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In all of my years researching and devouring as much information on holistic healing as I could, two products stand out for me as truly legit in terms of addressing acne at it’s root cause and giving permanent, holistic and specific solutions for acne: 

  1. Acne No More by Mike Walden
  2. Heal Your Face by Markus Rothkranz

I have both of these e-book products (instant download) and have read them cover to cover several times.

If you want a detailed review of each product, just click the links above but for now; I’ve tabled it so you get a general, overall idea of what these products can do for you in case you want to check them out.

As far as physical products go, I’ve reviewed Organifi as well as Proactiv Plus due to numerous requests by readers.


 Acne No MoreHeal Your Face
Step by step planYesNo
Information QualityVery GoodExcellent
Easy to understandYesYes
Value for moneyVery GoodExcellent
Overall Rating7/109/10
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37 Comments on “Product Reviews”

  1. I am 60 years old and have had acne since I was 13-no exaggeration. I have never been free of it. It’s so embarrassing and I’ve tried so many things. I still go to the dermatologist but it doesn’t help

    1. Annette,

      Thanks for your comment and yes, you only affirm what I have been saying throughout this site.

      After a while, no amount of medications will work – it builds and builds to a point where it has to come out and the body just explodes to release what is ailing it.

      THE ONLY way to get rid of acne for good is to clean up inside. If you’re 60 and still having it, it tells me your internal environment is toxic and you have some work to do in order for it to be gone for good.

      Try your best to follow a cleaning protocol as outlined on this site and you will see how easy it is to rid yourself of acne once and for all without having to poison your body with useless pills and waste your money in the process.

      All the best!

  2. This is super interesting. I’ve never even thought about the fact that acne could be a result of problems in other parts of the body. I guess it makes sense since everything in your body is indeed connected but it had just never occurred to me to do anything besides apply the standard cleaners and creams you can grab in the personal care section of the supermarket.

    Based on your reviews it seems you really like Heal Your Face, not only because of the acne treatment but because it addresses your whole body health. Even if you don’t have acne (or very little) would you say that this book is worth taking a look at?

    1. Absolutely.

      It opened up my mind to how to connect what the face shows and how that relates to the internal state of the body. Heal Your face also educated me on the precise herbs that target specific glands and which ones help alleviate certain symptoms.

      I can truly say for the meagre $25 I paid for it, I got more of an education on overall health and nutrition and how to heal acne or any other thing for that matter than all the thousands I spent over the years on ‘specialists” and doctors.

  3. How refreshing to read of a natural remedy for acne. My son cured his when he became a vegan. What do you think of that diet and lifestyle? I also think that diet and the proper foods work tremendously to improve conditions like this.
    There is not always a topical solution that works for everyone. Thanks for reviewing acne no more, will definitely check this out further.

    1. Going vegan is one of the best things someone can do for their acne IF and ONLY if, they eat a whole foods diet. Meaning; they eat whole plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. and not load up on “vegan” junk food like Oreos, Pepsi and french fries. There are also hundreds of vegan junk food options and they are processed yes so living off that won’t do their acne any good.

      So yes, it is most definitely a very clean way of eating (I’ve been eating this way myself for many years) but so long as it’s based on the principles of putting into one’s body what will help and not harm it.

  4. Anything that makes quick promises is usually not all it’s meant to proclaim. This is a great review of a great book. My daughter suffers from acne, I will definitely get my hands on this book to see how I can help her overcome the acne.

    I’m glad that you let me know beforehand what you’re disagreements with the book are. It makes me want to buy it more.

    1. Hi Jagi,

      Thanks for your feedback. I tell it like it is yes and give my honest feedback on the positive as well as any perceived “negatives” so folks know what they are getting.

      Best of luck to your daughter!

  5. Wow, very interesting! I’m seeing a reoccurring theme here: what you eat MATTERS!

    Most of the acne treatments you see on TV are some type of cream that you apply on the outside of your face. Very, very little is ever mentioned about reducing acne from the inside of your body first. Would you say that a person’s diet is the biggest determining factor in their acne results?

    Awesome info! Thanks for the help!

    1. Their diet is #1 of course. Junk in, junk out. There are other factors as mentioned but what chemistry you introduce into your body has the most profound impact on how the body looks and feels. Thanks for your support!

  6. One thing i really suffered with as a teen was acne. Absolutely hated it and to be honest i wish i knew about products like these back then. Of course eventually i grew out of them.

    From the images it looks like this product can really treat server signs of acne. Thank your for the great review, hopefully i lot of people find help from this 🙂

    P.S “Don’t” has an apostrophe in it 😛

    1. Hello , I am from India and I am a bit confused regarding that whether it will work for people of India or not. I have one friend from other country he told that it includes supplements and products which are never used in India and also most of them are very expensive and got no Indian substitute. So I just want to ask whether it will work on us or not? if anyone has tried please do reply to this.

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for the great reviews about the acne treatment ebooks. I had did some research regarding the acne treatment article and trying to understand how they actually work to solve the acne problem for all types of skin, and eventually, I am getting confuse on which is the most reliable information that I should take.
    Seems this book is really worth to read, I am going to buy this.

    1. Rendall, you’ll find it very helpful as these two products actually address the root cause of your acne problem rather than trying to treat it externally.

  8. Hi Summer! I like how you review this two books your mentioning. I will try to suggest this to my cousin who suffer acne previously. She was working in a bank so definitely a cleaner face would give her more confidence in facing her clients. She actually got rid of her acnes in the past but suddenly they appeared again and giving her a hard time. Thanks for this.

