Silver Serum – What’s The Verdict?

Is Silver Serum A Miracle Cure?

The sensationalist tabloid press, who aren’t exactly known for their analytical insight, ran an article about a woman who found an “acne miracle cure” by way of a product called Silver Serum which is sold via The Skin Shop.

The story goes:

Silver Serum Review

A woman was on the verge of total self-destruction due to her acne when she stumbled across this glittering balm and lived happily ever after.

As I read the article, it became clear this was eerily familiar to many other products that have come and gone over the years, each claiming they get rid of acne…only to be forgotten as fast as they appeared.

Accutane had the same claim and was hailed by dermatologists and doctors back then as the most revolutionary acne treatment.

Then people started dying and giving birth to deformed children.

Now I’m not saying Silver Serum will do that as I haven’t tried it, but the thing to keep in mind here is…

It’s a topical treatment, and these on their own do not work long term.

Some of its users may disagree with me, and rightly so because they experienced “groundbreaking, fantastic results” (I’m quoting some of the reviews I read). 

However, they must realize that anytime you treat something – in this case, putting cream on something externally to an internal problem, you are merely reacting to a symptom and not getting to the root of the problem.

Make sense?

So if you still wish to try it out to see for yourself, I encourage you to do so. I’d also recommend you combine it with a pure source of biotin, which is well known for completely changing people’s hair, nails, and skin for the better.

There were also many reviews of Silver Serum stating it was utterly useless, but I’m just trying to address the claims of success made by those who raved about it. 

The thing is, though, just like all miracle cures before and after it – it is only giving temporary symptom relief. Acne is a symptom, not the problem.

See, if you stop using the product, continue the same diet and lifestyle you’ve been living, then the acne comes back.

What does that tell you?

The problem was never really fixed, was it?

Anytime you get any topical treatment like soap or cream, this applies a band-aid on an internal problem.

It doesn’t matter what product it is; unless you understand why you’re getting acne and pimples in the first place, you will be forever jumping from one product to the next in the hope of a cure.

Hope is not a course of action.

Throwing money left and right will only leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to know exactly what your body is doing and what it is trying to tell you, and you will experience a level of healing and awareness you never thought possible.

Bacteria Is Not The Problem

Many users stated they had suffered from acne for 10, 20, even 50+ years!

Imagine – 50 years with acne, and the next cream will fix it?

Even as claimed by the product manufacturers themselves, this product “targets the bad bacteria while leaving the good bacteria to flourish.”

Acne is NOT a bacteria problem.

Acne is mainly caused by a backed-up, stagnant lymphatic system and sluggish liver.

Your lymph system is your body’s sewer system, and just like the one you have at home, and when it backs up, it’s going to cause some undesired outcomes.

Your internal sewer system should eliminate the cellular waste inside your body, and when it stagnates and builds up, it has nowhere to go, so it goes through the skin.

Start filtering properly through your kidneys (see The Pee Test) and watch your acne gradually dissolve away, feel the pain and swelling subside and notice the inflammation significantly reduce.

Bacteria are not the enemy, for God’s sake.

There are now 50-year-old adults and 7-year-old children with acne – are they still going to tell us it’s because of their over-productive oil glands which attract these acne-loving bacteria? 

Please wake up guys, acne is a condition of an over acidified body, including overactive hormones.

Not surprisingly, the folks writing the positive reviews regularly state they will keep buying this cream to keep their acne at bay.

They can go ahead and buy as much of it as they like for temporary relief.

I sincerely hope it cures them, but the facts show, this is highly unlikely.

Sooner or later, their internal plumbing won’t be able to back up anymore, and eventually – just like with all topical treatments, they will explode.

Breakouts will be intense, and they will be looking for a more potent drug for relief, which will only suppress it further.

Round the acne merry go round we go.

Guys, you must expectorate. 

You have to get it all out, not push it back deeper.

Do that, and your acne will melt away so fast, you’ll kick yourself for not realizing how ridiculously simple it is. 

