How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne

Want To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne?

I had a question sent to me very recently asking about how to get rid of shoulder acne and the back area.  

In short, this is done exactly the same way when you wish to clear acne from other areas on your body.

You must detox.get rid of shoulder acne

If acne is appearing on your shoulders and back then it’s a fairly good sign your problem is systemic.

Meaning, you have backed up lymph throughout from head to toe – particularly in the area it’s appearing.  

It may be on a much less intensity level than someone who has severe or cystic acne, but rest assured, it is there.

It could also very well mean your hormones are out of balance so your organs responsible for them and purifying the blood need cleaning out. Yes, I’m referring to your adrenal glands, kidneys and liver.

See, your body operates as one large, interconnected system.

Don’t believe the glitzy ads showing you someone has pimples on their face and after treating it with some topical product, the problem disappears from the body.

Well, if you want to cover the problem, then sure, a lot of these products appear to “work”.

However if you want to shut off the supply line to the pimples themselves so they don’t keep re-appearing (once you stop using those products) then it’s best you go directly to the source and clean it up.


5 Steps To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne


Ok here is a step by step protocol you can follow to get rid of shoulder acne for good:

1. OK the first thing you need to do is to put out the fire. Highly inflammatory foods are acidic and a breakdown cells causing your lymphatic system to stagnate. You put out the fire by eliminating these types of things which can be found right here.

2. The second step is cleaning the terrain. That includes starting to eat the type of foods that clean you up which include all the water rich fruits: watermelons, grapes, mangoes, berries – please see a more comprehensive list here. Don’t forget to incorporate a nutrient dense superfood if possible like this one.

3. Next is to start doing things on the outside while your body works on the inside. Remember, once you change your diet as suggested above, you have given your body plenty of   essential vitamins and minerals to work with so you can start healing.

Don’t worry, it knows what to do.

4. While it is doing what it needs to, then you can start doing the following things on the outside like dry skin brushing as this is an excellent way to start moving the lymph.

Here is a video showing you how to do it.

Please pay particular attention to how it’s done around the shoulder areas.



Believe it or not just changing your diet and dry skin brushing will have a tremendous overall effect on your shoulder acne but if you really want to up the ante and crush it…

5. I would strongly suggest sweating by sauna or exercise.

This opens up the skin and allows it to excrete any waste trapped underneath.

Sweating is a natural mechanism to not only keep us cool but to expectorate waste and the more you sweat, the more toxins you will eliminate.

If you are not able to sweat for any reason then I would recommend rebounding.

This is essentially gently going up and down on a spot trampoline just using bent knees and your momentum.

I also found that if you don’t have one your bed mattress works just as good!


Final Thoughts On Healing Shoulder Acne


If it will make you feel better to complement the program with some natural topical product like tea tree oil or blackseed oil, that’s completely fine as well.

In fact you’ll get better results if you do so since you’re attacking the problem from all directions.

Remember, just because you don’t have acne on your face but have it on your shoulders doesn’t mean you don’t have some major cleaning to do.

One of the first things you will notice when going through a major detox is an eruption of the skin, often leading to major breakouts all over the body.

At this stage, many panic or think it is the amazing food and cleaner lifestyle they are adopting that is causing it!

Relax, this is completely normal and it subsides quickly; usually within a couple of days.

As the inflammation and acids start to be eliminated, not only does the skin appear spot free but it takes on a radiant glow.

It heals completely and you don’t get the faded spots you often find with harsh topical treatments like chemical laden creams and wash treatments.

The saying “you are what you eat” is true on so many levels. In fact, your diet directly affects gene expression and can alter it for the better or worse.

If you’re introducing highly nutritious, highly electrical foods into the body then it becomes part of your very being.

It is used to construct cells and tissues so you start feeling and looking like the food you eat.

This is the difference between holistic healing where the entire body is healed and medical thinking of “treating” one or two areas.

If you want to quickly banish your shoulder or back acne, then please follow these guidelines and check out these two excellent guides.

Given how simple it is to heal yourself from shoulder acne, there really is no need for you to hide or feel embarrassed when going to the beach, pool or even wanting to wear a nice dress.

In the very rare circumstance none of this works after giving it plenty of time, you can always pull out the strongest you have at your disposal which is dry fasting.

This not only heals acne but anything else you can imagine.

However before deciding whether to go down that road, you must actually follow the protocol otherwise nothing will change.

Hope this helps!

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12 Comments on “How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne”

    1. Yeah, topical products will only get you so far. It’s an internal problem that can only be solved by rolling up your sleeves and cleaning house.

  1. I understand what you are saying, my wife just recently dealt with adult acne on her face.

    She saw a dermatologist who put her on antibiotics and she broke out like crazy the first couple weeks. But then after about two months her face cleared up and she has been weaning off it.

    I will forward her your recommendations as she has recently had some shoulder acne when she started lifting weights.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Yes, this is textbook of what occurs. Sooner or later, those meds will be insufficient and the break outs will happen again and again. These antibiotics are simply suppressing her acne and pushing the problem ddeper within rather than digging deep to eliminate what’s causing it initially.

      All the best!

  2. Hi Sammer, acne is such a mysterious issue sometimes – I am way past my teenage years and yet I still get pimples here and there – the shoulder included. It’s great to read about how we can rid it and how bacne and shoulder acne is related to systemic problems. You mentioned that we gotta detox – is eliminating certain foods enough or do we have to go on vegetable cleanse or something? Thanks for sharing this bit of info!

    1. Fruits, berries and melons are your best friend to clean up the body! Fruits cleanse, vegetables build. I’ve outlined a few things one can do on the detox page so hope you gind it helpful.

    1. Hira,

      Skin tags and warts are directly tied to your body’s lymphatic system. The most effective way to permanently get rid of them is to detoxify your body by following the guidelines set out on this website. Remember – clean fuel in, clean emissions out. Dirty fuel in, dirty output. There’s no shortcut, no quick fix – if you want to heal your body, then start working on it as best you can and it will reward you.

  3. Hi,
    I always have the back acne problem and sometimes it is quite hurting. I have try to use many products and mostly something that i need to rub it onto my skin. This is the first time that I encounter detoxifying as a way to solve acne problem.
    It seem interesting and I will certainly try this method. I love the way of your thinking that is to treat our problems holistically and not based on 1 or two symptoms that occurs in our body.

    1. Thanks Fadhil – best of luck on your healing journey. Stick with it and you won’t be disappointed.

  4. For some reason this was the only part of my body I had spot trouble with as a teenager. My face was brilliant – like a baby’s skin, shoulders and back…plastered. I was advised to use Apple cider vinegar is it has properties associated with it that can help get rid of the bacteria that contributes to acne.What do you think of this option?

    1. ACV is a temporary topical solution that cna help in some cases but acne is caused by stagnantion of lymph throughout your body.

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