Organifi Green Juice Review 2022

Organifi Green Juice








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  • Healthier Skin
  • Softer Hair
  • Greater Energy
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Better Sleep
  • Vegan, Non GMO, Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free


  • Powder Can Scatter
  • May Thicken Fast

My Organifi Green Juice Review


Organifi Green Juice Review Image

This Organifi Green Juice review is after I tried the product for a full 90 days. So I’m giving my detailed overview based on what worked for me and what didn’t.

I felt it was far better to give the product a real shot for its recommended three-month period to derive as many health benefits as possible before prematurely dismissing it after just a week or two.

I’ve seen many reviews like that, and that is NOT what I intend to do!

Organifi Green Juice is a green juice powder designed to pack a big nutritional punch.

Here’s how it works:

It floods your body with a high concentration of exceptional nutrients from 11 different herbs and foods that are known to help detoxify and heal you (I’ve gone into the science in the ingredients section later on in case you’re interested).

Once these nutrients enter your body, they start working on reducing the inflammation inside, which means less pain in your muscles and joints, increased energy, weight loss, noticeably clearer skin, and better overall health.

Well, that’s the theory anyway!

It was still, after all, a green drink, and as health-conscious as I am, I didn’t make green drinks part of my daily routine because they tasted like freshly cut grass.

So after a lot of research and trying it out for three whole months, here’ my Organifi Green Juice review.


 Does It Work?


What I Liked

1. Noticeably Better Skin Health.

How cool is this!

I noticed two previously dark “liver spots” on my hand had completely vanished (between 4-5 o’clock, lower right corner).

Hand picture
After 30 days
liver spots gone
After 60 days

I did nothing different other than drinking the juice, and they had faded into oblivion after 60 days.

Skin overall on the entire body is more radiant, and I’ve been told I look more “glowing.”

This was a most unexpected benefit, for sure.

Just to let you know, this statement has some very sound science behind it!

They did a study and found people of Black, Caucasian, and Asian backgrounds who consumed more fruits and vegetables were considered more attractive to others due to their enhanced color or “glow” that occurs as a result of the carotenoids in these types of foods.

Here, take a look:


Organifi Green Juice is brimming with these types of nutrients that can restore your skin’s vitality and overall appearance.


2. Softer, Shinier Hair

Black curly shiny hair
Shiny Black Curls 🙂

As a result of adding this to my diet, I also noticed my hair softer and way shinier than before.

I must point out that I try to live a very healthy lifestyle, so it’s a combination of factors, but Organifi Green Juice helped.

A quick tip: Other foods that are excellent for your hair health that I regularly consume are walnuts, flaxseeds, avocados, greens like spinach and arugula, as well as all kinds of raw fruits.

I don’t use chemical shampoos or conditioners – I use Morocco Method’s all-natural stuff, which works incredibly well.

The change in my hair was gradual. I noticed it over some time (6 weeks), so do not expect drastic changes overnight!

This is particularly important because many people will only try something for a few days or weeks and then give up on it so that you won’t get the complete picture. 

3. Lower Blood Pressure

I also got consistently better blood pressure readings. Not intended.

Just out of pure curiosity, I decided to measure my blood pressure to see if there was any effect.

When I measured it after 30 minutes of consuming this juice, there was a definite improvement:

Day      Before          30 Min After

  1         122/64            118/62

  2         123/63            120/61

  3         119/63            115/60

  4         123/62            120/60

Not bad!

Each reading resulted from measuring it three times and taking the average, so I did it comprehensively to get the most accurate results. 

I only measured it for four days, but it was enough to verify Organifi Green Juice’s claims that taking this does indeed reduce blood pressure.


4. Increased Energy…& Better Sleep

After taking the juice for a few days, I cannot honestly say I experienced an energy boost until…

Around day 5 when I really felt a difference!

I also tested it by taking it pre-workout, and again, I experienced a surge of energy that helped me work out for longer.

Then I noticed I would sleep deeper and wake up feeling very well rested than before.

So yes, while it’s not an energy drink, it most definitely helped with vigorous activity and sleep.