We still don’t know the full extent of the after-effects of using these drugs, and sometimes it takes many years, even decades, and by then, the damage has been done. 

Final Thoughts

How many times over the past few decades have we been bombarded with “miracle” this and “miracle” that only to see man’s collective health accelerate towards the proverbial?

Every month a new product comes out; every month, the masses flock to it. I get emails daily from people who are suffering.

Rinse, repeat. 

Sorry if that sounds a little harsh, guys, but it’s the reality.

I’d instead take ownership of your health.

The only tragedy here is we fail to see the true miracle before our very eyes: our bodies and their unreal abilities to heal themselves. 

That’s the true miracle nobody is highlighting because if we truly understood the fantastic healing our bodies are capable of, we’d never put another pharmaceutical grade acne cream, lotion, or wash on our bodies again.

If we truly “got it,” we wouldn’t spend another penny on useless acne medications and band-aid solutions.

Is Silver Serum a scam?

Well, no, I can’t call it that if it brings temporary relief to some people. If that’s what you’re looking for, then, by all means, give it a go and see how it works for you.

Is it a “miracle acne cure?”

Not in a million years. Literally.

You could spend a million years trying to heal acne with cream, and you will fail.

Yes, you may get some external cosmetic relief, but it will do absolutely nothing to heal your internal state, which is the root of your acne problem.

If you want real, amazing, and permanent results, then spend some time on this site learning how to clean up your body (for free, mind you). Then as you clean it out, infuse it with insanely beneficial nutrition like Organifi which I have reviewed here.  Or, if you’re looking for something to revitalize your hair and skin, have a look at this.

Be sure to check out the best herbs for your skin post here.

I hope this helps folks considering buying this product.

Like, comment, or share your experiences.

I would love to hear from you!

24 Comments on “Silver Serum – What’s The Verdict?”

  1. I have suffered from bad acne since i was 15. Im now 40 and still suffer. My older son has the same diet as I do and has the clearest skin. He doesnt do anything different. My younger son, unfortunately, has started to suffer from acne. We all live in the same household. We eat and all do the same things. I think that genetics do play a role. Also, I know people who smoke, drink, dont workout and have really poor diets and have the clearest skin! I can understand the frustration and annoyance of some of the people that have commented.

    1. Every individual has inherent genetic weaknesses yes.

      Some have it in their skin and when combined with a poor lifestyle and diet, compounds the problem and they really suffer.

      Others do not have this weakness so can resist a bad diet for some time but rest assured – time will eventally catch up with these folks as well as one cannot cheat chemistry.

  2. Hi Sammer,

    I’m at the end of my rope. I literally cannot handle my face anymore. I had decent skin my whole life. A regular zit every now and again. Nothing that bothered me. I’m now 32 years old (female) and for the last 3 years I barely recognize myself. I have horrific, hormonal cystic acne- most (but not all) is located on my chin and jaw, sometimes at my cheek bones. The ONLY thing I haven’t tried is accurate and I just can’t use that poison. I’ve preached against it! And here I am starting to consider it because I am so beyond desperate. I am an avid athlete, and work out like a fitness competitor. I eat a very clean diet, very little dairy, very little sugar, complex carbs, lots of veggies, normal to high protein for my workouts. I drink apple cider vinegar as well as use it topically. I take ashwaganda morning and night. I am on thyroid medications. I take supplements. I use high quality oils like lavender as spot treatment for acne as they aren’t naturally antibacterial. I take probiotics. I’ve cut out soy. I’ve tried cutting out dairy for a year but still had acne. I’ve cut out gluten in the past with no change. I take detox baths regularly. despite all of this my body still hangs on to weight and I still have acne. I’m not fat but I’m not nearly as lean as I should be given my workout and nutrition regimes. I drink a lot of water. I also drink a lot of coffee. Coffee is the one thing I’ve refused to give up but I’ll give up anything at this point if it would help my acne. I am also a film/tv actress- going to auditions looking like this basically ensures I won’t get the part. Basically my livelihood depends on my face & body.

