Natalie Portman’s Acne Slaying Diet

Don’t crucify me or accuse me of living under a rock but up until I came across this article, I had no idea who Natalie Portman was.

natalie portman skin
Skin after quitting eggs and dairy.

In any case, after a little research, I now know she is a high profile actress but what really got me interested reading the article, was what she did to dramatically improve her adult acne condition.

She went vegan.

Well, let me be a little more precise since there are many vegans out there who live on junk food and have bad skin.

A key component of her newfound skin was she cut out two key foods known to aggravate acne:

  • Dairy
  • Eggs

I’ve detailed on this blog several times just how bad dairy is for the skin and how it aggravates acne.

We have known this information through scientific studies for decades.

Yet we’re still told via mass media and aggressive marketing campaigns by the dairy industry that we somehow need it as part of an essential diet when we don’t.

Then there’s the whole ethical issue of how milk is obtained (if you don’t know, then I suggest you Youtube a few videos of how the dairy industry really works. Just have a bag nearby in the good chance you hurl).

As we move forward, more and more people are waking up to the fact that it is indeed one’s diet that is the primary factor for their acne condition…which means it is also the primary factor in healing it for good.

Don’t blindly accept the propaganda out there surrounding acne: it’s your hormones, it’s your genetics, it’s your cleansing routine – all of these are smokescreens to the real underlying cause.

One’s diet has a direct effect on one’s hormones as well as their gene expression.

It’s just unfortunate the science has been ignored for so long and it takes a “celebrity” or well known personality to convince folks to do something that’s good for them.

It’s not complicated or difficult guys – the science can be replicated over and again and it will come back with the same results: increasing your intake of whole foods especially dark leafy greens, vegetables and fruit decrease the prevalence of acne.

In fact, this has already been observed in entire populations where acne didn’t even exist!

So we know exactly what foods aggravate acne and which heal it.

If you’re not getting your adequate intake of fruits and vegetables every day due to time constraints or otherwise, then consider Organifi Green Juice which is a quick and easy way of getting your essential green nutrients.

This has shown to have a positive effect on both skin and hair from many users.

More importantly, eating such a nutrient dense diet promotes overall well being so it’s not just your hair and skin that will improve!

One diet to rule them all.

Go out and do it.



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