Homemade Acne Treatments That Work Overnight

Does An Overnight Acne Treatment Exist?


If you’re looking for homemade acne treatments that work overnight I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…Homemade Acne Treatments That Work Overnight

There’s no such thing.

Don’t get me wrong…

There are some completely natural, homemade temporary fix ups you can do to zap zits or make surface spots quickly subside (which I’m about to show you) but if you’re looking for a permanent solution whereby they never/rarely resurface, then you’re going to be totally disappointed.

I’ve gone into the reasons why throughout this site but essentially, acne is not a surface problem on the skin.

It is a symptom of a deeper problem within your body.

So as long as you’re aware of this, then I can definitely show you a few things that can get rid of whiteheads and surface pimples fairly quickly.

Just understand if you want to eliminate acne for good, then you will need to clean up your body inside as detailed all over this site otherwise the supply line of the problem will still be there.

Ok, so you have an annoying pimple or spot that you want removed quickly.

One handy trick you can do is by steaming your face in order to open up your skin and allow it to absorb whatever you’re going to put on it easier.


  • Boil some water and put it in a stopped sink
  • Put your head over the sink with a towel on top to trap the steam.
  • Stay there for 5 to 10 minutes 
  • Lightly rinse your face with warm water.



What Are The Best Acne Spot Quick Fixes?


Here are a few things act fast that you can use right after the steaming process (in no particular order):

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is one of the most widely used tonics ranging from improving hair health to upset stomachs but it happens to also be an excellent pimple killer as well due to it’s naturally high acid content. It’s quite strong smelling but it subsides after a few minutes.

Tea Tree Oil: Another very potent anti acne elixir. This is a natural antiseptic derived from the tea tree in Australia. Once again, apply with a Q-Tip right onto the spot. Do not spread either of these liquids all over your face!

This is the most concentrated way to zap zits. If you want to make a homemade anti-acne face wash with this just mix a couple of teaspoons of raw honey with a few drops of tea tree oil, between four and six will do. Then gently rub on your face then rinse off after a couple of minutes.

Blackseed oil: This is one of the most powerful oils on the planet. It has the ability to heal almost any condition and it has been studied extensively around the world. One of its most prominent qualities is it is ability to kill off the most devastating of pathogens.



All you need to do is dip a Q-Tip in until it’s wet and dab directly onto the problem spot.

Let it dry and then go to bed. It usually acts very fast and dries out the acne or even eliminates it depending on the size of it.

It even has been successful in annihilating the most antibiotic resistant bacteria most commonly found in hospitals.

You can get this oil online and the recommended dose is 1 teaspoon twice a day for internal health but I would also use it directly into the skin with a Q-tip.

Just a drop on each spot will do.

If you’re uncertain, test it on a small area first in case you react to it but the vast majority of folks are ok with it.

One of the greatest elements of these potions is they have no adverse effects (aka “side-effects”) compared to many of the chemical laden products out there.



Preventing Acne In The First Place


Like I said, while this may get rid of pimples quickly, it won’t do anything from stopping new ones from forming.

All of that irritation, redness, pressure and swelling you feel when a new pimple forms is happening because of what’s going on underneath your skin.

It’s not happening because dirt and bacteria are getting in there from the outside as many folks claim.

In fact you may have witnessed this yourself when you squeeze a pimple and you felt the pressure and pus coming out.

Where does it come from inside of your body or from the outside? 

The way to reduce this inflammation is to cool it off underneath by doing two things:

1. Firstly stop feeding the fire with inflammatory foods and

2. Start drinking and eating healing foods such as coconut water, celery juice and all the fruits highlighted in the diet section.

This will balance your hormones, relieve inflammation and pretty much remove the conditions acne thrives on.

If you are getting frequent flare ups then that is a sure sign you’re internally congested and you should start cleaning house as soon as you can.


Final Thoughts On Overnight Acne Treatments


I do understand the mindset which is to be immediately gratified. Not only that but we have been conditioned to believe buying toxic products from a store is safe and we should be afraid of what nature offers.

I get a lot of questions from people asking me if this herb or fruit or vegetable is safe.

Then they have no trouble telling me in the very next sentence they have been using this pharmaceutical or cream for the past few years!

It’s the way much of our society works nowadays, unfortunately. 

Everything can essentially be attained instantly if you’re prepared to toxify yourself but the problem is this is inconsistent with the natural order of things.

To construct something correctly or to fix something in nature takes time.

You don’t build a structure in a day without running into problems and you don’t heal the body in a day either.

Yes I understand you may have an event or a date or something important and you want that ugly acne gone *NOW* but your body only knows balance and imbalance.

I try to give folks realistic expectations so they are not disappointed but the truth of the matter is on this very subject; acne takes time to form and it usually takes time to undo.

Treat yourself and your body right by nourishing it correctly and it will treat you right back.

Don’t expect to abuse it for decades (knowingly or unknowingly as a lot of people claim to eat healthy but don’t know what they’re eating is fast tracking them to Hellville) and then solve everything in a few hours.

Until then, try these quick acting tips and hopefully they will bring you some relief and encourage you to forge a new road forward! 🙂

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Spread the healing, not the acne.

4 Comments on “Homemade Acne Treatments That Work Overnight”

  1. Great post, I have been looking that would get rid of pimples, over night. I’m glad you told me that it’s not going to happen over night. I actually read the whole post and learned something from start to the end. Thank you.

    For one, I thought the steam was something they only did in the movies.
    Two, I never heard of Blackseed Oil. I would like to learn more about it. I’m looking in the study you posted.What else can you tell me about Blackseed Oil, have you tried it?

    1. Thanks Lenard and glad it helped.

      Blackseed oil is one of the most potent substances known to man when it comes to healing and regeneration. It not only heals outside things like cuts, acne and the like but balances hormones and heals important glands like the thyroid.

      I always have a bottle on hand yes and take it every night before bed.

      It’s not the best tasting but hey, it’s only a teaspoon and I got used to it long ago. It’s almost like a soapy taste, hard to describe!:)

  2. Fantastic article!

    For the skin I love black seed oil in particular and I use it instead of a face cream. It’s very calming and if you have any skin irritation it will subside within minutes after applying black seed oil.

    As you said, there no overnight fixes when it comes to healing certain condition so understanding why it appeared in the first place and changing ones lifestyle for the better is essential.


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