How To Get A Glowing Skin Naturally

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If you want to be more attractive to women, men (or both!) and get a glowing skin naturally, then you may be very surprised to learn just how simple it is!

I’m going to clear up a few things, dispel a popular myth and share some tips so hopefully you will realize the solution has been right in your hands the entire time.

You’ve heard it many times before – that “glow”people talk about and how one gets it.

You’ve seen the images but unsure how they got that way.

Airbrushing images is quite common in the beauty industry these days so how can you be sure exactly how to get that genuine glow?

The glow you often see is simply a healthy color a person gets in their skin by doing the right things.

This includes adequate nutrition, sunshine (more on that shortly!) and exercise.

See, when you clean and hydrate your cells, nourish them and care for them the right way in conjunction with exercise which increases blood circulation, your skin has no choice but to reflect what’s inside you!

So, How Do You Get This Glow?

This golden glow comes from the carotenoids of fruits and vegetables.

We actually now have the science to prove it.

In this study, an increase in consumption of whole fruits and vegetables was found to increase the attractiveness of African, Asian and Caucasian faces!

Check it out:

Pretty cool, right?

Although the study was done on the face, the glow you get radiates throughout your body not just the face.

If you want a more physically attractive face and overall skin tone, then increase your whole fruit and vegetable intake as much as you can.

The color you eat is the color you reflect.

If you eat a lot of carrots over several days, you will turn orange, lol!

The other thing plenty of fruits and vegetables do to your skin is they hydrate it deeply at the cellular level providing it with adequate water content. 

Hydration here does not mean simply to drink more water which has its place.

No, the water content in the food you eat is extremely important for nourishing you inside!

This means it will prevent drying out especially in colder climates.

It also means keeping your lymphatic system clean so lymph doesn’t stagnant causing all sorts of ailments ranging from acne to over time, tumors and worse.


We have heard over and over again to stay out of the sun because it causes skin cancer.

Well, that’s now also found to be inaccurate.

It’s not the sun that causes it – think about it – the sun has been around for billions of years and now suddenly it’s out to get us? Plants, animals and insects in the wild seem to have managed pretty well.

sun and cloudsWhy is it the rate of skin cancer deaths are lower in regions where they get the most sun and higher in regions where they get the least?

In fact, there are numerous studies like this one showing the many  benefits of sunlight exposure.

This study here illustrated not only is sunlight good for vitamin D production, but it actually benefits us in so many other ways including helping our cardiovascular and immune systems function better.

Our bodies produce nitric oxide when exposed to the sun and this dilates blood vessels and helps lower our blood pressure.

Sunlight helps both our bodies as a whole and giving our skin that sunlit glow.

I would be very wary of the ingredients that are used in many sunscreens – many are petroleum based and remember, whatever you put on your skin is absorbed by your body.

If you’re going to use sunscreen, then opt for a natural product like this one which has none of the harmful, toxic chemicals and is 100% plant based yet provides adequate protection.

Use common sense when getting your sun – you know better than anyone your body when it comes to sun exposure.

If you have a long history of a highly acidic diet and sunburn compared to someone who doesn’t, then you will need to be more cautious.

Sweating Via Exercise

Sweating when you exercise is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Not only does it increase circulation all over your body via your blood vessels dilating, but the sweat you expel cleanses you from the inside out, including your skin.

Often you will sweat during a workout and not realize your skin’s color has changed.

This of course is due to the increased blood flow to your muscles and the increased uptake of oxygen to keep those muscles going.

This is a higher form of sweating than a sauna (which is also very good) because you not only circulate the blood throughout your body by activating it’s pump (heart); but you also move your lymph which has no natural pump!

Try to exercise 3-5 times a week ensuring you work up a good sweat.

You don’t have to pound the pavement or treadmill as this admittedly gets boring quickly.

Shoot some hoops, play tennis, football, soccer or lesser known sports that are really fun like badminton, squash and handball.

You will enjoy yourself and help your skin glow at the same time.

Incorporate all of these elements into your lifestyle starting with boosting your fruit and vegetable intake, drop the dairy and other highly inflammatory foods and you will be radiating from within sooner rather than later!

If you’re looking for an all natural product to put on your body and hair to complement your lifestyle, then check out this line here which is raw and wildcrafted.

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2 Comments on “How To Get A Glowing Skin Naturally”

  1. Hi
    Really I enjoyed reading your post about glowing skin.
    Keeping hydrated, exercise and exposing to the sun is essential but it is said that exposing to morning sun is good for the skin. Do you disagree with this?.
    Moreover, south Asians generally take excess amount of acidic food mainly Tamarind included in the food? I think we should avoid this.Can we take lemon and Orange which have Citric acid?
    Thanks for your informative article.

    1. Yes lemon and oranges are extremely hydrating, nourishing, detoxifying and alkalising. While they go into your body acidic, they are highly alkaline once metabolized and are exceptionally good for the kidneys and skin.

      I agree with you that many South Asian food has highly acidic foods so yes, these should be cut out.

      Morning and evening sun are fantastic as it is a softer light and not as intense.

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