Organifi bottle on countertop
Just Arrived

5. Time & Money Saver

Of course, it would be ideal for making your blend from fresh garden fruits and vegetables, but the reality is most of us don’t have time to slice, blend, clean, etc.

I can understand how some don’t want the hassle. 

There is no denying Organifi Green Juice is a super quick way to get excellent nutrients into your body.

From a money-saving side, it was pretty significant.

Buying all of these organic foods and herbs, then juicing/making them into a powder then drying them isn’t cheap, and it takes a lot of time.

To give you an idea, if you were to buy each of the ingredients in powdered form and make a one-month supply of it, it would cost you around $193.55 Vs. $69.95.

Not to mention the hours involved.

I ended up getting a 3-month supply of it for $178.38, so the cost savings are even more pronounced.


6. Ingredient Quality

As well as having potent ingredients, everything is certified organic.

It’s great for allergy sufferers as it contains no gluten, soy, or dairy.

Organifi powder in scoop
Mix n Drink!

It’s also vegan, so that anyone can try it.

These elements were essential to me as I really feel environmental and commercial sprays, toxins, and chemicals significantly impact one’s health. 

 Just knowing this product was free of those was peace of mind for me.


7. Great Taste

A lot of green juices either:

1) Try to put too many “things” into it – like 20-30 different “superfoods,” and it ends up tasting weird, or they…

2) Taste like death.

This green juice had a surprisingly sweet and pleasant minty taste that I liked. It was like a liquid candy cane.

Greens are known to be bitter, so this was one of the biggest things that stood out.

You mix it with water and drink.

Just adjust the amount of water depending on how thick or watery you like it.


What I Didn’t Like

1. Powder May Scatter 

Try not to do what I did and slam the container on the countertop, then open it right away as it will shower you with a fine powder, lol.


Opened Container of Organifi
After Opening

2. Can Thicken

Don’t mix it, then go and make a phone call and come back 7 minutes later because it’ll thicken around the edges of the glass.

If that doesn’t bother you, then fine, but for me, my liquids need to be watery; otherwise, I feel like I’m drinking gobs of cotton balls.


*Some folks stated the container only being 3/4 full upon receipt, but I wouldn’t worry about this.

They are unaware it’s sold by weight.

Organifi’s website states there is enough product for a 30 day supply.

Well, I tested it, and it gave me 34 full scoops – that’s 34 days supply, so you get more value for money.


Check Organifi Green Juice Packages Here 


Who Is Organifi Green Juice Good For?


One unique thing about this product is it is ideal for a vast range of folks:


  • Acne sufferers – If you’re suffering from acne, you can use this product in conjunction with a thorough body cleanse. So think of it as a “clean and nourish” protocol where you dump the gunk from your body then infuse it with this concentration of premium nutrition.


  • Those with no time – If you don’t have the time or can’t be bothered making your juice or smoothie, then this will be a pretty good substitute. It wasn’t complicated at all to make: Put one scoop into a glass with water, stir and drink. That’s it. It takes about 15 seconds to complete each morning. 


  • Athletes – Those who regularly train will benefit significantly from this as it not only helps with performance and energy levels, but it contains ingredients like mint and turmeric, which are outstanding for digestion, and powerful anti-inflammatories – just what you need post-training. I’m now recovering much quicker and feeling less sore after workouts.


  • Recovering patients – It’s a handy meal replacement and/or substitute if you’re recovering from something and need top nutrition fast. It’s always best to ease yourself back into eating after significant trauma or illness but slowly sipping this once or twice a day will improve your overall health.


  • Those feeling run down – If you’re constantly tired, it can help recharge your batteries and keep you humming along for the day. Low energy levels are usually due to flat/weak adrenal glands, and this contains the precise herbs that give them a little kick start. Ashwagandha is known for its adrenal support and hormone balancing abilities.


  • Those are not getting enough daily fruits and vegetables. This is a vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant goldmine, so if you don’t eat enough daily fruit and veggies, this can help immensely. A staggering 96% of Americans don’t get enough fiber, which is a plant nutrient. If they aren’t getting adequate daily fiber, they also get insufficient fruit, and vegetable intake since both contain plenty. In other words, you’re very likely to be in the majority, so this drink will only help!


