Tea Tree Oil And Acne – Legit Or Fad?

Many folks are confused about tea tree oil and acne – is it good for acne and the face or is it just another marketing gimmick?

tea tree oil and acne

If you’ve spent any time going through this site, you will know I am vehemently against the concept of “treatment” since it’s reactionary and very rarely goes after the root cause of the problem.

So any claimed “quick-fixes” are usually dismissed.

However I’ve also said there are some completely natural remedies for acne – more specifically pimples; that can work quite well when used as stepping stones while you clean out your body so you can get rid of acne for good.

Well, tea tree oil is one of those items that work and work very well in blasting pimples.

Now please keep in mind, this is not a miracle cure for acne as there is no such thing.

The only way to truly and permanently cure acne is by cleaning out and balancing your body out so acne has no reason to appear. There is free advice plastered all over this site that can help you with that.

However if you want a complimentary tool to help with annoying surface pimples then tea tree oil is fantastic.

A few tips when using tea tree oil:

1. Use the purest grade you can find. That means it’s “virgin”, natural and unrefined. You can check out different ones here.

2. A little dab will do ya! It’s very powerful stuff. As a general rule, use one drop per spot. So a Q-Tip will do – moisten it slightly and a small dab on the problem area is enough. Do not use too much particularly if you have dry skin as it can make it worse.

3. The most important part – use this in conjunction with a detox protocol so you can clean out what’s causing acne in the first place.

Please remember, tea tree oil alone can only help remove surface symptoms (pimples) but if you do not go after the root cause, that acne factory inside will keep on churning out more pimples for you to worry about.

Then you will be using tea tree oil on your face forever and that’s probably not something you want to constantly do.

So yes, tea tree oil can be very helpful in treating acne in the short term and it has none of the harmful effects toxic chemicals found in acne medications usually carry.

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2 Comments on “Tea Tree Oil And Acne – Legit Or Fad?”

  1. Great article!

    Agree tea tree oil can be amazing in helping to dry out pimples but it shouldn’t be applied on all your face or it will burn your skin! As you said, the smartest thing you can do for acne is to clean the body from the inside.

    This is the best site on acne!

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