How To Get Rid Of Acne On Your Back

What Causes Acne On Your Back?


How To Get Rid Of Acne On Your Back Post

If you really want to know how to get rid of acne on your back then it’s absolutely critical to understand how and why it forms there.

I’m not going to spin you the same old crap about washing your face with this wash or acid or whatever.

In fact…

It’s no use for me giving you 3, 5 or more “remedies” when all they essentially do is address the symptom (acne) not the cause.

Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for temporary relief of course but it must be used in conjunction with an internal cleansing protocol, not in place of it.

You want to be acne free for good, right?

I mean wouldn’t you prefer to eliminate the cause of acne on your back rather than going back and forth and between various scrubs, herbs and ointments?


The good news is you don’t have to live with back acne and it’s so easy to permanently cure without surgery, expensive chemicals, peels, scrubs or soaps.

Contrary to many public views, back acne is not caused by:

  • Oil glands
  • Sweat
  • Hormones (although they play a minor role)
  • Genetics
  • Blocked Pores
  • Clothing
  • The Sun

This is complete and total misinformation designed to make you believe something is inherently wrong with your body and you need a certain medication to correct it.

That somehow, nature or God had missed something along the line and toxic chemicals are going to make you better.

What if I told you there are societies living today that don’t even get acne?

No acne in an entire society?


In this medical study, physicians who had been practicing from between 8 – 41 years revealed that acne had been “non existent” in their society.

Know this:

Your body was perfectly designed to heal itself and given the right circumstances, will surely do so. It wants to bring itself back into balance.

So I’m going to walk you through the root cause of back acne then show you a few ways you can fix it for good.

Sound good?


Back Acne Forms From The Inside


Okay, take a look at the picture below showing the human lymphatic system.

See all of those lines circulating throughout the body, front and back?

That’s your body’s sewer system network responsible for carrying cellular and other wastes out of your body.

These channels run all over the body except for the palms of the hands and soles of your feet which is why acne will appear everywhere else but those two areas. 

What do you notice?

See how the lymphatic system is particularly concentrated in the back and shoulder areas as well as chest, neck and face – all prime areas where acne is most common?

This isn’t by accident.

Your sewer system acts just like your septic tank at home with one exception – there are hundreds of them throughout your body and they’re called lymph nodes. They’re responsible for collecting the waste and processing it in order for it to be eliminated from your body.

But wait…

What happens when your septic tank at home gets blocked?

It starts to smell and pretty soon you realize the only way to fix it correctly is to unblock it.

The exact same thing happens in our bodies.

When your sewer system gets clogged for any reason – mainly due to poor diet and lack of physical movement, it starts to accumulate and when waste accumulates, acids form.

If they are just left sitting there, then they start to break cells down which results in the inflammation you see so common in acne. What happens to a baby’s bottom if you don’t clean it after it’s done it’s business? The acids start to burn and give the poor baby a rash.

When you squeeze a pimple, what do you see?

Mostly white material and some blood, right?

Well, that white stuff is the exact same lymph I’m referring to. It’s composed mainly of dead cells.

The body recognizes it has to eliminate this cellular waste somehow so the fastest and easiest way to do this is to go through the largest eliminative organ the body has – the skin.

This is why you see the skin bearing the brunt of all that acidic waste by way of pimples, pustules, cysts, rashes and the like particularly where the lymph system is most concentrated as shown in the diagram.

If the lymphatic waste stagnates in the head area, it usually seeps through the skin on the face and we call it face acne.

If it’s in the chest or shoulder areas – we call it chest/shoulder acne and yes, we label it as “back acne” if it happens in the back.

So far, so good?

Now that you understand how and why back acne forms, it’s easy to take care of it.

So how do you unclog and refresh a stagnant lymph system?


7 Steps You Can Do Now To Get Rid Of Back Acne Naturally



1. Diet

This is absolutely the most crucial thing you must immediately do! 

You will amaze yourself just how ridiculously simple and effective this one aspect alone is.