  • Those looking to boost their general health – It gave me an overall feeling of calmness, focus, and wellbeing, and by day 7, I was buzzing. Sometimes folks don’t have any major health issues but want to try something to make them feel better, and this does. 


  • Those on a budget: If you don’t have the cash right now for a high-quality blender (which can range from several hundred to over $1,000.00), then this is an excellent substitute you can use as you go. You are going to get far superior nutrition infused into your cells drinking this powerhouse than anything you eat on the road, at work, or from a “fast food” joint. Granted, it’s not “fresh from the garden,” but it’s the next best thing with gently dried ingredients (as opposed to firing them at high heat) that you won’t find in your standard supermarket.


Check Organifi Green Juice Packages Here 

What’s In It?

Ok, so let’s see what we’ve got here in its ingredient list:


Chlorella – Helps You Look Youngerchlorella ingredients picture

This is known for its super high antioxidant levels, which reduce oxidative stress…meaning it keeps you looking young by shielding your cells from damage. Its protein, vitamin A & B levels, and magnesium, zinc, and iron translate into smoother, clearer skin.

It also helps the detox process along very aggressively by ridding your body from accumulated heavy metals and radiation. You only need a small dose of about one teaspoon and wait between 1-2 weeks before noticing a difference in your skin. Chlorella packs quite a punch!


Moringa – Powerful Anti Aging Herb

Moringa Herb Image

This herb is truly remarkable.

Not only does it help detoxify the body, but I found from just one source there are over 700 published studies on moringa!

I sorted through them and found two that will be of great interest to you.

Get this:

The first study found that moringa dramatically improves the skin’s ability to heal from wounds or, as they put it, “remarkable proliferative and migratory effect on normal human dermal fibroblasts.” (lol)

This is fantastic as acne frequently leaves wounds on the skin that sometimes can take a while to heal.

Moringa proved to accelerate healing and give the skin a mighty boost.

The second study showed moringa (in cream form) greatly enhanced skin by profoundly revitalizing it and supporting anti-aging.

In other words, it helps make your skin look better overall as well as helping you look younger.

So it’s a one-person army herb – healing, repair and enhances skin’s appearance.

Its skin healing and enhancement abilities come from the fact it’s loaded with vitamins A & C, calcium, potassium and has around twice the amount of protein as yogurt…without the saturated fat, of course.


Spirulina PileSpirulina – Heavy Metal Detoxifier

This is an intense heavy metal detoxifier.

It eliminates accumulated heavy meats in your body like mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and a whole host of substances that build up in your body over time.

For example, if you have mercury fillings or eat a lot of seafood, particularly tuna, you’re almost assured of having a lot of mercury inside.

Many people report after a few days/weeks, they can think much clearer, have tremendous energy, and have a natural “glow.”  

Given it is packed with over ten vitamins and ten minerals (that we know of), including vitamins A, K, B12 and magnesium, potassium, and iron, it outright promotes greater overall health. 

Another advantage it has for your skin is it cleanses it of any candida, which means you won’t get the feeling of having to itch but can’t figure out why constantly!


Mint Leaves Image

Mint – Relaxes Body

Aside from soothing digestion, the oil inside the mint plant is a top-shelf skin purifier. It soothes it, which is a welcome quality if one has itching, redness, or pain. This portion of the formula also contributes greatly to the mixture’s pleasant taste. Mint also has a very calming and soothing effect on the digestive tract.



Beets In A Bundle Down PictureBeets – Boosts Physical Performance

Besides boosting performance in both exercise and sex (woohoo!), beets also happen to be anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.

You want as many anti-inflammatory foods inside you as possible as this will kick out the nasty acids that break down your cells and end up stagnating your lymph system. This, in turn, is the root cause of many health problems.

Since it’s also high in antioxidants, it helps age you better by keeping your skin smooth, elastic, and supple.


Matcha Green Tea – Regenerates CellsMatcha Green Tea Powder

Brimming with chlorophyll, this green tea is richer in substance than other green tea types.

Chlorophyll gives your blood a turbo boost in bringing oxygen and nutrition to your cells which help clean them.

This, in turn, facilitates regeneration (new skin cells!) very well, and it is also a powerful body detoxifier and cleanser of the blood. It cleans it out of heavy metals and other toxins absorbed through food and the environment.

