Get Rid Of Cystic Acne On Your Face

Naturally Get Rid Of Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is no joke but when you get it on your face, it can really destroy your self confidence and even lead to depression, avoiding public areas and chronic guilt.

get rid of cystic acne

Look, what if I told you that you can get rid of your cystic acne on the face or anywhere else on your body without drugs, creams, pills or paying crazy $?

Now that you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve already tried all that medical stuff and nothing worked in the long term.

You may have had periods where the acne cleared and you thought you were home and hosed but sooner or later, it came back worse than ever.

For those of you suffering from cystic acne and have tried everything and currently looking for a real, permanent solution where you can actually be noticed for your beautiful skin rather than be ashamed of it, take a few minutes to go through this site.

I made it on my own time and on my own dime to help folks help themselves. 

In fact, everything on this site is free for you to learn from but it’s up to you if you follow it or not.

Now in case you think this all sounds great, but how can you be so sure there is a natural, permanent solution, then watch this quick Q & A about a 17 year old guy suffering from cystic acne:

Easy To Heal 🙂

Seen it time and time again; but you know what?

Sit back and relax and be assured it’s a lot simpler to fix than what your dermatologist has led you to believe (they don’t have the slightest clue other than prescribe more and stronger drugs).

Just read through this info and try it out.

You really have nothing to lose except your acne.

Cause Of Cystic Acne

First thing to understand is…

Why do you even have cystic acne in the first place?

In short, because your trash disposal system inside your body (your lymphatic system) is completely full and your liver is sluggish. 

It can’t hold any more cellular waste so it’s spilling over and seeping out of your skin.

I’ve detailed why acne forms here.

If you look inside these painful, swollen pustules and lesions, you will find a great deal of white, milky fluid and some blood. That white stuff is lymph.

Normally, a healthy body would filter this kind of waste through the kidneys and it is expelled when you pee.

However when you clog this system up with woeful eating habits over a long period of time or perhaps an inherited genetic weakness, the body looks for the easiest exit and guess what that exit is?

Your skin.

Your lymphatic system is clogged from head to toe and no amount of isolated external creams on this or that area is going to fix it.

Try This To Heal Cystic Acne

In order to fix it, you need to clean out the trash.

Remember, all inflammation is caused by acids so that’s that redness and hotness/burn you feel. You have to get these acids out.

Here’s how you do so:

  • Do a water enema. If you haven’t done one before, follow this easy and entertaining video. This is going to relieve a lot of internal pressure inside and force you to dump pounds upon pounds of toxic gunk. After 1-3 days, you will notice your inflammation start to go down.
  • Immediately eliminate all dairy products from your diet. This includes all milk, yoghurt, butter, cream, cheese and anything that comes from an animal. These are highly acidic foods that have a caustic effect on your cells causing them to break down. Your body is already trying to clean out it’s trash system so stop putting more in!
  • In fact, a recent video surfaced of a young gun by the name of Brian Turner who told how he healed his cystic acne to the world. This guy had tried everything including the accursed Accutane which…well, watch and see:

  • Start eating a lot of fresh, ripe, raw fruits. The best are berries, watermelon and grapes as well as oranges . These are excellent cleansers. When you start consuming these foods, you may notice your condition temporarily worsen. This is a classic healing crisis. Fruits cleanse so they are going to stir up a lot of stagnant lymph in your body. Ride it out and keep going, flare ups are temporary but healing is permanent.
  • If your detox symptoms become too strong, you can pull back by eating heavier fruits like bananas, dates, mangoes etc. Or you may add some vegetables, potatoes or any “heavier” food which will slow the process down.
  • Drink 16oz of fresh celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Celery juice is an insanely effective healing tonic that works within seconds of being consumed. It targets certain strains of bacteria in your liver and helps heal the organ. Do it regularly and watch what happens. 15-30 minutes afterwards, have your breakfast and don’t forget to add dandelions to your diet – they are incredibly good for the liver as well.
  • If you’re able, sweat by any means necessary. When you sweat, you eliminate. You want to open your channels of elimination up to help the body expel all the crap inside.
  • Under no circumstance do you ever take Accutane! This is a toxic concoction by drug companies designed to keep you dependent on a useless “medication” which does nothing but suppress your symptoms.

In fact, stay away from all suppressive pharmaceuticals that do nothing to cure your cystic acne.

Follow this basic protocol, as best you can and you will be amazed at what your body does.

All it needed was the right tools and it can heal itself of anything. Remember, if you put trash into your body, it’ll give you trash out in return.

Or you may have been born with an already compromised lymphatic system (inherited from parents).

Either way, it’s just the law of cause and effect. 

I assure you, having seen so many of these cystic acne cases, it heals unbelievably well and you’ll be kicking yourself wondering how it could be so simple to cure.

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Spread the healing. Not the acne.

10 Comments on “Get Rid Of Cystic Acne On Your Face”

  1. I have cystic acne on my chin area that would not go away until I found dermalmd blemish serum. I have put it on morning and night and I am happy to say after a week I have no acne. Dermalmd is a miracle for me! I am happy!

    1. Hi Joanne!

      It’s not difficult to rid oneself of surface pimples or in your case, cystic acne blemishes so congrats on a good first step.

      The problem most folks are unaware of however is what’s still brewing beneath the surface and other related problems as a result.

      Glad it worked out for you so far! 🙂

  2. Great Article on Cystic Acne! I completely agree that acne products are more used to “hide” the problem then really get to the root of the problem.

    I’ll be sure to use your steps to help keep my skin looking fresh and acne free!

    Can theses same techniques be used to help with back acne? Or how about chest acne?

    Thank you again for the awesome article! Keep it up!


  3. Hi loved your article, my daughter when she was young had bad acne, we went to the Drs and they told her that it wasn’t what she was eating so she could carry on eating what she wanted. Later that day, I told her that the Dr was wrong, but naturally being her mother she didn’t believe me; however, as time went on the light dawned and she suddenly realized that ‘you are what you eat’. Her skin now is beautiful!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Wow, isn’t that funny? Mother knows best! It just baffles my mind when a doctor tells someone what they are suffering from doesn’t have anything to do with the chemistry they are consuming. If we just got back to basics, there would be a lot less suffering in this world. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. I know some people who have a lot of acne problem, your tip would sincerely help them, or get them started and to understand what is happening to them. especially what to eat and what not. we all love dairy product especially cheese; we all love cheese ( well most of us ) and we it’s part of our daily use in food. And it hurt my should when I’ve read about Accutane. the best way is a natural way!

  5. Fantastic review, I am fairly young and many of my friends ahve suffered really bad from this, i am going to show them this article most definitely. It can really get them down when the drugs they doctors have prescribed don’t work and i feel like they need a more natural approach which you are suggesting.
    Fantastic read, please keep making more like this

    1. Thanks Matthew, and yes please let your friends know they can heal themselves naturally and they will look and feel better than they ever have. Those useless drugs and medications are designed to keep people in a chronic state of dependency so be the bearer of good news to them!

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