Best Home Remedies For Acne Scars

Yes, Acne Scars Can Be Healed

I’m going to show you the very best home remedies for acne scars that you can do for yourself right here.

First let me try to explain what would cause acne scars and then we’ll address the problem at its root instead of just looking for a topical cream or wash.

If you want to banish acne scars for good, then please listen carefully.

home remedies for acne scars

 Here’s what I’m asked regularly:

“Can I get rid of acne scars or have I totally ruined my skin by squeezing pimples?”

Ignore the absurd ideas out there that say if you squeeze a pimple, then your acne scars are permanent.

I’m not saying squeezing pimples is an activity you should set aside time for.

You’re basically squeezing out dead cells (lymph) but not really doing anything to prevent new ones and potentially new scars from forming.

It doesn’t really matter if the scar is a discoloration from surface pimples or if it’s a scar that has affected your face on a deeper level like from trauma or cystic acne.

They can all be healed.

Also set aside the widely held notion that once acne scars, then there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you cut your finger, it heals so why would acne be any different?

Look, your body can heal itself from acne and it’s ugly, red scars without any problem whatsoever.

Understanding Why Acne Scars Form

You will be absolutely astounded at what your body is capable of so put yourself in a positive frame of mind because not only can you reverse scarring, but you can have beautiful, smooth, clear skin for life.

All you need to do is follow very basic protocols that you can do from home and with time, your skin is going to look beautiful again.

Okay, let’s look at it from a very basic level and ask…

What is the skin made of?

Of course it’s made up of trillions of cells just like anything else in the body.

The cells regenerate but if that’s the case why don’t they regenerate around the scars?

Well they may very well want to but are unable to due to existing conditions.

So it stands to reason that if the cause of scarring is removed, then the scars themselves would go away.

So – any ideas?

Aside from physical impact trauma, what would cause your skin to have red blotches on it from acne?

If you’re thinking along the lines of pain and swelling then you’re spot on.


This is an immune response from your body to a perceived threat.

So it takes preventative measures to stop any further damage being done.

Think of how the top of your hands just below the fingers start getting callouses if you put enough stress on them at the gym.

They harden in order to prevent any further damage.

Well in order to understand what home remedies are best for acne scars, it’s vital you’re aware of the condition that would make scarring possible in the first place.

The picture on the left gives a somewhat reasonable visual on what happens to cells when they are damaged.

Although damage can come from something like a cut, the internal damage occurs when acids surround cells and literally bathe them causing damage and death. 

So if you remove the inflammation and start healing and rebuilding the cells around the area, the scarring WILL go away!

Removing Inflammation To Remove Acne Scars

How do you remove inflammation?

Well, you stop feeding it by cutting out inflammatory foods like dairy, eggs and animal products as much as possible since they are the highest inflammatory “foods” available.

Stopping these foods is a terrific first step in not feeding the fire but now there’s a second step you must do in order to put the fire out!

home remedy for acne scars

You do that by introducing healing foods and tonics into your body like ripe water rich fruits like mangoes, watermelon, grapes, cucumbers and vegetables as well as coconut water and of course; celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach; which is highly alkalizing.

In conjunction with this, dry fast 1-2 times a week for as long as you can.

Remember to not dry fast extended periods if you haven’t done it before – you must build up to this at your own pace.

I wrote about this here.

Dry fasting purges your body of acids so fast and it’s now been proven to rebuild your entire immune system after just 3 days of fasting!

That will give your acne scars some serious kicks up the backside.

Dry fasting is seriously the most powerful tool one has at their disposal but in a society that places so much emphasis on quick fixes, topical treatments and food, this incredible practice has been largely ignored.

When the body has nothing to digest or process by way of food, it diverts its energy to healing and repair.

As the acids are eliminated and cooling, healing liquids and foods are introduced, you will see your acne scars fade day by day.

Don’t be alarmed if your condition flares up worse than before initially because this is a typical body response when it seeks to expel what’s been buried deep for years.

Push through this for the next day or so and acne scars and anything else plaguing your skin will subside.

