Holistic Vs Western


The modality most people are conditioned to adopting from a very early age is one that treats the symptoms. When you were sick you would go to the doctor.

That is what we were told to do. What if I told you that there are places in this world called Blue Zones where people are the pillslongest lived in the world (120+ years is very normal) and…many do not even have hospitals. They do not have doctors. They live in a very pure way with nature.

Nature takes care of them because they take care of nature. Of course we need medical care, you can’t put a piece of broccoli on a broken leg.

See in today’s world, most doctors are not trained to heal or to cure. Most of them do not even have to do a single course on nutrition and they for sure do not take any course on holistic medicine and what goes into healing the body. 

Doctors and the mainstream medical community use symptomology.

That is, you go to the doctor and you tell them how you feel. Based upon your symptoms they prescribe your medications.

That medication is geared towards suppressing the symptom. It has nothing with curing anything. There is no money in curing any illness or in healthy populations. Stop taking these medications for a week and see what happens.

What I described above is called treatment; where you react in a suppressive manner to manage someone’s symptoms instead of addressing what’s causing those symptoms in the first place. This field of symptomology is a dead end road that brings no relief long term.

Let it be clear: they are not prescribing for you the best natural acne treatment when they write you a prescription!

There is, however, a lot of money to be paid in chronically ill and sick people that have to come back to the doctor again and again for the next prescription, dose of medicine or next pill. That is why the medical community cannot heal anything.

They cannot cure acne let alone diabetes, cancer, heart disease or rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases can be avoided and in many cases reversed. Where doctors tell you that you have to live with it the rest of your life you can easily reverse it.

Acne is a lot less serious than those ailments and can be reversed.

So that is the medical modality in a nutshell. 

You live with symptoms, you suppress them and pretty much hope for the best.


The modality that I have extensively researched and use in my own life is what you call holistic. Holistic means that we go after the root cause.

I’ll give you an example. A pimple is not a disease. A Fruits nVeggiespimple is a symptom of a backed up lymphatic system. Whether you take antibiotics, cream, face washes or other acne products, these are not going to heal the problem internally.

They just temporarily alleviate the symptoms and as soon as you stop using the product the symptoms return.

What does that tell you?

It was never gone. It was never healed. It was never appropriately taken care of. It was suppressed so it will always return and…you will continue to buy those products.

The companies making these products make money hand over fist on our collective ignorance.

They do not care if you have acne. All they care about is the bottom dollar and their marketing methods are extremely sophisticated.

Let me let you in on a little secret: Those people running on the beach in slow motion displaying their clear, glowing faces are not using the products they are advertising. We are talking about indoctrination over decades.

Once you wake up and realize there is actually permanent ways to heal yourself from the inside out, then you can clear your acne for good. 

Acne or any other condition you are working on will never return unless you go back doing the same things that caused them the first place.

This is the powerful and effective approach I try to bring to others.  So I am coming from a detoxification point of view.

Clean and detox inside out. Clean the problem out. Once the problem inside is taken care of then the body will show this on the outside.

It will be at equilibrium internally, chemically, and hormonally. It will no longer be unbalanced so you will no longer have to suffer. 

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