I have written extensively on this throughout the site so please check it out to get an idea of the type of foods that aggravate acne and the ones that actively fight it and help nourish and protect your skin by supporting your lymphatic system.

Remember that study referenced above regarding the people in Okinawa, Japan who don’t even get acne?

I can assure you they are not eating pizzas and ice cream.

In fact, that area is part of the well studied “Blue Zones” where people live the longest, healthiest lives and 95% of what they eat are fresh, whole plant based foods.

It never ceases to amaze me when people cut out certain foods and add others to their diet that their back acne starts fading away.

When you eat clean, you start craving cleaner and cleaner foods.

Imagine instead of pizza, fried foods and cake you get this urge to bite into a juicy watermelon or mango!

Now THAT is fantastic healing food right there.

Once you start eating cleaner, you may experience temporary cold and flu like symptoms as the toxic waste exits your body.

However it will pass and you will feel greater than ever.

To up the ante, you may want to consider dry fasting.

This is the strongest arsenal you have against any sort of acne but particularly stubborn back acne where the lymph system is concentrated.

A recent report came out stating just three days of fasting regenerated the entire immune system!

Insanely powerful stuff.

If you can dry fast within your limits, then do so.

Your skin will literally transform within days.



2. Sauna

sauna picIf you have access to a sauna, wet or dry, please make use of it.

This is one of the very best things you can do for clearing your back acne.

We eliminate via urination and sweating.

What the kidneys cannot eliminate, usually gets eliminated through the skin so if the skin isn’t opened up, it will show up as either a stubborn rash or acne.

Sweating it out in a sauna opens up your skin throughout various areas in your body thereby eliminating toxins and increasing circulation throughout.

The more openings you can give the body, the better it will eliminate. 

So why not just sweat during exercise?

The main difference between sweating in a sauna and exercise is sauna sweating is a “still” sweat meaning you are in a relaxed, stationary state thereby creating less acidic and cellular waste than if you exercised.

This can be particularly useful for those who for one reason or another, are unable to undertake exercise that makes them sweat.



3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the fastest and most powerful ways to get the stagnant lymph moving.

You can try this at home and most folks who try it say they can immediately feel the lymph start draining from numerous areas ranging from their ears to throat.

This one is for head drainage which will help clear acne from the head area but there are also special lymph back massages as well.

Many massage places can administer this special type of massage and it is very useful to get it done as often as you can.




4. Dry Skin Brushing

This relatively newly promoted activity involves dry brushing your skin with a loofa or skin brush (usually before showing) in order to stimulate the lymphatic system.

There are many recommendations in terms of which direction is best but as a general rule, you go:

dry skin brushing pic

  • Side to side on the chest area
  • Palm to shoulder on arm area
  • Ankle to groin on leg area
  • Forehead to bottom of neck on face area
  • Top down on back area.

Depending on your acne condition, be gentle or if your acne is very bad, you can skip this altogether until it clears up since this is a more aggressive form of lymph stimulation. 

Dry skin brushing not only moves your lymph but removes dead surface cells giving you a silky smooth feeling afterwards.



5. Hot & Cold Showers

Now this I can assure you, gives your skin a mighty boost and revitalizes you in a way you never thought possible.

After skin brushing, take a shower like you normally would but before you finish, turn up the water temperature to as hot as you can tolerate for 10 seconds, then as cold as you can tolerate for another 10 seconds.

Repeat 5-7 times for each temperature.

Here’s how it works:

1. When the coldest water you can tolerate hits your skin, it signals your body to automatically send blood to your vital organs to keep them warm and protect you. Think of being in the snow and you shiver – it’s the exact same mechanism.

2. When you suddenly switch to as hot as you can tolerate, blood flow rushes towards the skin again as the body detects the “threat” of cold is no longer there and it seeks to cool down by opening up the skin.

3. Going back and forth between temperatures like this gets your circulation moving in and out which detoxifies you and moves your lymph quite aggressively. 

