This Will Not Get Rid Of Chronic Acne

I came across a piece titled “How To Get Rid of Chronic Acne Once & For All, According To A Dermatologist” and gave it a read.

Hopefully, a highly qualified skin specialist could give readers some insight into getting rid of chronic acne once and for all. Or so I thought.

Here are the 9 things she mentioned:chronic acne causes

1. Simplify your skin routine

2. Give treatment 2 months before switching

3. Try Glycolic Acid

4. Look at your diet

5. Salicylic acid on spots

6. Weekly clarifying mask

7. Get with a dermatologist

8. Stop bad habits

9. Live a healthy lifestyle

While I like the fact the author is giving some good basic guidelines (save a few), these are general items many people have tried and failed with. Why? Well, if you’ve followed my site, you will know as long as you try to treat something, you’re always going to be reacting and on the defensive.

A pimple comes up – quick get the acid formulas to banish it! Then a breakout occurs on your back – hurry, to the Glycolic Acid mobile!

  • Simplifying your skin routine is good advice…AFTER you’ve gone after the problem internally first. Otherwise, you can put all the creams, toners, moisturizers, cleansers, laser treatments or anything else you like; you’re literally putting a cosmetic band aid on a broken internal system

It won’t make a difference whether you give your treatment 2 months or 12 months. 2 x 0 = 0 and 12 x 0 = 0. If the way you’re handling it is wrong, it’ll be wrong in two weeks or 2 centuries. 

  • Examining one’s diet should be at the top of the list and thankfully, it was included. It just baffles me when I see sick folks and they ask ‘why me?’ and blame their job, their spouses or God for their illnesses and fail to look at their own habits.

It doesn’t matter what illness it is, it starts with what you’re giving your body. Crap in = disease. So don’t live on pizza, milk shakes and steaks for 15 years then wonder why you’re suffering from acne or any other condition.

  • With regards to putting any kind of acid to counter an acidic problem to me, is madness. While these formulas can zap surface pimples, they also get absorbed through the skin into your body – a place where you want to eliminate acids, not introduce more. Apple cider vinegar for spots is far safer, more potent and $5.00 for a two year supply, lol 🙂
mud mask
Mud mask anyone?:)
  • It mentioned using clarifying masks. The only thing I’ll add here is as I mentioned here, using certain products like creams or masks when sourced from pure ingredients, can be very helpful but only in conjunction with fixing yourself on the inside.
  • Stopping bad habits and living a healthy lifestyle although vague, is a no brainer and solid advice for anyone really. Getting with a dermatologist irks me because the vast majority of them aren’t trained in natural healing. In fact, many are just like doctors in terms of subscribing antibiotics and medications that do absolutely nothing to fix the problem. In some cases, they prescribed an outright poison.

I have a suggestion to these experts. What if we tackled the acne problem at it’s root so breakouts never occur again? What if we dug deep and uncovered the body inside is just riddled with acidic waste that can’t escape properly? All because we have a life long love affair with so-called food that wreaks havoc on our waste management system?

Would it really be too much of a financial loss to actually help people heal themselves permanently?

We both know the answer to that. 

Like, comment or share. Spread the healing. Not the acne.

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