Why Acne Treatments Are Useless

acne treatments that work picture

So you’ve been desperately looking for the best acne treatments that work huh?

If that’s the case, I want you to completely forget everything you’ve been told about treating acne.  

Forget the salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and the 101 products out there.

In Fact…

The best way to get rid of acne is actually ridiculously simple that once you understand what’s going on inside your body and I’m going to show you how, right here.

Trying to treat your condition simply doesn’t work long term because going after symptoms instead of what’s causing the problem is a road to nowhere.

Get the word ‘treatment’ out of your vocabulary or I promise you, you will be forever going in circles.

See, when you treat something, you are reacting.

When you heal you’re on the offensive and fixing the entire body. Learn More Here

That’s why all the useless medications, creams, gels, washes, prescriptions and God knows what else only give you temporary relief…until you stop using them and your acne returns with a vengeance.

Is that really optimum skin care?

Think about this – why would all of these drug and cosmetic companies make something that you are only supposed to buy once?

Pretty poor business model, right?

I’ll give it to you straight:

They’re only after your money and they want to make as much of it as possible.

So as long as you buy, they will continue selling you toxic waste like their go-to-duo of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to lather on your skin (which consequently get absorbed into your body).  

Even the best over the counter acne products are suppressants in the sense they only go after surface pimples and not what caused them.

Leaving you in a chronic state of acne is great for business.

If you don’t take the time to empower yourself with what’s really going on inside you; then you’ll never be able to get rid of your acne.

Your frustrations, fear, embarrassment and self consciousness will worsen.

In such a state, you’re a sitting duck for these guys and they know it.

Why Acne Treatments That Work…Actually Don’t?

So why do you have acne?

skin cells

Because you’re full of shit.

Cellular shit.

The more you have inside you, the more acne you will have.

Let’s simplify it further: See, your body is made up of between 80-100 trillion cells.

No matter what part of the body you look at it’s made up of cells: Brain, heart, nerves, blood, eyes, legs, hair, nails, you name it.

Together with the trillions of cells, your body is made up of two major fluids:

  1. Blood – Makes up about 25% of your body’s fluids. Feeds the body.
  2. Lymph – Makes up 75%. Cleans the body.

What you feed your cells (body) with has A MAJOR impact on how well they can be cleaned.

Please take the time to understand the kind of foods you put into your body have a major impact on your acne condition.

The Biggest System Most People Ignore

lymphatic system image

The lymphatic system is your body’s janitorial system complete with an intricate network of piping and septic tanks by way of lymph nodes.

It courses throughout your body, front and back.

This system is responsible for cleaning cells.

Cellular waste is that white yucky stuff you see when you squeeze a pimple.

If you are eating and drinking highly inflammatory, acidic foods your lymph system over time, gets backed up.

What happens if you let your septic tank back up and not clean it out?

You will be eventually swimming in your own filth and that’s precisely what your cells end up getting engulfed in if they aren’t cleaned correctly.

They literally swim in their own waste.

When your cells poop and not get cleaned due to a sluggish lymph system, the acids from this cellular waste start breaking down the cells.

Cellular waste has a pH of about 3.2 – very, very acidic.

Your body would naturally eliminate this waste via the kidneys during urination but if the kidneys are not filtering properly (see below)  where will this waste go?

Well, through the next easiest exit – your skin! Hello pimples, acne, bumps, pain and swelling.

So your acne is a mere symptom of a backed up lymph system. It is your body’s warning sign that something is terribly wrong inside.

So with this understanding, is it a little easier to understand now why looking for overnight acne solutions are a little misplaced?

Proper healing takes time.

The Pee Test

One of the fastest and easiest ways to know if your body is efficiently eliminating its cellular waste is the Pee Test.

urine test in jar image

Please keep in mind cellular waste is not the same as digestive waste.

I am not referring to poo and pee!

I’m talking about the waste from your cells.

They breath, eat and get nourished by the blood and since they consume, they also poop.

When they do so, that waste has to be eliminated.

Just like when we eat, the waste has to be eliminated.

The best way to tell if you are eliminating cellular waste successfully right now, is to pee into a jar and take a look.

That’s right. I said pee, as in urinate into a jar.

Now, you have been told your whole life that your pee is supposed to be clear and free of any sediment.

That is completely wrong because if your pee is sediment free that tells you right away that your kidneys are not efficiently eliminating this cellular waste.

When you pee in the jar you should see flakes or a cloud of sediment in that jar like the one right here.

If not immediately, then at least a few hours afterwards.