    Desperate to hear anything you might have to say. I, too, have tried so many “miracle” cures that I don’t believe in wasting my money any more.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      You’re in the same boat as millions of others but the good news is your condition is easily fixable.

      After reading your story, my suggestions are as follows:

      -Eliminate dairy from your diet. You did a good thing by going off it for a year so you’ve proven to yourself you can go without it. Dairy is a known and proven allergen and aggravator of acne as outlined throughout this site. If you’re consuming cheese or eggs, these are also known as notorious mucous producers and they will constipate you over time. Get rid of them.

      -Keep up the ashwagandha as this is excellent for your kidneys, adrenals and balancing your hormones which you seem to have a problem with. Raw, organic unfiltered honey is one of the top healing foods for the thyroid. Kelp (powder) in very small doses is as well because of it’s naturally high content of iodine. I would also add in parsley, cilantro and tulsi (holy basil) powder to your smoothies as these are known for their cleansing and healing properties for your kidneys, liver and consequently, your skin.

      -Do not do high proteins, especially if they are from animal sources. These are extremely hard on your kidneys overwhelming them with a high acid load:

      Your kidneys are responsible for filtering out your lymphatic waste which at the moment, is sluggish and backing up in your body. That’s why you are getting progressively worse because your body’s internal sewer system is backed up. That’s one of their primary roles and if they are too busy dealing with protein overloads, they won’t be filtering efficiently. Definitely go off high proteins as this is contributing to the problem. I train 5 days a week, do not take any forms of isolated proteins and powders yet train hard and am in excellent shape. Athletes now are bucking the trend and absolutely killing it:

      In fact, it is just about physically impossible to be protein deficient unless you are starving yourself. Nobody suffers from inadequate protein intake as everything you eat contains protein. The thing MOST Americans don’t get enough of is fiber. That’s why many end up having stomach/bowel issues which leads me to…

      -Clean out your colon! It will take a huge load off your bod. By cleaning out your bowels, you are letting them dump many pounds of impacted fecal matter that have been building up for years. Check this video out of how to do it yourself:

      Markus Rothkranz (the guy in the video) has some AMAZING videos on healing and health as well.

      If you can’t do it yourself for any reason, then go to a colon hydrotherapy aka colonics in your local area. You will be shocked, disgusted and amazed at what comes out of you. This is all impacted waste stuck to your walls not allowing you to effectively absorb what you’re eating. You must do it.

      -Although coffee is acidic, you can have some in lower doses; it’s not a deal breaker. Just cut back as the caffeine is a stimulant and right now, we want to bring your body back into balance, not have elevated levels of cortisol coursing through your body and keeping you up! No dairy in your coffee – go for almond, coconut, cashew, soy, hemp, hazelnut or rice milk or any other delicious alternative that go amazingly well with lattes (coconut, soy and hazelnut my favorites).

      -Your weight will correct itself once you start giving your body what it needs. Do not calorie count your fruits and vegetables. These are the very best things you can put into your body. Especially your water rich fruits – do you have access to watermelon, mango and oranges? If yes, eat as much as you like. They are powerful cleansers, hydrators and healers. Just be aware they are strong so you may see your acne temporarily get worse as your body starts to expel from within.

      -If you really want to go after this; try a vegan 30 day challenge. More specifically, a whole foods, plant based diet for 30 days as many vegan foods are junk – Oreos, Coke, etc. No – I want you to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you like. Go berry crazy – blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, any you can get. Smoothies, herbs, salads, potatoes, herbal teas like dandelion, thyme, mint, sage – go for it. Eliminate processed foods like fried foods such as chips, white flour products, dairy, eggs, meats and anything with that artery clogging saturated fat and cholesterol. Your body will thank you for it as will your skin.

      -Part of balancing your hormones is to get quality sleep. Sleep early 9-10 and get a good night’s rest. If you’re having trouble sleeping, ease up on the coffee or go decaf but you must start treating your body right so you can do what you love.

