Your Face has A LOT of information to absorb covering many topics so read it gradually. Also, it doesn’t have the same step 1-2-3 format Acne No More has but rather, leaves the reader to decide what sections they want to implement on their own.

Some may find this format a little random but I don’t mind it because not everyone will be looking for the same things out of the book.



Heal Your Face was a very fun and captivating read. It didn’t have quite the same direction and laser focus on acne as I expected but overall, I am very happy I found it and use it often as a reference in my ongoing education.

It actually digs very deep to help the reader understand acne is just one of many symptoms people experience when there’s something not quite right with the body internally.

Markus practices what he preaches so you won’t find any reference in this book to eating dairy, animal products or anything that directly contributes to poor health and/or inflammation. 

Knowledge is power guys and together with this resource site and this book, you will be well equipped to not only heal yourself from acne, but any health problem.

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