This is the one green tea to rule them all.


Wheatgrass – Deep Cleanser

Wheatgrass is the king of grasses, and its juice is like an elixir of life due to its ultimate nutritional profile.

It has so much goodness in it that you only need a “shot” of wheatgrass juice to reap all the benefits.

As well as chlorophyll, it’s loaded with more than 17 amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to cleanse and build the blood, liver and help with glowing skin.

It actively fights acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties by alkalizing the body and helping to expel acidic waste much as beets do.



Ashwagandha – Balances Hormones & Anti StressAshwagandha Plant Picture

Also known as Withania, ashwagandha is a miracle herb that adapts (it’s known as an “adaptogen” herb) inside your body depending on the condition!

For example, if your thyroid is either underactive or overactive, this herb will tweak itself accordingly to fix either condition.

It’s like the special forces of herbs, able to sit and wait in stealth, and depending on whatever situation; it takes action.

Ashwagandha is well known for its ability to balance your hormones and help your body deal with internal and external stress. That’s imperative in maintaining clear skin since either type of stress can aggravate chronic skin conditions.


Tumeric Powder & Root PicTurmeric – Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

This is an antifungal and antibacterial powerhouse with the ability to eradicate any harmful microbes it comes into contact with. It’s also a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever that quickly arrests inflammation.

Among the top healthiest foods in existence.


Lemon – Your Kidneys FriendLemon Whle & Sliced

Lemon is the natural world’s enigma. They are acidic when initially consumed but, after being metabolized, yield alkaline ash.

What this means is your body gets cleansed by this highly astringent fruit by purifying your kidneys and helping them eliminate cellular waste efficiently.

This is key in opening your main channel of elimination to expel stagnant acids and keep your skin clear.

A backed-up set of kidneys means the lymphatic waste cannot escape, and it usually oozes out of the next easiest and largest exit – your skin. 


Coconut Water – Hydrates Your Cells

Coconut water is a mildly sweet yet extraordinary healing liquid. It is bursting with minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium and interestingly has the identical make-up of human plasma.

This means when you drink it, it gives your blood an overhaul, flooding it with B vitamins and electrolytes.

Hydrating your skin and body at the cellular level, it’s ideal for those doing intermittent fasting.

Because it is so alkaline and cooling to the body, it’s equally effective inside the body as it is applied topically to help with skin conditions.


Check Organifi Green Juice Packages Here 


Important Product Info


When to take it

One scoop once a day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is standard.

According to their trials, though, the benefits start kicking in when you take it twice daily, which is how I take it.

Organifi daily intake chart


Where Can I Buy Organifi Green Juice?

The best place to buy it is directly from their website. 

It’s super-fast (at your door in 2 days), and it’s just best to deal with the company directly.

You have the option to either purchase it as a subscription or a once-off. 

I bought it as a once-off then repurchased it when needed.



Organifi Return Policy ScreenShotShipping/ Wait Time

US customers usually get it within two days.


Service/Return Policy

They have an impressive full money-back guarantee which I thought was great.

Get this – even if you don’t like the taste after you’ve had it over 30 days, they’ve got you covered.


Final Thoughts On Organifi


The quality of the ingredients is what attracted me to this product because I know my herbs reasonably well, so I thought to give it a try.  

Until that point, I hadn’t bought a single supplement, protein shake, or anything like that, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I prefer to eat my fruit and vegetables as fresh and as raw as I can, which hasn’t changed.

If you’re serious about health and/or cleaning up your body from the inside, then that’s just something one has to do.

Organifi Customer Reviews

However, this herbal blend woke me up a little in terms of incorporating fantastic health and skin-saving nutrients in a very convenient way.

It tastes WAY better than any other green juice I’ve tried, is reasonably priced for a premium product with an all-organic mix, and it gets positive results.

If you’re looking for a magic “one drink fixes everything” product, then this isn’t it, nor does it exist.

However, if you wish to enjoy numerous health benefits, both on the inside and outside, my recommendation is to try it out for at least a month and see how you go.

Keep in mind that although many people raved about short-term benefits like feeling better, getting nicer skin, hair, nails, etc., it has some promising long-term health benefits.

Lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, for example, will only help your heart health.

This, of course, can be achieved by combining this product with a healthy lifestyle, and you will never look back.

It’s not without fault, but this is one of the better products I’ve tried this year.

I hope this Organifi Green Juice review has been helpful.

I would love to hear your thoughts below!


Check Organifi Green Juice Packages Here 

54 Comments on “Organifi Green Juice Review 2022”

  1. Thanks for writing this review! I hadn’t heard of this product before, but from what you say, it seems like a slam dunk! It’s amazing what changing up what you put into your body can cause such drastic reactions, either positively or negatively. It’s really cool that you tested it on yourself before writing up the article. 

    I was wondering if it was only recommended to be mixed with water or if you could add a scoop to a morning smoothie?

    1. Hi Steve,

      You can put it in a smoothie for sure if you don’t mind a mint taste but it’s just preferable for me to mix with water. It’s all personal preference.

  2. Thank you for the well detailed review. You really did an excellent job! I am a fan of organifi products, my causin sister buys some buy them always.

    I have to try this organifi green juice, though I have heard about it but I have not used it before. Your reviews really make me love it and I want the get it. Thank you! 

  3. I was initially biased when I first came across Organifi Green Juice. I felt it was one of those faddish and over-hyped nutritional drinks that don’t work. I hate being the first to try things out. That is just me being honest. So, when I came across your review, given from first-hand experience, I was curious to read it through. I attended a health seminar recently and we were told that the body system needs to be more alkaline in order to maintain a healthy balance. Organifi Green Juice seems like a good product to help achieve that. I suffer from chronic insomnia and burn-out, so I would definitely try out this product to see what help it can offer. With a money-back guarantee, I have every reason to try it out for 1 month. I usually feel nauseated with products like these, did you ever feel the same way?

    1. Yeah it’s important I think to maintain a certain level of skepticism when trying out “fads” or products with claims like Organifi does so you’re doing the right thing by not buying in before researching it.

      This was my personal experience with it and until this day, I don’t take any other supplement or green drink since Organifi’s product is simply something that works really well for me.

      With regards to your question if I ever felt nauseated – not at all, I feel regenerated and ready to go. It’s taste has a freshness about it really helps.

  4. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a wonderful review about Organifi Green Juice.Thanks for giving us this information.This information will be helpful to my sister.I likes your article very much.I will share this article with my sister and my friends.I believe they will also like your article.Thanks again for sharing this informative information.

  5. This is an excellent review, thank you for providing so much information on Organifi Green Juice. I’m definitely interested in purchasing and consuming this product. I have been looking online for a good greens product. I don’t eat enough green vegetables and sometimes even not enough fruits – so this is definitely on my list. And it helps you lower your blood pressure, better sleep and more energy! I’m buying one for my father as well, thank you for this review.

    1. Hey Paul,

      Thanks for your feedback – Organifi Green Juice is actually an excellent way to pack in nutrients if you otherwise don’t get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables so yes, good move.

  6. They have few products that i am reading on. The green, the red, the gold and the pure. What are your experience with the pure?

    1. Laya, I’ve only tried the green and red so can’t really comment on the pure until I try it. That being said, I’ll definitely give it a go and write a review on it soon!

      1. You will love the gold…it’s my favorite taste wise of the four. I have only been taking it for a few days so I won’t try to speak to the benefits but it is a comfort drink that I look forward to before bed.

        1. Ah great! Thanks for that feedback Robyn, I’ll definitely be trying the gold and reviewing it hopefully this summer.

  7. Thank you for your honest review. I definitely agree with everything you’ve said above!
    At first, i was very skeptical but after reading your review and this review .
    I have decided to try this juice. I feel and sleep much better just after 2 week of using this.

  8. Hi, I realize that the super foods are the main ingredients. Are there any additional ingredients added to this product? I’m just curious to where the sweetness comes from. The mint leaves I’ve tasted were not sweet. Also, do you need to use coconut water or regular to mix this?

    Thank you for the thorough review.

    1. Hi Torin,

      You’re welcome, glad you found it helpful.