      -As far as topical relief goes, get the inflammation, swelling, redness and pain to subside first. That is all going on from the INSIDE of your body – that’s where the source of all this is. As it starts to subside (and it will) when you change your habits, you will be amazed by how little external things you actually need. However if you would like a few pointers, Dead Sea mud masks are great as are many other natural, calming alternatives. Stay away from chemical laden products, they end up being absorbed into your body and you just don’t know what sort of ill effects they will have later on.

      I hope this helps – please touch base if you need anything else or have any other questions and I would be particularly interested to know and see how your condition is after that 30 day challenge! 🙂

      Good luck Nicole!

  3. Hiii I don’t know if you’re still replying and can help me? But if so you would be a life saver as I am at my wits end!

    I started getting acne 2 years ago when coming off the pill docs put me straight on another pill, with heavy side affects took me off that pill and then three different types of antibiotics none worked. Then put me back on old pill still no improvement then huge amounts of intense creams that made them go away but also near enough make my skin fall off with dryness and now on pill specifically for acne .. and yet here I am 2 months in still reading to go. Docs and dematology are giving up on me 🙁
    Say all that is left is accutane which I really don’t want to!

    I am vegan, eat hardly any sugar do everything I possibly can cleansing face wise — please tell me what my body needs coz I honestly can’t figure it out and don’t know how to get through it’ ??

    1. Amie,

      I understand what you’re going through and have detailed exactly what to do throughout the site! 🙂

      I’ve also written about Accutane and why pills, creams and other topical stuff simply doesn’t work and won’t fix acne in the long term.

      Please take the time to go through it and let me know if you have any other questions. I would be delighted to help.

      Your situation is very easily fixed so don’t despair. Your body is out of balance and it’s trying to correct this. Problem is, those pills and creams aren’t helping.

      Take a look at these links specifically and email me again if you have any other queries, concerns or just need a hand to guide you through.

      These will give you a solid foundation as to why and how to clear your acne for good.

      Armed with this info, you can transform your appearance permanently for the better. Yes it will take some time but it will be done right.

      Always happy to help!

  4. Hi Sammer,

    Thanks so much for all your help and advice, I can’t wait to try this out and hopefully improve my skin forever! I’s always had some pimples and blemishes since I was a teen, but in the last year (I’m 24 now), I started only getting the painful, cystic types of spots. Much worse!! My gynaecologist put it down to a hormone imbalance, diagnosed me with PCOS and prescribed me with a BCP.

    Do you think this approach will help me if my breakouts are stemming from hormonal problems?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Yas,

      Absolutely it will help you, particularly when you balance your hormones with your friends – the herbs.

      I wrote a detailed review on the best herbs for skin here and a good portion of them specifically target your hormones and correct the imbalance.

      The more important question here is “why” do you have a hormone imbalance and not “here just take this for it” because once you understand the root cause, addressing it is relatively straightforward.

      I would de-stress as much as possible, load up on your herbs, get plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and some sun if you can and combine that with a solid exterior protocol like mud masks and other, pure natural products that will fight the acne from the surface while your dietary changes fight it beneath.

      Hope this helps – please let me know if you need anything else.