So how long will it take for the scars to go away?

That is completely dependent on the degree of scarring involved.

If it’s just a surface blotch it could fade within a few days however if it’s at a much deeper level with damage through several layers then you could take several months or longer.

The end result however is complete healing and not back and forth frustrations going from one chemical treatment to the next or even resorting to surgery which is very expensive and usually not an option for most.

Home Remedies For Acne Scars

Now that you have an understanding what’s going on behind the scenes causing your scarring, there is nothing you can do to heal your acne scars better than changing your diet.

This is going to speed up your healing from within and the swelling and redness will subside.

Give it time and while you’re doing so, here are a few home remedies that will help fight acne scars to the death!

When you fight acne scars from both within and out, you accelerate your healing process considerably more than just doing one or the other.

1. Try This Deep Healing Smoothie…

This insanely beneficial smoothie is pure awesomeness for your skin:

-1-2 Cucumbers

-1 Apple

-1 inch of ginger

-1-2 leaves of fresh mint

-1/2 – 1 cup of coconut water

Blend and enjoy.

It has both a cooling effect on your body and the ginger while it has a little kick to it, is excellent for circulation. This ensures all problem areas are receiving the right nutrition quickly so they can heal and repair.

Enjoy it on an empty stomach 1-2 times a day.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is rich in so many essential vitamins, minerals and amino and fatty acids that it helps regenerate damaged cells as well as soothe damaged ones.

Used in conjunction with an internal cleansing program, it assists in speeding up healing and overall well being.

They have studied this plant extensively and the results consistently show it is an excellent healer with the added ability to remove scarring.

This is readily available year round in health food stores but if you can get the gel directly from the plant, then even better. Smooth the gel directly onto the scar and either leave it on for about an hour or overnight. 

Keep applying it throughout the day – between 3-4 times and after a few weeks, many have reported not only heir acne scars fading but tighter skin and reduced sagging and wrinkles.

3. Biotin

Thousands of people rave about the incredible benefits of taking biotin and the amazing results they have had on their hair, skin and nails. A pure source of biotin like this one works together with your body to clear up your skin, thicken your hair and strengthen your fingernails.

Like, comment, share.

Spread the healing, not the acne.

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  1. I suffered from acne scars and it kinda made my face look like it still had acne when it really didn’t. I searched for effective scar creams and gels before i bought anything because I didnt want to waste money and came across the best two sellers: Mederma Gel and Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum.

    I bought both of them and tried each one separately for a month. The Mederma did not work for me, but the Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum worked for me – by the 2nd day i can already see that my scars are almost not there. So I started using it on my old scars and it hasn’t disappointed me. I highly recommend it.

    1. Awesome Briana!

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Would you mind keeping me posted on your progress over the next few months?


  2. Nice informative article! You have described everything very well. Acne is one of those medical issues, which is faced by many peoples mainly during their younger age. But it could make us feel worse by having scars left behind due to acne, They look very ugly and could make us feel very uncomfortable most of the times. But the good thing is that they can be treated. Natural ingredients are best for scars treatment they do their job perfectly and doesn’t have any side effect.

  3. Nice article. I had a mild form of acne on my face that was getting worse. I started use aloe vera on my acne every day. It went in 5 days. Aloe vera juice is very effective for acne scars. You should have try it if you have this problem, You can get positive result.

  4. Excellent article Sammer! Wow! Clapping 🙂

    So true, the body has the ability to heal and regenerate so same goes for scars, even old and nasty ones. Clean diet of mainly fruits, dry fasting, low stress life, herbs, sunshine and light exercise create amazing healing conditions. True, for some people it might take longer and experiencing heavier detox symptoms but that’s only healthy way to go in order to heal any condition.

    Hope people read this article as it’s the best I’ve read so far on acne scars!

    Bravo! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, acne scars aren’t difficult to heal when one knows the fact the body only knows balance and imbalance. We like to assign names to various things but all the body’s healing mechanism knows is there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed.
      As soon as the right conditions are given, it starts to do it’s magic.

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