That tells you that the kidneys are effectively eliminating the acid waste. 

If you’ve got serious or bad enough acne like the cystic type, I can almost guarantee you that your urine will be clear and you will not be eliminating correctly.

This is one reason why your acne isn’t going away.

Don’t Treat Your Acne – Heal It For Good

When you’re not eliminating through the kidneys, you’re backing up but the body has to get rid of this waste somehow.

If all that waste is not going through the kidneys it has to go through the skin.

Guess what that is called by the mainstream medical community?

Pimples, Acne, Rosacea, you name it.

It’s just acids.

If you have severe acne, cystic acne or any type of advanced acne don’t worry.

It’s so easy to reverse!

All this means is your body is crying out for help. It’s the body’s way of telling you “my septic tank inside is clogged!”.

When your case is this bad – when you are so filled with acids and waste, what do you think even the best cream, pill or antibiotic is going to do?

How is putting chemicals on the outside of the body going to fix an internal problem?

Not only is it insane thinking since that’s not where the problem is, but it’s very likely it could make your acne worse!

Okay, Now What?

My friend, if you have bad body or face acne, this means you are in need of a serious body detoxification which can be done via fruits, green juices and a whole host of other protocols you can find here.

So the number one acne treatment in the world is…none at all.

You better believe it.

I’m not saying do nothing – I’m saying stop doing the same things that resulted in you ending up here in the first place!

Stop thinking about treating it and start thinking about cleaning it so your body can completely heal itself.

This 3 minute video perfectly explains exactly why you have acne: 

Forget treatment guys, it doesn’t work long term no matter what option you take: creams, ointments or God forbid – some folks are tricked into surgery!

Yes, forking over thousands of dollars on laser treatments which literally burn the skin.

Trying to correct an acidic problem with more acids.

Whether you have adult acne or are a teenager frustrating by your seemingly non stop breakouts, the information right here can help you tremendously.

What Happens When You Start Healing Yourself?

Magic happens.


It’s hard to describe the feeling when you see your body take over and throw out all the trash inside then start healing and building itself.

With time, you can expect:

  • An amazing, healthy “glow” – Not just to your face, but entire body. Now this isn’t some artificial glow you get when you cake on make up. This is the real thing. You will look like the way you were designed to look.This is caused by many things like your blood vessels functioning at their peak. This allows oxygen and the good nutrients you’re eating to reach all areas, deep into your cells. The result is acne doesn’t stand a chance. 

woman drinking tea picture

  • Thicker, softer hair – Many state they start getting fuller, more luxurious hair. It’s thicker, softer and shinier than before. It won’t happen overnight but the cleaner you are inside, the more this will reflect on the outside (please see here for a full review of Morocco Method’s hair products).
  • All round better well being: You feel and look better, sleep better, have better sex, breathe better (which is important for good sex!) – you do everything better. Your energy skyrockets and you really feel like a new person. Many will promise not only did they get rid of their acne, but a whole host of health problems that were bothering them.

Imagine not having to worry about replenishing your best acne cleanser, soaps, washes etc. because the waste inside you that was causing acne in the first place is gone!

No more swelling, burning, redness or pain.

It feels like all that waste was simply sucked out of you.

This my friends, is what true healing does.

It fixes all of you.

30 Comments on “Why Acne Treatments Are Useless”

  1. Your article is very on point.

    I’d been suffering from acne x more than ten years. Majorly hormonal and digestive acne. I agree with you that, most product out there are only aiming to put a band-aid on acne, rather touch the cause, which lies in our lymphatic system as you mentioned.

    I’ve learned about detoxing, and now try to detox lightly on a daily basis, and more intensively once every season. It has helped my acne tremendously. However, since I wanted to go a little more aggressive in my treatment (and being impatient), I decided to use both a holistic and conventional approach: I started acne. org while detoxing. I wanted not only to get rid o my acne fast: I also wanted to get rid o my scars, all while making sure I was correcting the underlying issues that caused my acne.

    I worked for me. I don’t condemn people who decide to go a 100% holistic route, or even the ones that want to only use conventional methods (although chances are high that their acne symptoms will come back), I just thought I’d share, in case someone is also discouraged and doesn’t want to wait to get results….

    Thanks for your article!

  2. Thanks for the review Sam. My sis had bad acne for a while and it was pretty terrible. She tried all sorts of creams and cleansers, and while I wouldn’t say that they didn’t work at all…their effects were less than desirable. When she changed her eating habits she got the biggest bang for buck, so I can definitely say that method works. A quick question, would coconut oil swishing be considered a good detox method for mild to moderate acne?