  5. What would you suggest to eat if not meat and eggs? I have been on all types of diets (low fodmap, grain free, dairy free, nuts free, gluten free, nigthshades free, refined sugar free, high GI carbs free etc…), but I have never restricted myself in eating meat (surely wherever possible organic/grass fed) and eggs. I can see this only in my worst nightmare. All above mentioned eliminations just caused my drammatic weight-loss/muscle loss and constant fatigue/weakness. Weakness and low body mass is not an option. Ive been fighting with severe bloating and acute acne around chin sides area+around lips+on the nose for over 6 years. Antibiotics, endless trips to all kinds of specialists, never ending investigations etc. all this has happened countless times and actually is still ongoing, and I hope to get to the root really shortly. OR should I say- right now. Out of my own personal experience there is undeniable connection between acne and GI tract (and hormones into the bargain, but wrecked hormonal system evidently not an underlying cause but just a result of something else) . Regardless of all types gut healing therapies, pills, drugs, being overly cautious eater, not to mention topical creams (total BS excuse me) etc. acne and bloating carry on to persist. I cannot put everything Ive tried into the frame of this comment box. The point is…at this current stage I suspect histamine might be offender and stagnant lymph fluid aggravates it(not the fundamental cause but definitely makes sympotms worse)… Time will show. Just to let you know that I neither agree nor disagree as I’m still on my journey to recovery. I keep an open mind to all possibilities BUT imho lyphatic system is not fundamental reason. It plays a vital role in the progress, but there is something else aside from that… something very obvious yet elusive.
    btw Ive maid the urine test you recommend – mine is sediment/waste free. Crystal clear! You would say that it is concrete proof of the fact that ”kidneys are NOT effectively eliminating the acid waste”. Ok. Now what? Should I follow strict diet? Diet which disables you to push up even 15 times? All I can say is F**k it. Nevertheless my suspicion nowadays revolves around histamine+lymphatic drainage+some intestinal disorder which each time I look closer is slipping away. Ive not found good specialist so far or good diagnostic. I am against scratching the surface, I am long standing proponent for dealing with root causes. I am all about eating healthy and natural and clean. BUT. Simultaneously I am against strict diets. That is my position. Diets could turn out to be even more disastrous than whatever issue you are messing with. Aside from weakness – it is not psychologically healthy. It is additional stress (especially if you see how it fails to be successful =D or if you see yourself failing to follow it) . All right… Thanks for reading this.
    To sum up – 1) totally agree with relation to lymph drainage importance 2) what else to eat if not meat or eggs for protein? Nuts-seeds? No no no… Ill not even start to dilate about soaking etc. Dairy? Again… Fish? Fish every single day? =D

    1. Hi V.

      Whoa! 🙂

      That’s a very intense post detailing a lot of stuff so I’ll do my best to get to the root problem for you.

      Okay, you are 100% correct in saying the GI tract has a huge role to play because that is the root of most people’s problems.

      You are also right when you say all the tests, pills and medications you’ve been on haven’t worked. They never do.

      Okay so your urine is clear which should tell you just where your problem really is.

      There is no question in my mind after reading your post that your lymph system is sluggish and not in it’s optimum state.

      Being weak after you quit meat is completely expected. You have been ingesting another animal’s hormones for so long, your body recognises this and your adrenal glands have stopped or greatly reduced the amount of hormones they make on their own. So expect an energy crash for the short term.

      I noticed from your post weight/muscle/energy is very important to you.

      Same with me but I took some time off to really dig into my body, clean it up and then rebuild it again properly.

      You have a choice to make on what is more important to you at this stage – muscle mass/strength or breaking the body down to it’s foundation and rebuilding it with strong, healthy materials very much like remodeling a house.

      If I was in your position, here’s what I would do:

      -Eliminate all dairy and eggs immediately. They are going to constipate you and increase the amount of mucous and stagnation in your body. If you can eliminate meat, great, if not then…
      -Dramatically increase the amount of fresh, water rich fruits you eat, berries and then vegetables particularly “veggie fruits” like cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
      -Consume cilantro, parsley, dandelion to help support your kidneys and liver and incorporate ashwagandha and tulsi aka “holy basil” as they target your adrenal glands and thyroid and greatly help to balance hormones.
      -Give it time. When you stir up so much internal waste, you’re going to get new breakouts but the difference is these breakouts will subside as you are expectorating them, not suppressing them.
      -Sweat! If you can do so in the sun, great, if not then try a sauna. Open up the skin. Let it vent.

      I would also increase coconut water as it is very alkalizing and healing to the gut. You have a lot of acids in your gut giving you this inflammation and taking pills will only cover it up. If you want to get rid of it for good, you need to dig deep and get it out and yes, you may go through some discomfort.

      If you can, I would also do a water enema or colonic as outlined in the “other things you must do section”.

