The Best Thing That Fights Acne

The very best thing that fights acne is your diet.

You can either feed acne with it or kill it in its tracks. 

The answer is not some magic pill, cream, light treatment or face wash. These are just tools to help you manage the symptoms of acne. Yes, pimples are symptoms!

Acne starts at the cellular level and it’s important to understand it in order to know how to attack the problem at the root. 


What Does The Science Say?


I’m aware mainstream medical communities will often suggest acne is either a result of bacteria, hormones or because it is genetic and downplay any role diet has on acne.

While those elements may be a partial cause in some cases, I very strongly disagree with their assessments because the science disagrees.

Study after study proves diet indeed does play a significant role in acne formation. 

I hear from folks daily who have healed their acne by making some very important changes to what they put into their bodies.

Be sure to check out the diet section outlining the very best and worst foods for acne.

I won’t go into too much detail here but the crux is eliminate dairy from your diet altogether to “halt putting gasoline on the fire” while introducing water rich fruits and vegetables to rehydrate your body deep within.

Dairy is THE most acidic, corrosive, mucous forming food that will guarantee to feed your acne (as well as a host of illnesses). Cutting this item out alone will show you a significant improvement in your condition.



How & Why Acne Forms


Here’s the deal:

Your body is made up of trillions of cells which need to eat and eliminate.

Feeding your cells isn’t the issue for most people as this is what their blood does.

The problem is over a period, feeding your cells highly acidic foods start to break cells down.

Your lymph system which is responsible for about 75%-80% of your bodily fluids doesn’t have a pump like the blood does with the heart. 

So it relies on highly hydrating foods to keep it alkaline and easier to move. However, if this doesn’t happen, the acids surround the cells and eventually break them down.

Your kidney’s which are responsible for filtering your cellular waste out of your body; back up as well and can no longer effectively eliminate this waste so your internal sewer system ends up getting clogged.

So where does this backed up waste go?

Well, it has nowhere to go really so your body switches to find the easiest and quickest way to get rid of it which happens to be your skin.

This is the pain, swelling, redness and pus you see when acne or acne rosacea takes hold. The pus is old lymph and so long as it’s being fed it’ll keep on coming.


What Happens When You Change Your Diet


By changing your diet from a highly corrosive, acidic one to a healing, alkaline one, you rehydrate yourself at the cellular level and help the body move this waste out.

As it starts being correctly eliminated, you see a sudden drop in your acne symptoms – inflammation goes down, which means fewer pimples, fewer redness and less pain.

Gradually, your kidneys effectively eliminate and as a result your skin will start getting that enviable glow many people talk about. You will be acne free because it’s supply line has been cut off. 

If you want to know how to test if your kidneys are filtering correctly or not, please see the pee test here. How long will they take to open up and filter? It totally depends on how backed up the person is – some people see filtering within a day or two, some take months.

However, there is one thing you can do to supercharge them and get them to filter much faster if fruits, herbs and exercise aren’t doing it for you.

Check out dry fasting here.

This is the strongest weapon in your arsenal so please proceed carefully and understand how to do it right so you don’t end up throwing up everywhere at school or work.

Another amazing thing that happens to your body when you start nourishing it with the perfect foods designed for it is they help bring the body back into balance.

Your organs function at optimal levels. Your sleeping patterns correct themselves so you feel less tired throughout your day. Your recovery from exercise is quicker since acids are removed faster.

Your hormones stabilize which in turn greatly reduce hormone related acne which is a significant advantage for those going through pregnancy and other regular hormonal changes.

The great effects snowball from there – as a result of the changes above, naturally your stress levels also reduce which contribute greatly to your overall health and skin condition.

Nourishing your body correctly has a huge effect on not just your skin, but your entire body!



Final Thoughts


There are many reasons why people aren’t prepared to change their diets today especially in the West but one of the most common ones I hear is they’re too busy or that it takes too much time.


Even if we were to assume this argument to be valid (how much time does it take to pack a banana, orange and apple?!), there are other options.

Check out Organifi green juice as an example.

This is a great supplement for those with little time and lots of excuses or both!:) It deeply nourishes you with a nutrient dense blend from the beneficial fruits, vegetables and herbs around.

Another thing you may wan to consider is what I call “drip feed eating”.

This is where you simply introduce one item into your daily meal – say a piece of fruit and gradually increase that to two and beyond until you are eating adequate fruits and vegetables every day.

Over time, you will notice your taste buds adjusting and wanting more of the good stuff and having less of an appetite for the things that damage your body.

I realize there’s so much noise out there of companies trying to push their products as the next best thing for acne.

Every month, a new product comes out claiming to be a miracle this or that and ultimately, it’s relegated to the waste-basket fairly soon afterward.

So yes, it’s difficult to work out what works and what doesn’t.

My advice is to never stop learning, take the time to understand how your body works and why it does what it does when faced with certain conditions.

That way, no amount of commercials will fool you into buying something that may just end up causing you more frustrations than anything else.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Be well!

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