Here are the many frequently asked questions I get about acne. Folks ask via comments and email so I thought to just list them here for convenience so you don’t have to scroll all over the place. I’ll update it regularly as I receive more questions.best acne treatment

Q: You seem to be against all types of treatment, even good acne treatment. Why?

A:  Good acne treatment is a bit misleading for I feel no treatment is “good” because such things don’t address the cause of the problem. Sure, there are treatments that may give temporary relief and that’s fine if you want to use it as a stepping stone while you clean up your body. However putting your hopes in treatment as a cure to your problem will always end in disappointment either now or later.

Q: What’s the best way to get rid of acne quickly?

A: Quickly clean yourself up. We’ve been conditioned to expect everything whenever we want them and the body just doesn’t work this way. If you want your acne to subside, then stop doing the things that contributed to it in the first place. Your acne is a result of what you’ve been doing over many years to your body and now you want to get rid of it by tomorrow because you have a date? Don’t be so unfair on yourself.

Q: What about things like surgery, blue light acne treatment and laser?

A:  It’s no different than any other external acne treatment only a lot more expensive for the same results. These treatments target the skin which reflects the condition of your internal health.

Q: Are detox symptoms the same as side effects from acne drugs? How are they different?

A:  The main difference is detox symptoms are the body’s natural response to cleaning and repairing itself. It gets rid of the old and weak and rebuilds the new and strong. So yes, people may lose hair, cough up mutant colored balls of phlegm, muscle spasms, expel black stool, get fevers, sweat, cold and flu like symptoms and the like. These are temporary and disappear as soon as that weakness is eliminated.

Drug side effects however are a whole different story because there’s no such thing. There’s only effect. Cause and…side effect? The full extent of drug “side effects” are rarely known up front and often take many years to determine. These effects are actually caused by the drug itself. See? It’s only effect!

That’s why you always hear the fine print in these commercials that go along the lines of “don’t take this if you are diabetic, nursing or have had Hep C. Side effects include a tear in your stomach, cancers, lymphoma and fatal events have occurred”.

A medicine that’s supposed to heal you should not kill you by giving you a “fatal event” (a nice way of saying you’re dead). For some reason, it’s completely legal to tell people if you’re going to take this drug, there’s a chance you may die. Think about that for a moment.

Q: All the doctors and skin specialists I’ve spoken to disagree with you.

A:  Great! Now – have they been able to cure your acne for good?


There’s no ego here guys. Whatever I’m suggesting to folks works very well and it’s free. I can understand how that may get under the skin (no pun intended) of some docs. If they feel being dependent on acne medications is the best way forward, then they are part of the damn problem.

Q: I’ve read many reviews where they rate various acne treatments from poor to excellent. What are your thoughts on those?

A:  I haven’t seen those but acne treatments are all the same. Let me say that again. Acne treatments do not differ in the way they address the problem. The only difference is the varying degrees of chemicals in them. The more aggressive treatments work on pimples (symptoms) faster thereby giving the illusion of success.

I know people want results instantly in this “gimme now!” society but your acne problem didn’t occur instantly so getting rid of it won’t come instantly either. My advice is throw out all the useless chemicals because there is never permanent healing in them, start understanding your body and get back to nature where complete healing awaits.

Q: How come when I detox or eat a lot of fruit, my acne gets worse?

A:  Because this is to be expected. When you’ve had years or even decades of suppression and stagnant lymphatic waste just sitting their and you suddenly shock it with a solid detoxification protocol, then these toxins have to escape from the body. They cannot exit via the kidneys due to them not filtering properly at the moment so they go through the skin. The difference here is such flare ups are temporary because once you clean out the problem, you will have smooth, glowing skin and never worry about having to take another pill, cream or medication again.