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Acne treatments can have temporary effects giving the illusion of getting rid of acne but the reality is all they do is suppress and push the problem deeper and/or only address the problem on the surface.

      Coconut oil isn’t a detox food, it’s more of a moisturizer.

  3. Your post is great, thank you. I never knew this, yet it makes so much sense. And the way you explain it makes it so easy to understand.
    I never had the acne problems before when I was younger, but from a few months ago I just started struggling. I know nothing and everything I’ve tried just didn’t work.
    Thanks to you now I know exactly why. It’s detox time for me.

    Thank you for the great help.

  4. I have a question. Do you just detox or do you supplement the liver and kidneys too? I am not sure exactly whether you will be doing these organs any good or not.
    Maybe it depends on whether you have problems in these areas?
    I probably will start with the detox first and then I’ll take it further and do some research on foods to help or strengthen liver and kidney function.

    Do you have a post or some information about what’s the best way to detox?

    1. Hi Marlene,

      Yes, it’s all over the site:



      Cleaning the body must occur s a whole. You cannot just clean the liver and leave the kidneys and colon, the body works as an entire unit and it’s all connected. So while acne may be a result of a stagnant lymphatic system, moving it involves cleaning out the body as a whole which automatically heals where problem areas are.

  5. Thank you so much for all the time you have put into this site! It means a lot. Im 16 and have been on watermelon, grapes and oranges for 5 days now and am starting to see some improvement but I have some questions it would be amazing if you could address. Is it okay to eat some greens or will they slow down the detox? Also are home enemas safe? I think my mom thinks Im crazy and she wants to make sure theres no risks involved in me doing one. Also can you address why acne is common among teens and why some people don’t get acne if they eat crappy diets? I know you you have addressed why adults get acne but why are teens so vulnerable to it and only some affected?

    1. Hello Vanessa, sorry for the delay, it’s been hectic here. You are welcome and I hope you may continue benefiting from the site! 🙂 Okay to your questions:

      1) Greens are builders and excellent for minerals but they will slow detox down slightly. Not anything to worry about though so have a green salad at night if you like and fruits during the day. Home enemas are completely safe. Watch the video linked in the enema section and markus takes you through it step by step. It’s just water! 🙂 Rest your mother’s heart and tell her putting a bunch of clean water into you and it comes out with all sorts of nasties is only good for you. I would be more worried about eating fried animal products, milks and other “foods” that cause not just acne but a whole host of health conditions!

      2) Acne is common among teens because that’s about how long it takes to clog up your lymphatic system. Those with ‘crappy diets” will not remain acne free for long. It WILL eventually catch up to them, 100% guaranteed. It is true also some people are genetically blessed with strong constitutions but if you abuse your body long enough with poor diet, the results will show sooner or later. MOST teens toay have very poor diets. I mean look at the foods available in schools for them and the massive amount of aritifical colors, flabors and additives. That’s why most teens get acne and most are also confitioned to beleive (at school) they need meat and dairy to be healthy which is a complete myth.

      Thanks again Vanessa for dropping by and please let me know if you need anything else.

  6. This was a great read. Full of information on understanding why acne treatments don’t work and how your diet plays a big part.

    I had acne as a teen and nothing seemed to work. Now that I have kids of my own, I’ll know how to tackle it.

    The points you make on your lymphatic system was something really new to me. What detailed information!

    Like you mention in your article, the med companies are only after your money. They’ll never tell you its the food you’re eating that is causing your acne.

    Thanks for the great tips and advice. I’ll bookmark this page for future reference.

  7. Hi Sammer. Thanks for the post – very informative. I didn’t have this information available when I was a teenager. I used to get terrible acne. I still do sometimes but not as bad. I used to have a terrible diet back then. Now, I eat much healthier now which must help I reckon. I’ve made sure to drink water regularly which helps hydrate my skin and flushes out the toxins.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your thoughts mate. Keep up the clean diet and waterm exercise, fresh air and sun and acne won’t touch you.

  8. I read through every word of this so carefully. My mind usually wanders when it comes to long articles but this one was intriguing. Almost everyone I know, including myself, suffers from acne. We look for ‘treatments’ to make it go away and like you said, treatments aren’t what we need. We need to be putting natural foods into our body instead of crap foods. I’ve been trying to do so lately but it’s not always easy.

    1. Thanks Gina, glad you found it helpful and yes, we need to get back to our roots and put into our bodies the types of foods nature intended for them. Not only will acne disappear but people also comment on how so much better they feel, how much better their hair and eyes are – it’s really a win-win all round.

