Is Organifi Green Juice Sold At Walmart?

I’ve had a few folks inbox me asking if Organifi Green Juice is sold at Walmart or not. It’s not. 

In fact, I contacted Walmart and Organifi directly and here are their responses:


Walmart Conversation Screenshot





So where is the best place to buy Organifi Green Juice?

Directly via their website.

I also did a detailed A-Z review of it here in case you want to check it out before buying it.



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Brief Overview


11 Prime Ingredients:

  1. Chlorella
  2. Moringa
  3. Spirulina
  4. Mint
  5. Beets
  6. Matcha Green Tea
  7. Wheatgrass
  8. Ashwagandha
  9. Turmeric
  10. Lemon
  11. Coconut Water


Is Organifi Green Juice For You?


This product is ideal for you if you:


  • Suffer From Acne/Want Better Skin: The ingredients in this formula make it an ideal suplement for those lookingto improve their overall skin appearance. Its high antioxidant and mineral components make it a powerful skin cleanser and rebuilder.
  • Have Little Time: If you’re constantly in a rush and/or have little time throughout your hectic schedule, it takes about 10-15 seconds to prepare it. Scoop, stir, drink. It’s that quick and easy.
  • Are Active:  If you’re needing that extra “boost” or nudge in the morning; this has the ingredients to deliver. Whether you’re an athlete needing sustenance to go harder for longer or run around town all day to meetings, it keeps you buzzing and relatively satisfied.


  • Are Recovering From Illness: Often you will be told to take it easy when coming back from illness. Doctors sometimes tell you to go on liquids for a while or introduce solid foods slowly. If that’s the case, this is an excellent meal replacement until you’re on your feet again.


  • “Crash” During The Day: If you’re one of those who get that “lull” around the middle of the day, this can supercharge your batteries.


  • Don’t Eat Enough Fruits & Vegetables: It’s very hard these days to get your proper servings of daily fruits and veggies due to our hectic lifestyles. No problem – this juice is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.


  • Are Looking For Better Health: Even if you’re just wanting better overall health, consuming an excellent drink with this kind of nutritional profile will only help in many areas. See the review for details.
  • Are On A Budget: Some are strapped for cash and can’t afford a good quality blender and organic produce every week. In the meantime, a month’s supply is less than $60 and the more you buy, the less it is per container. So it’s the next best thing to your out of the garden fruits and vegetables and of course, without the inconvenience of shipping, preparation or clean up. 


I’ve found buying products directly from the company has quite a few advantages for you:

  • Faster shipping
  • Faster response for product inquiries, returns and orders
  • At least a 12% price saving 
  • Latest product information
  • Money back guarantee claim goes directly through manufacturer rather than middleman

I hope this helps you in your purchase and it’s now crystal clear where this product is sold and where it isn’t!


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  1. Hi Sammer, I have often made smoothies with various green products. I have never seen this one though. I used to suffer from acne as a teen and even into my adult years (until my thirties). How much of this mixture goes into a glass of water? Does it taste good?

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