It is absolutely incredible what it does not just from a physical side (stimulates lymph) but you will feel like you just had a double shot of espresso! 



6. Exercise

Exercise that gets you sweating is terrific on many levels.

It doesn’t have to be hard, cardio running – it could be any activity that makes you sweat even if it’s a light jog on a hot day. 

See, our blood has a mechanism to pump it throughout the body: our heart.

Our lymphatic system has no such pump so relies on muscle movement and contraction to get moving.

That’s why you will notice if you or anyone else hardly moves, their skin is usually quite bad.

Therefore, exercise is one of the several activities we can do to help keep our lymph systems moving.

When you exercise, your blood is moving faster through your body thereby improving overall circulation.

This is a great option for those loving to be outdoors but if you’r body isn’t up for vigorous enough exercise to sweat, please explore other options on this list.

Please remember, exercise causes acid waste like any other metabolic activity so if you’re in poor health and your kidneys aren’t filtering correctly, it’s probably best to find another lymph moving activity.

Alternate between exercise and sauna sweating as both have their advantages but always remember not to overburden yourself physically as stress is never a good thing for your body and consequently, your skin.



7. Rebounding 

This is a less physically intense yet no less effective way to really get the lymphatic system going.

Rebounding is basically gently bouncing up and down on the spot on a small trampoline.

You don’t need to jump – in fact your feet can remain on the trampoline and you gently move up and down with your knees and momentum.

Try 15 minutes per day either as one continuous session or short, sharp sessions of 5 minutes spread throughout the day.

You will notice your breathing will increase slightly but not at the uncomfortable level than if you exercised.

It’s a widely used method by chiropractors and naturopaths alike to stimulate the lymph system when exercise or saunas aren’t an option.

Wear loose clothing so as to not restrict any blood and lymph flow that’s about to occur.

It’s a heavily favored method since it places almost no stress on the joints and creates much less internal waste for your body to deal with.

By far, the funnest way to move your lymph suitable for folks of all ages.


So there you have it – seven highly effective ways to get that stagnant lymph moving and help reduce the inflammation in and around your back area so the acne melts away. 

Incorporate as many of these as you can in your routine and I assure you, you will get rid of acne on your back and won’t need to worry about it ever again.

Like, comment, share.

Spread the healing, not the acne.


8 Comments on “How To Get Rid Of Acne On Your Back”

  1. Very glad I came across this post, as my son is suffering from back acne and I love your suggestion about eating a healthy diet. Now that he is home for the summer, it is easy for him to grab junk food, but I need to help him get healthy and eat healthy! I am sure that will help his acne. I also love your dry brush suggestions. I have done that myself and it makes a big difference!

    1. Amy, yes it does make a big difference as it gets the lymph moving and gives the skin a real big boost.

      Hope your son’s back acne improves!

  2. Great tips! I know I used to suffer from back acne when I was younger a lot, I occasionally get a few here and there now, but not nearly as bad as I used to. I think I could probably implement some of your suggestions to make sure I don’t get any. Health is so important, so I need to make sure to eat more fresh veggies and fruit. The one thing I don’t do is use a sauna, and there is one at my gym so I’ll have to try to utilize it more. Thanks for the information!

    1. Thanks Jeremy and yes, make use of the sauna as it is very, very beneficial for your skin and overall health. 

  3. Awesome tips!
    I like it how you explained lymphatic system – most people have no idea such system exists!

    Super duper article! 🙂

    1. Thanks again!

      Yes, the lymphatic system is absolutely critical to understanding why back acne forms and any other ailment for that matter.

  4. Really interesting and in-depth article!
    I think it’s only natural for people to want a miracle cream that’ll cure any acne they have, but I have always been skeptical about rubbing a bunch of chemicals I know nothing about all over my skin so I find this information very useful!

    1. Tanner, most folks deep down know true healing doesn’t come from a cream or magic quick fix. Thanks for your feedback.

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