Why Do I Get Acne On My Face

A common question I receive from readers is “why do I get acne on my face?”and I think it’s important to explain precisely why.

After all, it’s hard to hide it once it emerges and of course, all the awkward glances that come your way.

It’s actually very straightforward to get rid of once you understand how it forms.

I want you to imagine a network of tubes running throughout your body – similar to your circulatory system with it’s many blood vessels.

Then imagine this system carries 75% of your bodily fluid compared to only 25% for blood.

It’s the major system in your body and it’s designed to filter out waste from inside your body to the outside (when you go to the bathroom).

This is your lymphatic system and even though it’s responsible for so much more fluid in your body than blood, is largely neglected and talked very little about.

When you get sick, you will likely get a blood test done.

For some reason, they constantly go to the body’s system responsible for feeding you – your “kitchen”.

The other system when compromised; is responsible for so many ailments (including acne).

It’s your internal sewer system and it must be cleaned just like a sewer system in your home. 

When this system gets blocked up, acne is a sure symptom to follow.

See, your internal waste that usually gets processed and eliminated through your kidneys backs up.

When this happens and it has nowhere to go as a result of your kidneys not filtering correctly, the body looks to expel the waste from the next available and easiest exit: your largest eliminative organ; your skin.

So when you get acne on your face, it’s a fairly good sign your lymphatic system up there is fairly sluggish and needs a kick start to get things moving again.

If the acne shows more on your neck, back, chest or scalp; the root problem is the same.

Remember unlike your blood which has a natural pump (heart) to push it along, the lymph system carries no such mechanism.

Therefore, it relies on us to continuously move it by moving ourselves by way of exercise, breathing, rebounding and a whole host of things one can undertake to start moving their stagnant lymph system,

Here’s an excellent video detailing everything covered so far:



I would recommend moving your lymphatic system as best you could by altering your diet to one that cleans you up.

You absolutely must stop eating certain foods that aggravate your acne and cause the inflammation, bumps and pain and start taking in the vital nutrients that are going to feed your skin cells with the right stuff.

If you’re too lazy to eat your fruit, vegetable and herb servings per day, then consider this shortcut.

Sweating is also important as it helps the body release built up toxins inside and taking amazing gland and organ supporting herbs like parsley, dandelion, cilantro (coriander), ashwagandha and the like.

These are terrific in helping your kidneys, adrenal glands and bowels operate optimally. 

When they are working well, your lymphatic waste is processed and eliminated efficiently and expelled when you pee.

If it’s stagnant, it gets corrosive and starts breaking cells down.

While you are doing that, I would also recommend you consider cleaning and nourishing your face as outlined here and here

This way, you are attacking acne at the root via two ways, not just the “dab some cream on it” approach.

      1. You’re cutting off it’s supply line by getting your waste disposal system moving (thereby not allowing it to back up)

      2. You’re taking care of any surface blemishes

I hope this has cleared up (no pun intended!) the question of why acne appears on your face and also, I hope some of the recommendations outlined will be of great benefit to you!

Let me know below if you have any questions!


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  1. Very cool and informative video and I have watched a lot of videos in the past when I was really interested in health food with the guy you have posted on the page. Nutrients is so important for health and to eat clean foods will help filters out the toxins with in take on a daily basis. Have you cured your own acne?

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