      Attack your problem from all sides and I hope you find permanent healing very soon.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. my four year old has acne spots. It runs in my family. I agree with the kidney cleansing regime, but how could I help my four year old? That sounds a bit rough to detox my kid..should I just wait until they are older? someone told me charcoal works wonders. I have acne and I accept it because I am just not ready to change my diet , I live off eggs. dairy gluten and fruit and veggies. my philosophy is that we live in an imperfect world and that there are worse things than acne. Course i’m past the phase in my life where I let it effect my self esteem etc. Just be yourself and hold your head up high. confidence is whats more appealing than any make up or wardrobe or “natural beauty”. I am only referring to moderate to rare acne people have but most people have acne and we don’t even notice. if it’s not acne its dandruff. or stretch marks. or spider veins. so put your best foot forward and just try to have an awareness to take care of your body. I have to agree this blog came off a bit bitter but you deffinatly got your point across and it was informative. thanks. !

    1. Lauralie, I just speak my mind and say it like it is because I’ve seen far too many people needlessly suffer.

      A four year old is easier to clean up because they are younger. Give them the sweet fruits which they love – it will both clean them and nourish them.

      Acne doesn’t run in any family – dietary habits however, most certainly do.

      Like you said, it’s your choice whether you want to change or not and if one isn’t willing to, then there’s nothing anyone can do to help them.

      Acne is a sign of a compromised lymphatic system, it’s not an isolated ailment with spots and nothing else.

      If the person does nothing and as the person ages, the acne will be accompanied by far worse symptoms like lower back pain, arthritis, eczema and a whole host of medical mafia terms that we have been brainwashed into believing is just part of “getting older”.

      When one eats the way they were designed to, they will also look and feel the way they were meant to as well.

      Appreciate your comment!

  7. Hi Sammer, I’m 19 years old going 20 this year and about a month ago I started getting this painful cystic acne on my cheek. At first, it was just one then suddenly it spread all over my right cheek and my forehead. I didn’t change my diet or anything like that. However, I was in Norway last December to early January. Let me tell you, my face was at its most perfect and flawless state when I was there and I thought oh maybe I finally got over the acne age. I live in Asia, Singapore to be specific. After like 3 weeks of being here again I started to get 1 on my forehead but it went away after awhile but now to this day, my acne got so much worse. Cystic acne worse and I have read that once you get cystic acne, there is very less hope for it to go away. So I’m just confused, maybe its because of the weather, or the atmosphere? Norway has a cleaner air than Singapore. I went to the doctor and he said it is because of hormone imbalance so I really don’t know anymore. I just want this acne to go away because its really affecting my self esteem. I hope you respond 🙂

    1. Sharmaine,

      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in responding!

      Anyone who tells you cystic acne cannot be healed is unaware since the body can heal ANYTHING.

      The acne will go away if you don’t give it a reason to appear. It’s appearance is a warning sign your body is giving off trying to tell you there is a deeper problem inside.

      You are getting cystic acne because your lymphatic system is backed up.

      Start cleaning out inside by going on a high water rich fruit diet like watermelon, oranges, etc and the various protocols outlined on this site.

      Stay away from acne causing foods like dairy (the absolute worst), meats, animal products, etc and increase the fruits and vegetables.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  8. Okay since creams, most pills don’t work (yes, I agree with you there, acne is mostly a genetic/biological issue)….then what is your solution? How do you suggest people improve their kidneys/improve their bodies internally and get rid of all this cellular waste SPECIFICALLY to get rid of acne? Not just the general: “eating healthy” shit because there are many people out there with acne that specifically stay away from dairy and meat and are very “healthy” and they STILL get acne (it’s all over the internet) so how about you specificy what everyone should do to get rid of their acne. Instead of stating the obvious, can you suggest an actual solution? Something that can actually HELP people and not just advertise some basic crap of yours so desperate people can buy your shit that doesn’t even work for everyone.
    I’ll wait

    1. Hi Krystal, thanks for your feedback; I really appreciate it and I’ll do my best to address your valid concerns:

      -My solution is put forward all over the site. I encourage you to just read over it in order to get an understanding of what exactly is going on inside your body that causes acne to surface. I’ve detailed it trying to emphasize that acne is a result of mostly a backed up lymphatic system and I’ve also outlined how anyone can simply start cleaning their internal sewer system out.

