Other Things You Must Do

Water Enema 

I’ll let the video here do most of the talking. All I’ll say is get ready to dump pounds upon pounds of built up, stuck on gunk on your colon walls. Most people have between 10-50 lbs of impacted fecal matter glued to their colons. And you wonder why you have acne, feel so sluggish, bloated, constipated, low sex drive, etc?

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Brace yourself because you will dump it in 5 or so waves over 20-30 minutes so make sure you have plenty of time.

Oh yea, the smell – it smells like a dead animal because that’s likely what you’ve been eating your whole life. Wear a gas mask if you can because the smell will uppercut you pretty bad. Hey, better out than in though, right?

Unblocking your plumbing and draining the waste like this is one of the best ways to relieve a lot of pressure on your body and allow it to absorb the nutrients you’re giving it so it can clean itself properly.

One final thought on this (I promise) – do not be alarmed if you expel…worms and parasites! As freaky as that sounds, it’s actually very common in most of planet Earth’s population.

They live with worms and parasites inside them due to them eating so much animal flesh, particularly pork and pig products.

A close friend of mine expelled several over many days and exclaimed afterwards “I’m never eating pork again in my life!”

Heck, I just recently took out a couple of them and photographed them here.

The good news is these critters hate fruits, vegetables and especially herbs and die off quickly once the person starts eating those foods regularly.

If you still can’t shake them, then you will need to take out the biggest weapon you have in your arsenaldry fasting.


Dense Nutrients

After you clear the impacted waste from your colon walls, this will allow you to absorb nutrients a lot more effectively and efficiently.

So complement your colon cleansing protocol with a high fruit and vegetable diet that’s nutrient dense with the kind of vitamins and minerals to get you better all round.

If you are short on time or can’t stomach certain vegetables for the time being, then consider a quick, green drink with a pleasant taste like Organifi until your taste buds adjust.



Don’t just sit at home and do nothing, you’ve got to move. Sweating is a must. When you sweat, your skin opens up and releases all the subcutaneous toxins underneath.

The lymphatic system is stimulated and it starts to slowly but surely move the stagnant waste again.

Physical exercise is the best way so do whatever you can to sweat: basketball, tennis, soccer, running, gym, yard work, build a house – it’s your call.

Alternatively, if your health or body aren’t up for rigorous exercise, then sweat via sauna. If you can’t access one then boil a pot of water, pour it in the sink, put a towel over your head, add 1-2 drops of mint oil and let the steam sweat you out for 5-7 minutes.

It’ll open up your pores and the mint helps drain your sinuses.

Then after you’re done, wash your face with hot then cold water alternating 3-4 times.



Absolutely critical. Your body detoxifies, heals and builds most between 10pm and 4am. Make sure you get plenty of rest from this point onwards as it makes the world of difference.


Fresh Air

Even if you go outside and stand there for 10-15 minutes – DO SO!

Breathe in air that moves around or “moving oxygen”.

If you sit indoors all day, you’re breathing in recycled, stale air and depending how you keep your home, God knows what else. Get that fresh oxygen deep into your lungs.

I personally swear by Wim Hoff’s breathing techniques.

He’s an absolute rare breed in every sense of the word but I can attest his breathing techniques rejuvenate the body and help it rebalance by saturating it with oxygen giving your immune system what it needs to heal and repair.