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  • Very Effective
  • Finest Natural Ingredients
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  • Can Use Daily


  • Hair Detox
  • Higher Cost
Their 5 Elements Shampoos

Having used Morocco Method’s vegan skin and hair products regularly over the past three months, I thought to share my experiences so you know what to expect when using them by writing this detailed review.

Morocco Method is touted as the very best all-natural hair and skin care products by its users. All of their hair and skin products are raw, vegan, and cruelty-free, so it’s a win-win for all.

It’s pretty rare to see this high level of user satisfaction in personal care. So I decided to delve in myself and see what the fuss was all about.

I’ve broken this review into three parts:

  1. Shampoos & Skin Care
  2. Conditioner
  3. Gel & Volumizer

Okay, let me say from the outset: these products aren’t cheap! Upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see why – everything is raw and wild-crafted in all their skin and hair product lines.

They’re enriched with very high-quality plant-based ingredients for all skin and hair types: oily, dry, curly, straight, frizzy, etc.

Pure aloe vera is a cornerstone of their ingredients which is very well known to have excellent healing effects on the entire body. I’ve previously detailed aloe vera’s extraordinary health benefits here.

No Bubbles Shampoo?

Here’s a little surprise: Their shampoos don’t lather or bubble.

Yes, there is absolutely nothing in their products that causes them to lather, and contrary to what we’ve been (s)told all these years, a soapy lather is a sure sign of harsh chemicals added into the product, which strips your body’s and hair’s natural oils.

It is NOT a good thing your shampoo, conditioner, or face wash lathers.

Sure it takes a little getting used to – the very first time I shampooed my hair with these products, I felt I wasn’t doing anything at all because there was no lather!

I quickly got used to it, though, and now it’s easy to feel when I’ve rinsed everything out.

The shampoos all have a delightful, natural, earthy smell that perfectly compliments their conditioners, styling gels, and sprays.

The mechanism by which their products work is rather than stripping the skin or hair of their natural oils; they nourish and protect them to encourage your scalp and skin to make their natural levels of moisture.

Since these shampoos are so gentle, you can use them daily.

Just keep in mind, they are super concentrated, so whatever you do, don’t use the exact quantities you were using with your old stuff.

A dime to nickel is plenty of shampoo mixed with equal amounts of water and pour through your hair. Wash twice. Always wash twice with these shampoos as the first time cleans, the second time nourishes and protects.

It is highly recommended you rotate all five element shampoos each time you wash your hair – earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

This helps to revitalize your hair with different raw ingredients and bring it back to the way it’s supposed to be.

I line them up in the order I use them, and when I’m done with one, it goes to the back of the line. That way, each gets used in equal amounts.

Browse Their Shampoos Here

Hair Detox

When you were using your old conventional products loaded with unnatural chemicals, your skin and hair responded to the constant drying out by making more of their oils to compensate.

So when you switch to these products whereby they safeguard your body’s natural processes, it takes a little while for the body to respond accordingly and reduce its oil production levels.

This is the period where some report greasy/oily symptoms – it’s simply your body adjusting to something that’s so much better for you.

My fiancé had an almost immediate “hair detox” when she first started using these products but then…

For the last few years my hair was very fine, brittle, dry at the ends and quite thin. I used conventional shampoos, conditioners, hair moose and hair spray extensively only to notice that the quality of my hair was becoming worse and worse. Also, I used to bleach my hair a lot when I was younger.

Knowing my hair struggles, my awesome fiancé gifted me with 5 Morocco Method shampoos and a conditioner for my birthday. Hair life saver!

Then this came next…

Little did I know how bad my hair detox will be. First, during the first washes my hair tangled so bad that I could hardly brush them out. It felt dry and stiff. Furthermore, my hair felt like it was covered in plastic and was greasy again just couple of hours later. This lasted for over a month. It was so frustrating! 

But then slowly the greasiness started to subside, the “plasticy” hair look and feel was happening less and less and I could brush my hair quite easily after each wash.

Now, 3 months later, the greasiness and plasticy feeling is completely gone, my hair doesn’t tangle when I wash it and brushing it is piece of cake each time. In addition, now my hair is very shiny, is stronger, doesn’t break as much as before and feels healthy from roots till the ends. 

In addition, I use Morocco Method shampoos as a body wash and a face mask while I’m washing my hair or waiting for the conditioner to do its job. Love Morocco Method products!

That’s her feedback, and you can read more customer reviews here.

But it’s not only females who have had very positive experiences:

Jospehs Morocco Method hair testimonial
Morocco Method hair testimonial

Browse Their Products Here

So yes, there is a detox period that lasts anywhere between a week to 2 months or more (for terrible cases where someone has abused their hair or skin with harsh chemicals over a long time).

During detox, your hair may go through a period where it sheds, feels dry/oily, etc.

Ride it out! Just like any part of your body, when it’s cleaning out, it clears the old to make way for the new. So don’t panic if you suddenly don’t look as good as you’re used to – you’re going to look so much better afterward.

Here’s the founder of Morocco Method explaining what this hair detox is and why it happens:


Pearl Essence Conditioner Bottle
Pearl Essence Conditioner (almost gone!)

Their flagship conditioners will condition your hair unlike anything else you’ve experienced. That’s been my experience anyway.