      -A specific solution for acne is the same solution for any other skin condition:

      To get kidneys filtering and start ridding themselves of cellular waste, one has to: immediately cut out all dairy, meat, eggs, etc. as these foods are highly acidic, mucous forming and clog the body up.

      I would build up to a point of eating as many fresh, water rich fruits as possible like watermelon, oranges, etc as these are strong lymph movers and cleansers.

      I would dry fast 1 day a week to start – try for 12-14 hours (sleeping counts) and break your fast on water rich fruit. I’d build up to 16-24 hours as you start getting used to it. If you’re getting too sick and can’t handle the body’s response to clean out, break your fast and try again later. The key is to let the body do it’s thing.

      In conjunction with this, I would do daily enemas (see the video how to do one here) to get the colon to dump it’s impacted waste and take pressure off the body. I would also sweat if I can via sauna to get the skin to open up and release.

      Dry brushing of your skin, hot and cold showers (take a shower, before you finish go as cold as you can go, for 10 seconds, back to hot, back to cold 4-5 times) and walking 30-40 minutes are all very helpful in getting your lymphatic system moving.

      Just be mindful as your body starts to release what plagues it, acne may get worse before it gets better depending how clogged up you are. It IS temporary however.

      I would then get a hold of some specific herbs like these (they are not mine): focusing on kidneys, adrenal glands and upper circulation. Herbs nourish and target specific glands and used with other cleansing protocols are very, very effective. If you have doubts, call their clinic and they will verify just how easy it is to get rid of acne).

      -You raise a great point about people who cut out meat and dairy and are considered “very healthy’ who still have acne. Our standards today are very low for what “healthy’ actually is since most folks believe real food exists in a box, can or package.

      I get your point and my response is to slow down and ask yourself why does a body do what it does? Acne is a symptom of systemic (whole body) inflammation.

      When lymph stagnates, it starts to break cells down. The body always looks for a way to release it and if the kidneys aren’t efficiently eliminating the waste or blocked, it goes out the skin.

      Thing is, you cannot expect to cut out meat and dairy and for acne to magically melt away. What about the “shit” that’s been sitting rotting away in their colons for decades? The hardened mucous and stagnant blood as a result of years of abuse? You have to clean house first and as you do, then watch what happens!

      It takes time to open the kidneys up, this is NOT a instant big pharma solution you see on TV where you dab on a cream and all your acne melts away overnight.

      -I am not selling anything “so desperate people can buy my shit” Krystal. I have voluntarily put this site together as a free resource so people can equip themselves with the knowledge so they no longer get sucked in by pharmaceutical companies who really do prey on “desperate people” who “buy their shit.”

      I hope I have addressed your concerns.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    2. Hey Krystal,

      Sammer is right, people with skin problems need to clean out their lymphatic system and colon. It doesn’t happen over night and when changing diet to all fruit, the symptoms may get worse, but that’s just the body dumping crap at intense speed 🙂
      Follow the steps that Sammer described and acne and other health issues will disappear. For some people it might take weeks or months, depending on their constitution – genetically stronger people detox faster.
      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. I knew a young man who took 1.5 years but he went from not being able to leave the house to glowing and getting compliments left and right.

        Problem is, most people want a quick fix and aren’t prepared to leave conditioned ideas behind.

  9. Hello,
    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about Silver serum. Obviously, due to fast and unhealthy living, many people have skin issues like acne. I have to point out, you really explain in details everything we need to know about Silver serum. I find your article as well as your website highly informative. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Karlo, I’m doing all I can to raise awareness and help others. My beef isn’t with Silver Serum personally but the fact people jump from one so called miracle cure to the next and they’ve been doing that for over 100 years.

