How Fear Stops You From Permanently Healing Your Acne

I have a theory why effective acne treatments are a huge scam.

See, it’s not in the pharmaceutical company’s best interests to make something that heals you for good. You buy it once and your acne is gone permanently?

I don’t think so.

You know; one of the most effective ways to get someone or even entire populations to do as you like is to keep them in a constant state of fear and uncertainty…then come along and offer them a claimed solution.

That way, you are seen as the good guy and if they don’t buy your product, then they run the risk of doing harm to themselves or loved ones.

It’s an old but effective way and companies who manufacture acne medications are exactly the same way:

“Use this or you will look like an ogre!”

“You better take this pill or your acne will get worse”

“No, no – here; try this latest, cutting edge treatment! Or…you can live miserably for the rest of you life if you like. So – cash or credit?”

Then after you buy their useless products that only manage your acne symptoms, there’s fine print on the prescription acne medications. Ah yes, of course – good ol “side effects”.

Another scam.

No such thing as “side effects”! In the natural world, there is only cause and…what – side effect? No! Cause and effect. Period.

That’s just another underhanded way these companies trick people into buying their harmful products and getting away with what these products are very likely to do.  

If your product “may cause seizures, cancers, deformities in unborn children” then it’s downright dangerous and shouldn’t be on the market. What’s so damned difficult to understand about that?

If I brought out an exotic herb that killed people and deformed their kids, you can be sure I’d be in jail very quickly and rightfully so. These fat cats though with deep pockets – no, it’s okay just put some fine print in case someone dies and you’re covered from any liability so you can carry on killing and maiming more people without accountability.

The most effective way to heal yourself permanently from acne and protect yourself from these kinds of people out there is to empower yourself with the right knowledge.

Learn exactly why you have acne and exactly how to undo it. Once you understand your body; you will realize just how foolish this whole acne treatment game really is.

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2 Comments on “How Fear Stops You From Permanently Healing Your Acne”

  1. Your theory is spot on! Same scam used for most other inconvient health symptoms or “diseases”.
    Nice post!

    1. Thanks! It stuns me the level of unawareness out there. These companies continue preying on the fears of others and yet, no permanent healing to be found.

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