  9. This is a great post as it provides enough information to the readers as to the causes of acne. I like that you try to educate people as to the understanding of acnes in a very comprehensive manner and also provide the solutions to start remedying the problems.

    Great read!

  10. I always wondered about these types of creams – do they really help or do they cause more damage to the skin? I was a lucky teenager but a lot of my friends were not so lucky – a lot of them ended up on this steroid type cream. Have you heard of these types of cream and are they as scary as they sound?

    1. Yeah, they are hell. They’re designed to give the illusion it’s helping but they never do. Your body makes it’s own steroids anyway and a better way is to fix it so it can get back to it’s natural abilities rather than retard it’s potential.

  11. Hey Sammer,
    That was truly an insightful and well written article which provides useful info to the reader as to exactly why a lot of acne treatments do not work.

    I wish that I knew this years ago back in the mid-70’s when I was a teenager, face full of acne and having purchased those “pimple” medications then that did not work. Many of my friends were in the same boat and I’m sure the manufacturers of those medicines were laughing all the way to the bank at our expense! Their stuff was 100% bogus!

    As you so clearly explain when using these medications one simply is not getting to the root cause of the problem. Using these fraud creams/lotions/medications one would only be making attempts to mask the symptoms, not eliminating them.

    You did a very thorough job then explaining about the body’s many internal systems and in particular the function of the body’s lymphatic system in it’s role in eliminating the bad things that are so toxic to us.

    It’s more about eating the proper foods, (including drinks) that would be helpful and not harmful to our bodies that would be so important not just in the cleansing role, (beautifying the skin) but also having to do with beneficial nutrition as well.

    Really an excellent article, Sammer. I also took the time to read your “about me” page which illustrated the facts that you have spent a great deal of time in discussion with medical experts. So, with educational knowledge you indeed are a vital source in being able to comprehend and then explain to your readers methods that would help them out in their lives.

    I commend you Sammer for your passion!

    1. Thank you very much Jeff for your valuable comment. I really do appreciate the feedback, it helps me help others the best way I can.

  12. There is great information here. I had acne as a teenager ( quite a few years ago) it was hormone based but always acted up when I ate certain foods.

    As I’ve got older I’ve become much more fussy about what i put into my body, as there are so many chemicals in our food and environment that not only do we consume it, it seeps in through our skin.

    Natural healing through healthy diet and exercise is the path everyone should be following.

    1. Great feedback, thanks Jenny.

      Yes, not a surprise your acne years ago would have flared up after eating certain foods – that’s the cause and effect for you. People just don’t know after years of conditioning. Here’s to a healthier New Year!

  13. Absolutely love this article. I suffered from adult acne in my late 20s and made the mistake of seeing a dermatologist. Took the pills she gave me and ended up on the hospital with a severe allergic reaction. Suffered complete memory loss, to this day there are things I still can’t remember, my entire system changed and now have food allergies, bloated so much I looked like the Good Year blimp. Needless to say I never tried that again, I did like you and started studying how the body works and always go the natural route to take care of myself. I hope you continue to write more articles like this one.

    1. Thanks Sylvie and here, here! I hear cases like yours very day and it never ceases to make me sick how ordinary folks just seeking healing are deceived by companies who don’t give a damn about them. I’m very happy to hear you realized the game they were playing and sought natural healing. Awesome!

  14. Hi Sammer,

    What a nice and interesting article, I really enjoyed reading it! I’ve never suffered from acne, but my daughter does. She has acne on her arms and it really bother her. I am trying to explain that she has to change the way she eats, but she doesn’t believe me…You know children are sometimes stubborn. I also didn’t know about the pee and today I am going to check this further. I don’t believe in medical treatment anymore and I am convinced that a good body detoxification will do the job:) I have bookmarked your website so I can show this article to my daughter.
    Thank you very much

  15. This was hell of a content that i haven’t came across with for maybe months.

    Thank god i didn’t have much problems with acne and i hope i won’t have in future. But some of my friends had it and it was really not appealing to the eye.

    I knew that it was caused by nutrition habbits but i didn’t have an idea about lymph system being a part of it. Thank you for all this great informatiion.

    1. You’re most welcome Tyler and thank you for taking the time to stop by. Most people are conditioned into beleiving diet has nothing to do with anything these days. That’s how they can sell everyone really bad stuff to eat…then even worse stuff to suppress the symptoms of whatever the bad stuff caused.

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