How Do I Get Smoother Skin

Reader asks:

Thanks for putting together this site! So how do I get smoother skin? Not so much to clear it but to make it soft, smooth and supple?

In order of importance, here are four things you can do right now to get silky smooth skin:


How Do I Get Smoother Skin

Let’s look at the most critical element of all – how you nourish your skin from the inside.

If we take it from a basic level, your skin is made up of trillions of cells. These cells need to eat and eliminate just like every other cell in your body.

The prime fuel source for our cells is carbohydrates (sugar) but not just any sugar. The type of sugar is what is crucial here.

Your simple sugars (monosaccharides) are the easiest and quickest for the body to break down and use. These are commonly found in your fruits!

The body needs to do relatively very little work to use this type of sugar.

So load up on your body’s primary fuel source of simple sugars – your cells rely on this to function at optimal levels.





Once you start eating foods that are not harmonious with the body like highly acidic foreign animal milks and proteins, you put your body in a state of metabolic acidosis.

This just means acids are free flowing throughout your body and the body automatically detects this and does what it can to neutralize the acid load.

An easy buffer to these acids is the base element calcium and guess where your body’s richest source of calcium is?

In your bones!

So it ends up borrowing (leeching) calcium from your bones to neutralize this heavy acid load.

Do that long enough and you’re going to have a lot more serious issues to worry about than bad skin!

Bone density starts to wane and sooner or later, you will get chronic joint pain as a result of the inflammation all through you.

So yes, stick to the best sources of nourishment for your body and skin by focusing on your fresh, water rich fruits and vegetables.

Imagine all that excellent nutrition being used to build your new skin cells from the inside out rather than dehydrated foods and proteins.

The color in these foods and variety tells you it’s brimming with goodness!

As you start eating more of these foods, you will notice your skin start to slowly gain that ‘glow’ as a result. 

You absolutely must eat more of these foods if you want to smooth your skin out.

If you’re on a budget and/or pressed for time, then consider Organifi Green Juice.



Hydratedrop of water

If you follow the above advice, you will automatically hydrate your body correctly.

I’m not talking about the often repeated idea of drinking enough water but I’m referring to hydrating yourself deep at the cellular level.

When you do so by consistently eating water rich fruits and vegetables, you will notice your skin won’t dry out at all and with time, it won’t even burn!

Remember, the more acidic you are inside, the faster you will burn.

I often remain out in the hot Australian sun and all I get is a nice tan.

Many folks have stated as soon as they increase their fruit and chlorophyll rich vegetable intake, they have much better sun protection as a result (just to name one of many benefits).

Watermelon is a known cell hydrator nourishing them deeply and keeping them satiated by removing acidic waste and filling them with the correct type of water.

If you are eating these types of foods and sipping on revitalizing drinks like coconut water (squeeze lime into it and thank me later), you will notice you barely get thirsty anymore but you will pee a lot more because of the high water content. 



Dry Brush 


Skin scrapings in sink

Dry brushing your body once every 2-3 days (7-10 days for face) doesn’t just exfoliate your skin by removing old, dead skin cells, it also aggressively moves your lymph system by breaking up hardened, stagnant lymph.

As it gets eliminated, you will see a noticeable increase in your skin’s elasticity.

Here are a few tips to exfoliate correctly without irritating or damaging your skin:

Get a natural exfoliating loofah and dry brush your skin by moving towards your best. So if you’re starting from your hands, head up towards your shoulders. If doing stomach, head upwards towards your chest, and so on.

For your face, LIGHTLY brush your skin making sure to keep away from the area under your eyes where skin is thinnest.

If you do not have a specific loofah or cloth for the face, you can always revert to what I use – a blunt pair of scissors!

I know it sounds nuts but they won’t cut you since they’re blunt! Very lightly and gently scraping over your face removes old skin cells and impurities just as good as anything I’ve seen.

The picture shows a quick sample of what was removed from my face after just a couple of minutes of light scraping. No residue, no pain, redness or irritation.

You can always use other tools like a face exfoliator brush but in case you don’t, this will do the trick.

If you just can’t get any instruments near your face because you are afraid, then you can use a tiny amount of baking soda (a pinch) and mix it with warm water, and the granules will go to work.

I found although this works okay, it’s not as thorough as using a scraper.

Be sure after you dry brush your body and face to shower/rinse with a hot/cold routine.

So rinse your face with as hot water as you can tolerate followed by as cold as you can and alternate.

Do this 4-5 times as this helps move the lymph and tightens your skin naturally.




Steaming your face whereby you put a towel over your head and let the steam naturally open up your pores so you sweat is an excellent way to expel unwanted impurities from both the surface of the skin and directly beneath.

Sweat under a towel/sauna for 7 minutes or so until your skin is sweating profusely.

Once you’ve had enough, rinse your body or face with warm water finishing with as cold as you can go.

This process helps maintain skin’s elasticity. 



This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of routine skin care.

Some think they need to clean their skin with high end name brand products which are ALL loaded with sulfates and chemicals that over time, build up in the body.

The more natural the better. I wrote an entire article on natural alternatives here. 

If you want to check the safety of the ingredients in your cleanser, then head over to Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. 

The simpler, the better. 

Remember, your nutrition is the absolute most important thing since it works from the inside out.

As you do this, you can use things to help the outside of the skin as well but without internal cleansing and nutrition, it’ll be a permanent uphill battle.

Finally, please be patient.

I realize in this day and age everyone wants everything now but proper healing takes time.

Do not give up after a week or month, keep at it and keep it simple and over time, others will tell you how much better you are looking!

Hope this helps you on your smooth skin journey.


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  1. Love this article! You are providing the best info to getting the smoother skin. Thanks for sharing the great article.

  2. Hello Sammer!

    I’m suffering from occasional breakouts for a really long time. I know it’s because I’m currently under a lot of stress, but I’m positive that food plays a role too. I drink a lot of animal milk and I had no idea that it can cause bad skin, let alone other health problems. So no more animal milk for me. What about almond milk though?

    1. Animal milk is specifically designed for baby animals 🙂 

      Almond milk is great – as is coconut, soy, hemp, rice, hazelnut, cashew and a whole host of other plant based milks.

      Try to eliminate dairy and you will see a marked improvement in your acne. Hope this helps!

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