  9. If people purchase this book do you know within what time frame people can start seeing results? I know several people who use toners and scrubs, but they seem to agitate the skin so this holistic approach in this book is definitely something which will interest a lot of acne sufferers

    1. It varies depending on the individual’s state of toxicity. Some people see results within a few days, others go through detox symptoms and start seeing what they want to see in a few weeks. The most important thing however is to clean out your body from within so as to not give acne an environment to thrive in.

  10. I have tried an acne treatment via prescription medication before and it wasnt very effective, so I definitely agree with the ethos of your website. I really enjoyed this review because you point out why this book will be good for those suffering for acne and it has a very personable approach

    1. Thanks jazzy. I think folks simply aren’t aware of just how bad the drug industry really is. It’s there just for money, no cures are offered.

  11. Wow! This is incredible! I was familiar with the fact that certain foods can trigger acne (like chocolate, sadly) and others can help clear your skin, but I had never heard that acne on different parts of your face meant problems with different organs in your body. That is amazing to me! Personally, my skin has cleared up for the most part, now I just deal with it being oiler than I’d like. My brother still struggles with acne though, I will have to mention these books to him!

    1. Sure, spread the word Rachel and glad you found the info helpful. Certain foods can trigger certain reactions yes, but the overall problem is the accumulation of certain foods over many years.

  12. Hi there, nice review. If I still have acne now like I used to before during my high school days I would certainly buy that book. Especially with that guy that looks very sad before and very happy after. Haha!

    My pimple started breaking out when I used a facial cleanser. That’s right! It’s ironic right? Facial cleansers should rid you off of acne yet it did the opposite. Then what cured my face from those embarrassing volcano like acne is safeguard – the soap I had grown up with using. Since then I didn’t changed product for my face anymore.

    1. Norstad, you look like a young man who is relatively slim and healthy. You being from the Phillipines, they as a whole, have a pretty darn good diet eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and rice although there’s been a surge of obesity as i understand it there as well with the introduction of American fast food chains (surprised?).

      Keep eating well my friend, keep cleaning inside and keep using the best natural product/s on your body that work for you.

  13. Thanks for the great information! Natural is really the way to go and you have provided some helpful information. As a mom who has had to watch the pain that acne causes, I can appreciate this information. Medicines are not the answer and can be so harmful causing conditions far worse than acne, in medical terms. All the best!

  14. Hi Heather, the best cleanser you can use are fresh fruits and vegetables as they purify the body from within. As far as extrenal goes, natural mud masks are great for pulling surface waste and flushing the skin.

  15. Hi Heather, the best cleanser you can use are fresh fruits and vegetables as they purify the body from within. As far as extrenal goes, natural mud masks are great for pulling surface waste and flushing the skin.

  16. I struggled with acne as a teen and even got placed on powerful prescriptions for it. Those of course probably had more risks than rewards. I, of course, grew out of it but I wish I had known about some of these natural ways to fight acne back then.

    Do the authors suggest any specific cleanser to use on the face or they don’t suggest any at all? Great review! I think your site will help a lot of people. Struggling with acne is not fun.

  17. The first thing I noticed was the fact that, DONT did not have an apostrophe which is a minor detail but it gave me an issue with the sites credibility…

    In His review of “review Of Acne No More” He claims that the Author has an extensive list of impressive testimonials throughout his site, ……This would be a great place to screen shot 2-3 more compelling testimonials to give the review more pizazz .

    He mentions in the review for “Heal Your Face”, It’s A LOT of information to absorb covering many topics so read it gradually…I think it would be a good idea to list some of those topics of interest to excite the reader to want to know more…

    I like the use of his images, they are powerful and correlate to what he is explaining. I would however try to use more bolding on words or phrases i.e.
    1. A few of things to note:
    2.Knowledge is power guys and together with this resource site and these two books, you will be well equipped to not only heal yourself from acne, but any health problem.

    This kind of hammers home what the book reviews are all people the power to understand there is hope out there to create healthy skin..

    1. The Grammar Police is here! 🙂 Just kidding – thanks Frank – I have made the suggested formatting changes. Much appreciated.

  18. Hi there! I was wondering while reading through your post, does reading books on how to heal acne really works?? I mean it is good to have some knowledge but to me, taking action is more important. How I deal with my acne is to go straight to the dermatologist and seek professional help. What do you think about that approach?

    1. Well, if you read through the rest of my site my friend, you will see that would be about the worst thing anyone can do. Dermatoligists aren’t trained to heal anything. Don’t be fooled by the coats and degrees.

  19. Great reviews. I liked the way you presented your material. The images you chose were impacting and gave the visitor a lasting impact and a desire to read on. I think you have done a great job of setting up your website and as someone who suffered from acne for a very long time growing up I am interested in reading more about this.

    1. Thanks again Cody for your valuable input. I’m doing my best to get the word out there that these useless drugs keep folks in a constant state of dependency like zombies.

  20. I was wondering about Acne no More for quite sometime now, and if I believe what you are saying in your review of it here it sounds like a could eBook to buy. And if I go with the pictures of that girl and that guy further down on your page it even help in severe cases. But what if you buy the book and it doesn’t work for you. But does really work with anyone?

    1. It works for anyone because our bodies are the same. Our individual levels of toxicity differ of course, that’s why some get results faster than others. Plus, some may implement more portions of the program while others only try a few things. We as a society are lazy, we expect the best results with minimal effort. He offers a satisfaction guarantee so you can always get a refund if it doesn’t work out for you.

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