      One would hope we just take a step back and say STOP – why are we just going in circles with no cure?

      Much good karma your way.

  10. You sound incredibly bitter, especially over people who have managed to clear their acne. And there are LOTS of causes of acne – and bacteria IS one potential cause. Any dermatologist will tell you that.
    I’m 21 and started getting pimples at age 10-11. By age 13 I had very bad acne that was extremely painful. It was all over my face and all over my back. My face looked disfigured, red and swollen.

    I always ate healthily from being a young child. I always took massive care in my skin/washing my face every morning and night, etc. I rarely ate junk food or snacked on bad foods, I drank lots of water. I never wore make up until age 17.

    But Acne appeared to run in my family. My brother also had and still has moderate-severe acne in his 20’s and my uncle has scarring on his face from acne when he was my age.
    By the time I was 16 it was at it’s worst. I rarely left the house because I was so embarrassed over it.

    My doctor gave me some cream, and it never helped. From age 17-18 I tried several creams and some definitely made a difference. The redness and pain went and the acne reduced a lot, but it was still noticeable. From age 19 to now I have been on a special antibiotic oral medication and cream, and guess what? My skin is about 90% free of acne. Most of the pimples, painful pustules, blackheads, Whitehead’s have GONE. I occasionally get painful spots, the only thing I have on my face now is a few blackheads and just some scarring.

    I have come to accept that I will probably never be completely free of acne. I still have break outs from time to time, but there are treatments out there that DO work. And the treatment I was on was to target bacteria, so you can write your crappy blog all you want but half of what you have put is garbage and not true.

    My face is almost flawless now because I persevered, and eventually found a treatment. Not everyone has acne from poor skin hygiene or a poor diet. Attacking other people won’t sort out your own problems or insecurities. Buzz off.

    1. Jayne, you seem to be very angry and insecure about your own condition to the point it has clouded your judgement and riddled your post with inconsistencies. You claim to have almost “flawless skin” yet here you are secretly scouring the internet looking for acne treatments. Maybe you are deeply bitter about the time and money and trust you invested in doctors only to be let down? How does that work?

      Perhaps this is why you are projecting your insecurities which in turn will make you feel better about your own poor choices and the wrong path you have gone down. So please bear with me for a moment because it could save your self esteem permanently which you seem to have little of. It’s very concerning 🙁

      I really feel for you love, because at 21, you are still young and shouldn’t be suffering like this. However the fact you stated you had very bad acne early on and now because of some magic creams and antibiotics you are “90% acne free” is EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE SAID happens on this very site. You have simply contained the symptoms and the blowback WILL COME if you don’t change your ways. 100% GUARANTEED it will return worse than before sooner or later. You cannot cheat chemistry sweetheart. In fact, you have already said you get “breakouts from time to time”. These breakouts will start getting more frequent as the lymphatic congestion gets worse and has nowhere else to go. You will see.

      1) I furnished on this site multiple studies backing my claims.

      2) “Eating healthy” compared to what? If you’re eating animal products – THAT IS NOT HEALTHY. It contributed to your condition.

      3) Treatments don’t work. THEY NEVER WORK. If by work you mean contain the symptoms, then sure. You can suppress them for a while but you’ll be back buying more treatments because you didn’t address the root cause.

      4) Bacteria are not and never have been the cause. If they were, every single person would have it.

      So please Jayne, if you sincerely believe your condition had nothing to do with the chemistry you are bringing into the body and everything to do with phantom bacteria and toxic pharmaceuticals are the answer, you’re living in a fairy, magic land far, far away.

      Best of luck! 😀

    2. Can you please state which oral medication and cream that helped with your acne, I would like to try, thank you

      1. Pearl, I don’t use nor advocate the use of medications. They are toxic and push the problem back deeper into the body as I’ve outlined throughout the site. Creams can only help if they are 100% natural and are used in conjunction with a thorough internal detox protocol. Best of luck.

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