The Slush Facial Insanity

The world has officially gone nuts.

A recent article reported Kylie and Kendell Jenner using a new age treatment called “slush” whereby get this – antibiotics, acetone and dry ice are mixed and used on your face to apparently get rid of acne.

Never mind the fact these ingredients are potentially very harmful for you.

Dry ice can burn you and give you a worse appearance than what you’re presently trying to combat.

Acetone? You use it to get nail polish off, why would you want that stuff anywhere near your face?

There’s simply no need for it.

If you’re curious how it works, here’s a video (note the stir fry sound the concoction makes as it’s being made):

One of the things you will notice each week is a “new” treatment for acne or a “revolutionary” way to get rid of it.

The methods and the claims get progressively more absurd.

I feel saddened people are being led from one promised land to the next in search for a cure when the solution has been and will always be to bring the body into balance.

Drug and pharmaceutical companies will keep making these treatments, gels, creams, etc. as well as empty promises because people keep buying them!

Walk into a drug store and go to the skin “care” isle – is that not enough evidence right there to convince you these concoctions of chemicals are simply band aid solutions? The answer is for you to take some responsibility for your own health and bring the body into balance as I have outlined throughout this site.

Guys, getting rid of acne isn’t difficult nor is it a far fetched fantasy as we have been led to believe by certain companies whose only goal is to sell more of their band aid solutions.

Cleaning out your colon, dry fasting, taking specific herbs to support your burnt out adrenals and kidneys, water rich fruits, sunshine, light exercise and/or sweating to get your lymphatic system moving are relatively free compared to the thousands one spends on treatments throughout a lifetime.

There is a very good chance right now – in fact I can almost guarantee it – that you have not only pounds upon pounds of impacted fecal waste stuck to your colon walls but actual parasites (yes, like worms and flukes!) inside you.

If you think I’m making this up, please feel free to read my own personal experience with the critters here.

I’ve been a very clean whole plant based diet for the past 4+ years yet I still flushed these few guys out.

I did however in the past eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) filled with toxic chemicals, meats, dairy and other “foods” that directly not only make your acne worse but overall health.

So if you’ve been or do eat similar diets, they are inside you. Alongside all the other toxic crap you’ve been eating of course.

What do you think these parasites and stuck on sludge does to your ability to absorb nutrients? Operate at optimal levels? Feel light and “clean’ inside?

If you’re still not convinced and think those pictures are of noodles or something, then here’s an actual video where a camera was put inside different people’s colons and…well, you’ll see:

Still think our colons don’t need regular cleaning?

These are the type of images you won’t see on acne commercials. This is the reality of the human condition right now and most folks have very toxic colons that give them all sorts of health issues.

Acne is just another by product of your body’s internal sewage being backed up.

Forget “slush”, laser, blue light and all the other fads that come and go.

Stick to what’s stood the test of time and has always worked – internal detoxification.

I hope this has been of benefit and forgive me for putting those videos up but it had to be done!:)

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