Should You Pop Pimple?

To Squeeze Or Not To Squeeze


A question from a reader:

“Should I pop a pimple or leave it be?” Should You Pop Pimple Head Man

Ok so are you really supposed to pop pimples and if yes, what is the best way to do it?

You have probably read several times not to pop pimples because they could spread more acne to your face or body or leave permanent scarring.

None of these statements is accurate – in fact it is highly likely your acne scars will heal once you learn and apply some very basic and straightforward principles.

One reason many experts advise against popping pimples is because it instantly shows redness (inflammation) afterwards.

Without adequate healing this redness can linger for sometime.

Unless you take control of your internal environment and make it one healing, highly acidic and corrosive conditions will make healing from acne scars very slow and aggravating.

Popping pimples is essentially harmless over the long term compared to what you’ve been doing that caused the pimples to surface in the first place.

See, surface pimples when squeezed release the gross white material followed by some blood.

That white material is lymphatic waste comprised of dead cells. It has a very foul, rotting odor (don’t smell it) and it’s known by its common name: pus. 

This is the root of the problem, not the pimples. In fact you could pop pimples all day long and they will keep returning unless you address the pus problem.



The Pus Problem


I’ll try to simplify it as much as possible.

The lymphatic fluid in your body makes up between 75%-80% of your fluids. Blood is the remainder.

This lymphatic system is your body’s sewer system. It’s designed to filter out internal waste from your cells via your kidneys.

But when your kidneys aren’t filtering efficiently, this lymphatic waste backs up and has nowhere to go.

The body however looks for the next easiest opening to dump this dead waste in and what’s easier than going through your largest eliminative organ your body has; your skin?

That’s when you start seeing whiteheads, boils and pimples.

The way to stop this process is to simply follow holistic detox protocols which drain the supply pool of old, stagnant lymph and move them out through your kidneys.

This takes the pressure off your system and your skin gets much respite!

You will see this as all the pimples, redness and inflammation start subsiding and it gets even better – you will notice new breakouts getting less and less frequent as your body stabilizes it’s hormones and get’s cleaned up inside.



If You’re Going To, Then…


If you absolutely must pop one, then the best way to do it is to open up the skin as much as you can so it’s effortless.

You can do this by steaming your face for a few minutes.

Boil water and pour into stopped sink with towel over your head. then simply use a soft edge on your fingers like a tissue and gently let it release.

Don’t keep squeezing like your life depending on it as this will cause redness and swelling to linger.

Just be sure to consult your doctor or specialist if you intend popping significantly large pimples, boils or those with very large fluids like cysts and nodules as these can literally squirt everywhere and leave you covered in bodily fluid! 

If you have darker colored skin, it will stand out a lot more so just be patient and work on cleaning yourself from the inside out.

That way, you attack the root of the problem and you won’t have to worry about popping another pimple again.

However if you do scar easily and you want to help speed the process along while your new diet works removing the acid from the inside, Manuka honey is an excellent healer as is Argan oil.

They not only help the healing process along, but they disinfect and deeply nourish the skin encouraging new skin regeneration.

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