      You only need plain water. It actually already has coconut water in it so I’ve never tried it with coconut water. I may try that now! 🙂

      There are a few additional ingredients: Prebiotic vegetable fiber, organic lemon and orange flavors and monkfruit (where the sweetness comes from).

      Hope that helps.

  9. You did an excellent job with this review. I purchased several Organifi products recently and have been very pleased with them. The protein powders are the best tasting that I’ve ever tried…and I’ve tried a ton. They don’t have an aftertaste that I got with all of the other drinks I’ve tried.
    I started on the green juice this week and I’m going to start the Red Juice and Tumeric tomorrow.
    Organifi is an amazing product and I wish I could get everyone I love to try it for 1 month!
    With their money back guarantee, everyone should give it a try. I did, and I am so glad I did!

  10. Sammer, got mine in the mail yesterday. I started it today, so here I go. Loved your review. I got me enough for 9 months, too good of deal to pass up. I will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck !!!! Donna

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for your kind words – I tried to give as detailed review as possible to help folks decide so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes please, keep me posted how you go after your 9 month journey!

      GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  11. Wow!! I’ve seen there site a few times, I think I’m will have to try it out. What incredible about this product is all the nutrients it is able to pack into one package. I’m big into fitness and health and with a busy schedule it can be difficult to find organic or clean products to put in your body that are quick and convenient also. Nice find! How many uses do you get out of one container?

    1. Hey Terencio – I got total of 36 scoops so 36 days worth of supply in the product which is actually more than the advertised 30 days. If you take it twice daily, then it’ll average to around 18 or so.

  12. Hi Sammer, I enjoyed reading this product review. I am researching for the right kind of product to supplement my daily diet. Having read this review, I may give Organifi a try as it contains many ingredients that are beneficial to not just our internal system but also our skin. I am happy to know that there’s a natural drink that helps with enhancing the skin, especially for those with acne issues.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Great Lily, yes the ingredients are top shelf so hopefully it works out for you as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Wow, I’m impressed by the ingredients. I use super food powder a lot. I love to make smoothies, so I always have a bottle handy. I have never heard of this brand. But its quite impressive. I may try it out when my current super food powder is finished. I have bookmarked your page and will be coming back. Does the product comes with a scoop? if not, would a teaspoon of the powder works like a scoop?

  14. I have been searching for one that does not have such a bad taste. I will take your advice and try this one. If I like it, it will be my staple. I’m all for greens. I use to keep some faithfully but have fallen off. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am anal about my skin, so I will definitely benefit and be happy with the Chlorella that it contains. I would love get more turmeric in my diet as well as green tea. I will give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Tanya, the taste of Organifi Green Juice is one of the distinguishing factors that made me lock it into my routine. The benefits are terrific so hope you enjoy it!

  15. I’ve been researching for months for my skin as I’ve been having problems with it for many years now. It wasn’t too long ago that a nutritionist said to me that perhaps I should be looking for something that would work from the inside out. I’m so happy I came across your article! I’ve book marked your page and I will be treating myself on payday. Thank you so much.

  16. My son suffers from acne and I have been looking for a natural way to treat it. We have tried so many different products and nothing has worked very well. We finally just went back to good old soap and water. I am really going to consider giving Organifi a try. I have actually not heard of this, but have been searching for an acne treatment. With some of the other products we have tried, it is important to drink a lot of water. Is that the case with this as well? I understand the water is mostly to flush your system. Thank you for sharing this post, you have a lot of great information.

    1. Yeah, just mix it with water and drink. No need to consume more water than usual so Organifi is as practical as it is effective. All the best to your son!

  17. Thanks for this great review. I tried Organifi Green Juice last year. As someone who has sampled MANY brands, I thought this one tasted pretty good. (I don’t like many of them either!) But this one has really great ingredients and I love that it has Ashwagandha… an Ayurvedic herb that everyone could benefit from. The only ‘con’ for me was the price!… but then again, I try not to put a price on my health. It’s either pay for supplements now, or pay the doctor later.

    1. Exactly Jackie, it’s all relative. Pay the doctor/hospital later will set one back thousands or tens of thousands for things easily prevented by taking care of things now.