I use the Pearl Essence one, and it’s pretty thick and creamy, loaded with raw, natural ingredients which work to revitalize both your hair and scalp where a lot of damage occurs over the years from treatments, dyes, etc.

Work through your hair and scalp after shampooing and leave it in between 3-15 minutes.

If your hair is damaged, you can leave it in for longer as a hair mask. Be sure to work it through the ends and when you’re ready, rinse clean.

I’ve yet to use a conditioner that feels like it’s improving my hair each time I use it.

As Anthony Morocco stated in the video above, those synthetic treatments coat your hair in artificial waxes, plastics, and the like giving you the illusion of soft, silky hair, but underneath all that junk is a head of hair that’s suffering.

This conditioner restores your scalp’s pH, so your hair grows cleaner and healthier than before.

The other conditioner highly rated is their Floating Lotus conditioner, which I haven’t used, but you can experiment with.

Browse Their Conditioners Here

Excellent For Skin

Now here is what gets interesting.

As great as their shampoos and conditioners are for your hair and scalp, they double up as great body washes!

Of course, they are primarily designed for your hair, but I’ve used them as a face and body wash before, and it left my skin so clean, soft, and energized.

Once again, there are no bubbles or lathering; it just gets to work with the purest ingredients to nourish and clean the skin well.

This is where you get additional value from these shampoos.

Their skin line contains few but very effective products for the most common uses: exfoliating and moisturizing. You want to use these products if you suffer from oily or flaky skin.

The exfoliating products are strong enough to remove old, dead skin cells but gentle enough not to dry out your skin. When you apply them to your face in particular, you feel the ingredients get to work immediately to nourish and hydrate your skin from the outside.

If you follow this skin routine with a final rinse alternating between as hot as you can tolerate too cold and repeat 4-5 times and finishing with cold water, you’ll have a reenergized face feeling refreshed and tight.

Leave-In Volumizer & Styling Gel

Styling gel & leave-in volumizer

It’s difficult to explain just how incredible their “Blood Of The Dragon” styling gel is. This is one of my favorite products.

It is 100% plant-based, raw, wildcrafted, vegan with absolutely no parabens, sulfates, or artificial anything…yet it works exceptionally well.

It gives a super consistent light-medium hold without making your hair stiff or “crunchy” as conventional gels do.

You only need a minimal amount in your palm, rub together and distribute and style your hair as you like.

It doesn’t have a greasy after-feel and unlike conventional gels – it conditions and nourishes your hair throughout the day.

It works on all hair types and has a unique ability to tame the frizziest of frizz or compliment bouncy curls.

The volumizer is a handy mist spray you can use anytime you like for additional conditioning and volume.

They recommend using it before going to bed, so it works while you sleep, but I use it whenever I want. Spray and let it go to work on your hair and scalp.

Depending on your hair type, use it whenever you feel you want that extra boost to your hair’s moisture levels. It’s made from raw ingredients and includes rare essential oils and nourishing herbs.

Browse Their Styling Products Here

Final Thoughts

Ok, so is it all sunshine and rainbows with Morocco Method?

Not quite.

As mentioned, you must be prepared to ride out the hair and skin detox wave.

Timeframes range, but it’s necessary to vent out all the built-up waste over the years from the environment, chemical-based shampoos, treatments, cosmetics, etc. During this period, your skin and hair won’t look the best.

Secondly, be prepared to invest more into these products than what you’re used to. While you can pick up a bottle of cheap, chemically-based shampoo for $3 or $4, a bottle of this raw, wild-crafted stuff runs $29. Same with the conditioners.

Is it worth it?

Well, read the reviews from verified buyers, look at their before and after pictures and make up your mind.

For me, it is well worth the investment, given how it repairs years of damage in a relatively short time and gives you luscious locks.

Ever since using these products, my hair and skin are better than ever.

Their products last a long time because they’re concentrated, so you use less for more benefits. Now I haven’t tried out everything they sell, like their hair coloring henna or their potent hair regrowth elixirs, but what I have used has impressed me.

Some people get unbelievable results very quickly, others have to ride out the detox period, but all arrive at the same destination – great skin and hair.

Quick tip regarding their pricing: While these are higher-end products, I strongly recommend that you sign up for their mailing list after making your first purchase. That’s where the generous offers are.

It’s one of the very few I subscribe to these days because they have excellent sales each month. I’m sometimes talking between 50%-75% off on product lines, but the promotion only lasts 24-48 hours.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 5/2/21: They just released an extra-large size for their entire shampoo line. So now they make them in 2oz travel bottles, 12oz standard, and their mammoth 40oz bottle, which works out to be the best bang for your buck.

They also ship worldwide, not just the US, so folks in the UK, Asia, and anywhere else can get their hands on these products within 5-7 days of ordering.

Finally, great skin and hair health always starts within.

Just as important as taking care of yourself from the outside is looking after yourself from within. Be sure to get plenty of rest, sunshine, outdoor exercise, and fresh, water-rich fruits.

These habits will provide the essential building blocks of vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins to build you healthy skin and hair from the inside out.

Please remember to discard your conventional, chemical-based products if you’re switching to Morocco Method for optimum results.

I hope this Morocco Method review has helped you on your healing journey!

Browse Morocco Method Products Here

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