      Also, I think their price is excellent when you factor in trying to make this concoction yourself – organic ingredients of these types of herbs and foods will certainly cost much more than the bottle price. Their package deals are the best value imo.

  18. Sam,
    I really enjoyed all the information that your site has to offer. I sill say that I had no idea that people can carry parasites. I find that very gross. But kudos to you for giving people this very important information. I am very interested in the Organifi mix. I do personally do not suffer from acne, but I like all the beneficial super foods that it has. I am considering giving it a try.

  19. Glad to know that all the ingredients in the Oranifi are natural and they are safe to use. I really didn’t expect them to be as effective as you showed them in your review. It seems that they are pretty effective in doing what they claim.
    Love this and I’m going to get one for myself, although how does it taste, I think I missed finding the answer to this question in your post.

    1. Shrey, you may have missed it but I covered taste in the review. I found it pleasant and very mint like which I drank straight with water.

  20. I really enjoyed reading your review on organifi green juice. It seems like an easy way to detoxify and nourish the body in one easy-to-prepare and easy-on-the-budget juice. What I also like is the incorporation of vital herbs, like ashwaghanda. I’ve been looking for something to help balance my hormones, too, so I’ll be giving this juice a try! It’s nice to know that there’s nothing artificial in the drink. Have you seen improvement in your skin’s appearance with this juice? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ciara, thanks for stopping by and yes, a noticeable difference in skin’s overall appearance, glow and noticeable liver spots melted away. Good bang for your buck product, for sure.

  21. This is a really great review. Thank you! I’m still a little skeptical on the taste though. Currently I use organic spirulina in a mango/banana/almond milk smoothie which completely masks the taste. That said, it IS only spirulina. I love that this includes much more. You just drink it straight…and it’s REALLY not bad? Have you tried mixing it with anything?

    1. Thanks Randene -yes it’s REALLY not that bad. In fact, I really liked the taste. It’s like a soft minty flavor and thought for a green drink, this is amazing. As such, I’ve only mixed it with water since I didn’t feel the need to combine it with anything else!

  22. Great post and great website. I found your content great. You got right to the point and broke it all down. The product that you mentioned I had never heard of it before. It sounds like it will really work. I need to bu some and give it a try.

    Thanks for the post and information. I appreciate all the time you used to create it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jerry and glad you found it helpful.

      Yes, give it a try and see how you go.

      Quick tip: Drink it first thing in the morning for max results 🙂

  23. Wow. This product looks ace!
    All the right ingredients..
    I live in Mexico and although we have access to a lot of great fruit, finding decent greens is hard.
    Do you know if the company ships to Mexico?
    The moringa I feel is an excellent ingredient and I would love to give this a go.

  24. Nice site! I no longer have acne but there are many other problems that plague me. I found a product similar to this many years ago at a small store. At the time I could not afford the product but always wanted to try it. When I went back to the store once I had some money, it was out of business. This would be a great opportunity for me to really try your product now. You said one of the cons was sometimes it is hard to get. Does this happen often? Is the company trying to remedy that?

    1. They are well stocked but in the instance they sell out, you can effectively only get it from them so may need to wait a few days. I’ve never had a stock problem and from all reviews I’ve seen, neither have too many other folks.

  25. Excellent article and an eye opener.
    I always wanted to have a regime of green stuff to take every morning and this seems to provide the solution.
    Dies it also help with weight shedding?
    How can I buy it cheaper?
    is it available in western Australia?
    Thanks for pointing me the right direction

    1. Orion, yes it helps with weight loss as well as naturally when you start detoxing, a lot of water weight and old waste leaves the body so it’s normal to shed a few pounds.

      You can get it cheaper by simply entering the discount code above 🙂 and they ship worldwide.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Hey thank you so much for this informative article. This product would be wonderful for my daughter. She is always looking for something to use for the acne that is on her skin. She is a teenager and has very oily skin. She just went to the store yesterday and bought some kind of scrub to use on her face and I told her that she did not need to be using harsh scrubs on her face as they would only make her acne worse. I will suggest this to her she is not really for the vegan lifestyle. I have been vegan a few times. I usually do it a couple of times a year. As a way to give my system some time to detox. And I love it. But I will suggest this for her and see what we get thank you again for this information.

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